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Newlands East: A community united

The civil unrest that occurred in KZN and parts of Gauteng over the past week, has left lots of damage; physical, monetary, emotional and mental.

Billions of rands worth of damage, jobs at risk due to companies having to shut down and mouring for the +200 families who lost a loved one; are all repercussions of this unrest and whilst all this is very serious and hard on the mind and heart to comprehend… hope in humanity was restored and I consider myself lucky enough to have been able to witness it.

True leadership and a sense of community was displayed in ways that I have never witnessed in Newlands East . All differences; religion, racial, political and domestic were ultimately shoved to one side and one common goal was establish; to guard and protect our community.

Women and men of different ages, colours, creed and religions stood in solidarity at every exit and entry points day and night to protect our community; sometimes for a straight 24,36 and 48 hours. Those of us who worked, stayed up at night to window watch and be the eyes for those on the ground.

Did we have hiccups? Of course! Could some things have been managed a little differently… without a doubt BUT considering how unforeseen this unrest was to the very many of us, I think we did fantastic.

Some of the men and women who stood hours to protect the community didn’t get a chance to do their shopping for essentials thanks to the betrayal of local shops, that our neighbourhood stayed up safe guarding. Rightfully some were angry and others were I guess too exhausted to dwell. Our control was defeated as they worked tirelessly to manage and ensure calm and safety and also to ensure that our people are at the frontline. All this being enough to make most quite and wave the white flag…but that didn’t make us lose steam.

When every obstacle hit together with the exhaustion and frustration, we had community members reminding everyone of the purpose and the goal. We had ladies and men encouraging us all to stay united and reminded us to not concede to the “divide and conquer” plan some had. We have people praying and reminding us that our faith must be larger than our fears.

I’ve never seen my community so united. Neither have seen us so grateful. The words of encouragement helped keep my mental in check. It helped me help my family stay hopeful and I am forever grateful.

There is a silver lining in every dark cloud. We have established ours. The potential we have can move mountains and bring about much needed change. I agree that defence forces and teams should sit by with a note pad and pen and take notes of the solidarity and passion for its people that our men and women have displayed. To note how to communicate and plan strategically. To understand that a community united will never fall.

So to everyone who was out there day and night, to everyone in control, to everyone who offered suggestions, to everyone who used their personal vehicles to transport wood and tyres and basically anything anyone needed, to everyone who supplied resources and refreshments, to everyone who window watched, to everyone who let their family members take that risk to go out and to protect their community and to every one who plugged us to shops, pharmacies and petrol stations that were open I salute you all. I have a new found respect for you all and I pray to the almighty that the sacrifices are rewarded ten times fold when you and your family may need it the most.

Newlands East… a community united indeed. They may have tried to rip us apart instead, they brought us together.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary resident of an extraordinary community… Newlands East.

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Durban civil unrest: Day 4

Day 4 of this civil unrest in South Africa and there’s still as much panick and fear as there was on day 1.

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There is something more intense about this panick though… because it is partnered with fatigue and desperation. Our fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, family members are out guarding communities day in and day out; sometimes taking 24/36/48 hour shifts at a time.

Please don’t say it’s unhealthy, get rest and and and, we know it… sleep seems to be a luxury at this point. And when we say tired, it’s not only in its sense; it’s we’re feeling defeated but aren’t giving up, we cold but keep going, we angry but trying to contain it. Some of us are at home but are also tired, how do we sleep when our community members are out? Instead, we window watch and become their eyes in our roads; to see anything that they may miss.

Resources like petrol to patrol are running out and fast. People are becoming restless amongst us because supplies are running short. Basic supplies; milk formular, bread, fruit and veggies…not luxury are running out.

People have started using emergency formula recipes, baking bread; scavenging for yeast and flour from local shops and neighbours just to feed their kids.

There’s just a deeper intensity today and I have this knot tying feeling in my gut that as the desperation lingers on more and more daily, so too will the nature of the intensity.

Government… sigh oh our government. They’ve been a no-show. Durban is burning in various parts and no sense of solidarity between the leaders and the people. Army was meant to be deployed… only after all of the damage was done…ironic much? One begins to think… when students riot or when lock down began, numerous government resources were deployed. We actually saw Army’s patrol streets, we saw how water cannons were used… where were those when it was needed? Perhaps that would have prevented all the burning of buildings and warehouses and curbed much of the damage and prevented so much trauma.

