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Experimenting with size 

I’m really enjoying the #developingyoureye free course that WordPress offers for ameteur bloggers. You’re forced to ponder about how you’re going to capture whatever the theme of the day is.

Today, they asked us to experiment with size. I was lost until I watered my pot plant.

Meet Pastel, 
I have her since Valentine’s Day. 

My beloved, gave her to me as part of my gift. How sweet right!

I love the idea of a pot plant, nurturing, watering and making sure it gets light to grow, dry out, “die” and then the cycle starts all over again. It’s rather refreshing for me and reminds me that there’s always something beautiful to look forward too, even when we feel like we’re “dried out” or close to death. 

I captured this tiny bud that I found at the base of the plant. A little bud that is soon going to blossom brightly. It intrigued me because it’s almost as though it’s a hidden beauty missed at first glance; not in the fore front but with time and abit of nurturing, it will turn out to be just as, if not more beautiful than the current.

…This was me experimenting with size lol, it was actually quite fun. Or maybe I was just bored, but I totally enjoyed trying to capture this lil bud.

Progress! 🙂