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Are we really cursed? 

Exactly a year since I posted Coloureds: a cursed nation

Has anything changed since? Is this year that passed testimony to the fact that we are one of the overlooked nations!

Yeah hey, I pretty much still feel like we are but as I said then, I still try to push forward and focus on the positives. I still have my conversations with God because he is the most merciful and the most compassionate. 

If you haven’t read last years piece, take a read on the link quoted above and let me know your thoughts 

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#QOTD #30

Through out our lives, we’re destined to deal with folk speaking ill of us. It’s the way of the world; you will never be able to satisfy everybody and because of that, people will talk. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult having to deal with the things they say. For the longest of time, I would get consumed by it, lose sleep over it, wonder: but how could they possibly say that. . . I wasted so much of time, that I’m never getting back, worrying about what irrelevant folk had to say. So here’s my quote of the today, it speaks brilliantly to this topic:

Honey, folks are gonna talk about you till the day you die. And ain’t nothing you can do. LET FOLKS TALK. It ain’t about what they call you, It’s about what you answer to.

~ the oh-so entertaining Madea! (I love this character) 

What people say about anything, defines them. How we respond to it and what we respond to, defines us. 

I wish I had learned this concept and put it into practice earlier, it would have really saved me tons of time to focus on things that actually matter. 

I once read that what people say about you is not your business. And that’s the truth, it isn’t. It’s an opinion which we’re all entitled to! 

Smile and wave kings and queens , we never leave our thrones to address peasants throwing stones 😊💋

Love and light on this beautiful Sunday, from just an ordinary girl 💋