Keeping your mind sound and emotions under control is getting harder by the day. Keeping the kids occupied is becoming such a tedious challenge. Attending meetings for work because we still need to hold the fort for our people to secure jobs when this madness is over is painful. Your body is physically behind that laptop but mind is somewhere else. Mind is out thinking “I should be out there helping my community members”

My thoughts are as jumbled as the order of this post. I have this strange feeling that things will never go back to how they were and that we’re now being forced to live another way… it’s like we are puppets on strings and that feeling makes me feel like very uneasy.

I want it to be love and light but the light is slowly dimming. The situation is very serious.

Love, life & everything's else in between

Cry the beloved country 🇿🇦

An entry journaled IRT the unrest in South Africa: July 2021

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Cry for South Africa and for her lack of true leadership and her ignorant people

Cry for the looting, the violence , the vandalising, the home breaking, the claiming of lives

Cry for an uneducated future because schools have been burned down.

Cry for the new world order. It’s because of this we’re here.

Cry for the loss. Cry for the many who are going to lose jobs. Cry for Business owners losing their dreams; all their Hard-work up in flames and literally! Cry For Families losing their members for People losing their minds. Cry for Children losing their focus and their education. Cry for the Hospitals losing supplies. Honestly? The list of losses is extensive and I can go on. One thing seems to stick out though, we’re being crippled.

Cry for the fact that the COVID pandemic ruled out 2020 and we thought that this would be a better year but…

Cry for the economy that is already so constrained. Insurance companies are going to be the busiest when this is all over … will they even be able to sustain themselves?

Cry for the families that will soon run out of food ; basic supplies because the supply chains have been demolished; trucks destroyed, shops looted, farms burnt even the ports swiped.

Cry for the mother’s who have no formula for their newborns. No food to feed their kids and no places to get either or. Cry for electricity and water supplies being cut off due to damaged pipes/ boxes. Cry for the fact that this is happening in the middle of winter. What are we as law abiding citizens being tortured for, what crime did we ever commit?

Cry for the many people who are guarding the neighbourhoods and putting their lives at risk to keep their people safe. Our country and her people should never ever be the reason for this risk but here we are.

Cry for the joy, happiness and peace that seems but just a distant memory. We’ve been drained of it in a matter of hours. I ask again, What are we going through all of this for? Surely it can’t be for some ex- president whose followers are throwing their toys of their Cots? Is it really just that? Or is this a distraction and something bigger is waiting to be launched

Cry for the fact that after 27 years, we seem to be back where we began. Has our nation not suffered enough? There is something about the number 27 that is just nostalgic.

Cry for the mental well being of her people. Oh her people are anxious, angry, and fear-filled all at the same time. Cry for the fear of the unknown as posts circulate on social media with the many conspiracies (but are they really?)

Cry for South Africa. May our tears wet the soil that will one day fertilise seeds and grow strong roots of sense, honour,wisdom and peace in her land.

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Pray and make sure you cry to the almighty for the above… for prayer is now the only weapon we have!

Love and light from just an ordinary South African

Love, life & everything's else in between

A letter to my step daughter

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When our relationship started, it was chaos. I was instantly drawn to you and you to me but certain people literally lived and planned to ensure that our relationship does not flourish. From pretending to be you when chatting, to coaching you to speak lies… we’ve been through it all.

I saw the light In you though. Not sure if it was how kind and loving you were when it was okay for you to just be a kid or witnessing a love so great where you just wanted to be by your dad.

A lot has happened over the last year. From a world wide pandemic and all it’s aftermaths to finally shooshing the noise from the very many nay sayers. God had his plan and his timing is perfect

Over the last few months, we’ve had you over every 2nd week. I’ve learnt more about you in these few months than the last 3 years that I’ve known you. I’ve learnt your likes and dislikes, your strengths and development areas. I’ve learnt how alil love and affection brings out the innermost kid in you.

Most importantly, I’ve witness and felt the love within me grow towards you.

Children have always been my thing, you reminded me of that. You’ve reminded me about my why. You’ve ignited that spark of purpose in my life again.

