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#DFH #64

Dear future husband

I’m going to love you right. I will Keep it at 💯 always, so you’ll never need to say things like: “I want it how it used to be”.


Your future wife

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#QOTD #66: Friendship

This time of year always exhausts me emotionally and I really can’t tell you why my spirits damper. Maybe it is because this was the month I found out I was pregnant ? I’m not sure.

In times like these, where my spirits are scraping the floor, I often reflect. This year it’s that much worse because my mentee and I spent our last Sunday together (after two years) and also because I’m awaiting exam results.

Anyhow, I came across today’s quote and was forced to reflect on friendship, both on the giving and the receiving end.

  1. What is a true friend?
  2. Can you be 100% of yourself, be it in a good or bad space.
  3. Is there a way a true friend should act or react?
  4. If you’re wrong… do you have friends that can politely tell you to get over yourself coz you’re wrong?

These kinda questions I ask myself.

I came across this quote and it put so much into perspective.

You don’t lose friends, because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you’re better for it.

There’s the answer to all of those questions.

There is no right or wrong way a friend should act in a temporary situation. We human.

Whilst we must always be truthful, the important thing is that we are always there. No matter what.

If you have friends that judge you or pull away from you when you’re way up high or down below… chances are those aren’t your real friends.

If you have friends that get closer to you only or more often when it’s beneficial to them, and when it’s not they disappear, then you need to check your circle.

If you have friends that forget about you the moment another being is more active or resurfaces in their life then you know what you need to do.

They should be able to call you out when you acting like you five and celebrate you whenever you achieve something. They should call you out when you not treating them well and demand that you respect yourself and them. It’s all about building each other up for greatness and respecting each other.

A friend, in my opinion, shouldn’t always have the right answers, say the right things coz then you know something Is wrong! what they should possess is consistency: Always be there during the Good , bad , happy or sad times. Life gets busy, we know that first hand… but people prioritize what’s important to them and what isn’t.

These are qualities I strive to possess. For I wanna be that real friend.

It’s time to be legendary. We need real people around!

Love and light always from just an ordinary girl

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#QOTD #65

This week I was introduced to Rupi Kaur’s 📚! I cannot fathom as to why I’ve only come across her now, nonetheless, I’m glad a friend mentioned her and shared her book!

Today’s quote is actually taken from one of her books : The sun and her flowers. Please go and check it out guys, you will not be disappointed especially if poetry is your thing.

🥛 and 🍯 is also a winner. I’ll put up a link to her website so you guys can check it out. Back to the quote 👇🏼

You do not just wake up and become the butterfly 🦋. Growth is a process!

How often do we forget this? In our selves and in others. We have a tendency of wanting change now. We forget that patience is a virtue and all good things take time, including change!

Lately I’ve been having an extremely hard time battling some of my emotional triggers and when I cave in and lose power, I beat myself up because I kinda know where I need to be and what I need to do but I still lose some of these battles.

I came across this and it was such a needed reminder that I felt obliged to share. Growth is a process. It’s an everyday, every encounter choice to do and be better and whilst we may backslide, the mere fact that we get up and try again is all part of this process.

Let’s never forget this, for us and for family, friends and loved ones too.

Growth is a process, we will soon be that 🦋, beautiful and free!

To check out Rupi Kaur’s books, please click Here

💕 and 💡 fam, from just an ordinary 🐛

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12 of 12

Can you believe this year is over?! It is beyond my comprehension as to how fast 2017 passed by.

December days are here indeed. Kicking off with World AIDS Day; get tested and know your status fam. Let’s be proactive!

December December… always a month to remember. The count down officially begins for my sister and the girls to visit South Africa, super stoked. Count down to my uncles wedding…it’s going to be blissful indeed.

Have you ever heard the phrase “’tis the silly season” lol, some of us tend to take the festivities waaaay out of line and Whilst there’s nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing and enjoying the break after a years work… we tend to forget that this is a chapter that’s soon coming to an end.

With that said, I think that it’s important that we use some of this time as a means to reflect because reflection is an integral part of self development.

Look back at the year and see what has worked and what can be worked on.

Pat yourself on the back for the goals you’ve set out and achieved and work out a plan to achieve the ones you didn’t get around to. Look at your emotional triggers, and find ways to combat them. Re-evaluate your position and find out “where to from here” and no, we don’t necessarily need to this only during this time of year, but the symbolic meaning and symbolism of new year; one of new beginnings, seems like the perfect time to do so (:

Use this time wisely because time waits for no man!

