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Experimenting with size 

I’m really enjoying the #developingyoureye free course that WordPress offers for ameteur bloggers. You’re forced to ponder about how you’re going to capture whatever the theme of the day is.

Today, they asked us to experiment with size. I was lost until I watered my pot plant.

Meet Pastel, 
I have her since Valentine’s Day. 

My beloved, gave her to me as part of my gift. How sweet right!

I love the idea of a pot plant, nurturing, watering and making sure it gets light to grow, dry out, “die” and then the cycle starts all over again. It’s rather refreshing for me and reminds me that there’s always something beautiful to look forward too, even when we feel like we’re “dried out” or close to death. 

I captured this tiny bud that I found at the base of the plant. A little bud that is soon going to blossom brightly. It intrigued me because it’s almost as though it’s a hidden beauty missed at first glance; not in the fore front but with time and abit of nurturing, it will turn out to be just as, if not more beautiful than the current.

…This was me experimenting with size lol, it was actually quite fun. Or maybe I was just bored, but I totally enjoyed trying to capture this lil bud.

Progress! 🙂

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Walking with water 

A very special social media connection who I recently aquinted, tagged me in on a post lastnight on Facebook. 

She’s a beautiful soul and I found out she also has a passion for the spoken and written word. Please show some love by visiting her site: Regal wordist

She’s known me for a short period of time but knows just how much I despise any physical activity. The post she tagged me in was about a girl who was drugged in an elevator and was almost abducted. She lost all of her belongings but by the grace of the almighty she was safe. She escaped by getting out of a moving car.

So my dearest friend asked if I’d care to take the stairs now ( since such horrible stuff can happen in elevators) and also to just gain physique so should something happen, one would atleast have a fair chance of running for their lives.

This took me back to these images. They were captured by myself when I used to walk religious along the walking trail at the Umhlanga Beach in Durban, South Africa 

It’s no secret I need to get back into action. Water always has a way of calming me. Sitting and watching the waves really may seem aimless for some, but I almost feel like my negativity gets washed away as the waves crash. 

More walking, more water (: 

A random post, from just an ordinary girl 

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10 pin bowling 🎳

Did you know…

2017 marks the year of the first time that I tried playing ten pin bowling, let alone, visited a bowling arena.

I enjoyed it so much so, that I celebrated my 27th birthday, with 3 of my closest girlfriends, playing 10pin bowling again!

My first Visit 

The birthday visit 
I decided to share this quick post with you as part of the #developingyoureye task (I’m playing catch up) was to capture “manipulation of light”.

I thought these images I took are quite fitting.

I will leave you with a REAL #DYK (did you know) though lol:

“According to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, a British anthropologist discovered in the 1930s, evidence of bowling items in an Egyptian grave. The evidence suggests bowling dates back as far as 3200 BC.”

We have a part of history with us people! And it makes for an entertaining social that is light on the pocket!

Ameteur pictures, taken by just an ordinary girl 

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Street shot

One of the tasks in the #developingyoureye course was to capture a “street” that creates a scene.

I’m a couple days late with this one. Being the bright spark that I am, I registered for 3 courses, at the same time and without even knowing until I received all the emails 🙈 I’m trying to keep up none the less (:

so here it is:


I’m actually proud of this shot (:

Here’s to developing my eye.