And sure, once you’re done reflecting and know where you’re heading in the new year, sit back and relax. #family #friends #funinthesun

Make a date and get your friends and family to work on vision boards for next year. Make or buy your 2018 planner. 2018, we see you! 👀

It’s time to be legendary fam.

Now to get packing because an awesome weekend, with amazing people awaits!

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl

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#QOTD #64

If there is one important lesson I’ve learnt from studying Physical Science in school, it is :

Energy cannot be created, it can only be transferred

This applies to even the energy within us.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing; being referred to as a “ball of energy”. When you walk into a room and it instantly lights up, when you treat each moment like you were meant to be there, It’s not. a bad. thing.

People who lack energy will automatically gravitate towards you because they want some of that spunk, that tenacity, which isn’t bad in its entirety. #lawofattraction.


It can become draining; their negative energy being transferred to you and your positive energy to them.

This is why it is absolutely important to choose your circle wisely. Your circle should comprise people with mostly positive energy, so that it’s always transferred amongst you all. You circle will be thee group of people tHat you will spend most of your time with.

Having them there to constantly transfer doses of positive energy, especially when your spirits are dragging the floor, is really what life is all about. That very transaction. And then you, returning the favour and doing that for them.

Energy can’t be created, it can only be transferred and channeled. Spread yours wisely (:

Stay away from the fakers, the haters, the negative talkers, the small dreamers until you have enough positive energy to fill the world!

❤️ and 💡 🌈 always, from just an ordinary girl.

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Help me understand, please!

The brothers on these social media streets never fail to amaze me.

Now I’m known to be abit of hex so help me out.

let me try to understand this:

Events that occur upon me accepting a friend request

You don’t know me.

You invite me on social media. Cool, it is a SOCIAL media platform after all.

You hit me up through my DM seconds after I accept and say hey “beautiful”?


Wait. What’s beautiful? Can’t be my picture? I mean that could very well be photoshopped or had brighter lighting than normal? No? How do you even know it’s me?

Then I say, self… put the hex tendencies away, perhaps his being polite (still very unsettled though)

And I respond and say hey.

Then, you ask for a picture…


…but didn’t you see my pro pic or peruse my profile (oh snap, no time, it’s only been about what? A minute?) but then again, you just called me beautiful. Or, did you lie, just coz you think I’d be flattered (totes offensive, I mean I don’t need your validation, mama raised a hustler and Daddy raised a queen) or, are you looking for other pictures?

At this point I be like “ok Tazz chill, don’t be so hard. Maybe he is appreciating your finesse”…

And then I reply and ask? Picture? There’s tons on my profile. 😅

And i think to myself, ok, this is going to go okayish from here. Huge sigh of relief!


you say “so how you doing baby”



Unfriend and block is what I think next.

Let me try to explain why. I get thinking, what ever happened to getting to know somebody and referring to their soul and character as beautiful?

Why are our brothers so consumed with how their girls look, I mean we all know that’s not going to last forever and that we (girls, even Beyoncé) don’t wake up with perfectly filled eyebrows or our cheeks naturally glowing, or baby hair gel’d to our foreheads.

I so badly wanna ask: Brothers, Are you not worried that I could be a psycho? No? Money devil maybe? No? Do you not wanna get to know me, as in me me, personality? To see if you would actually be interested in me?

Don’t you wanna know my future aspirations, secret desires or to get to know Whether or not id beable to hold you down In times of need?

Do you not wanna get to know me, respectfully, so you can put to use the manners your mama raised you with, have a meet and greet and just speak about nothing and everything. Pull out a chair for me, offer to pay for the bill and then drop me off at home at a reasonable hour?

No? Not even to just get to know me, if a relationship is not what you looking for?

Is it really all about how I look?

Like, do I need to get with the programme and just be ready to show boob or ass Or a perfectly done face and hair and be on stand by to take pics as soon as you ask?

Help me understand. Please!! Coz I cant comprehend how it’s normal for this kinda conversation to come up and so often.

Is it me?

I mean I get so excited to meet new folk and In most cases regret accepting 3lines into the convo because it’s becomes so apparent; the superficial world we living in.

Thoughts, from just an ordinary girl