My promise to you is that no matter what, I will always do my utmost best to lead by example and work with you to grow you into the lovable and successful human being I know you were put on this earth to be. I promise to guide you as best I know how. I promise to teach you life’s lessons to prepare you as much as I can for this world. I promise to love you enough until you start loving yourself and until you are content with every fibre of your being. I promise to lead you in prayer until you flourish into a God-fearing being. I promise to do my part to instil mannerisms and etiquette that you can build on and that you can carry with you now and forever.

I promise to always be here for you; even as just a sounding board. To hold your hand through life’s very difficulty challenges. I promise to remind you of God and to remind God of you. I promise to pray that you turn out to be as courageous, kind, respectful and disciplined as I know you can be.

I will never be able to take your mommas place coz that is her and her title alone. But I promise to be the best second to that.

May Allah guide you and protect always. May my example and lessons taught and learnt always make you walk in Allahs favour. May you break the very many generational curses people want to to see holding you down. May love and light flow through your heart even in the darkest days and May you always be open to learning and imparting knowledge

My step daughter, know that I may not always give you the things you want but I sure as hell will work my behind off to give you all you need. You are a blessing. You were born with purpose and I am ever so grateful that I get to be apart of unleashing that purpose or at the very least, helping you to do just that

Love and light always… just an ordinary step mum

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I lost “her” but I think I found “me” :)

It has literally been more than half a year since I’ve blogged! Disgusting I know 🤧 but I am back!

To be quite frank, I lost my urge to be all things creative and through these months I’ve discovered that that is such a dangerous space to be in… let me shed some light

I’ve started in a new position, leadership position, since November last year. As with anything, there are always hiccups in the beginning. I honestly didn’t expect the transition to be this difficult as none of my previous promotions were ever like this. This together with life, health and personal challenges; it all really consumed all the creative out of me!

I weren’t excelling in my job and my problems weren’t going away either.

It felt odd. I fell odd. It was almost like I couldn’t resonate with the person I was becoming. Always stressed, always working, routine out the window. Spewing more negativity than being deliberate about being positive. I lost the urge to pray at some points and lost the will to do my daily dosages of affirmations and gratitudes. I had nothing to show for long hours I was working or the efforts I was putting into my personal problems. It was all crashing, I was spiralling until I crash landed! Yeap, I had THE melt down!

Deep down I knew this wasn’t the me I worked so hard towards. I knew this wasn’t what I wanted to impart to my family, friends, team and just not how I envisioned my life. I lost sight of who I was and what my purpose was. I allowed my weaknesses to take the light and shadow out my strengths! It was all me. Choices I made daily

I allowed the change and issues to consume me to a point where I barely knew who I was. And how ironic is it that at the beginning of a leadership role, a role where you need to lead and impart; you are questioning who you really are?

Being in that space is dangerous because if you are not deliberate in working your way back or being deliberate with trying to find a balance, the well of creative juices may just dry up and forever. You tend to become comfortable with the “new” you and that becomes your reality .

Far too many times we see this happening. People who were once great or iconic, going through the ebb and flow of life and not having anything or themselves grounding them, which results in them getting consumed with the challenges that they’re facing and then their light that once shone brightly? Dimmed until it is no more.

It becomes an “ay what a sad state to affair” conversation.

If you are in this space, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some things I implemented was going back to basics. I found a site for affirmations and some that resonated with me and then set up daily reminders to deliberately remind me to read them out aloud. I forced the hand at associating myself with positive content be it social media feeds orconversations with friends. I pushed through the spiritual blocking urge and asked the Almighty to help me. I watched videos on time management tips and created checklists; daily weekly and monthly to help me become more structured and I started pushing through wanting to be alone and to accept coffee invitations and chats with friends.

I am far from where I need to be because I still am in this process of getting me back all the while developing into the person I know I want to be.

So on the point of gratitude. I want to highlight how grateful I am to the many who have inspired and reminded me!

I am immensely grateful for my Creator as often through prayer I would have epiphanies. I am grateful for my family and friends because they would often call me out when they experienced that I was spending far too much time and effort in the hole I found myself in. Grateful for my colleagues. Those who were often inspired by my work and who would encourage me to get back to creating and grateful for my conversation with Julian( who basically demanded I post and send him the link- thanks Julz)

I am excited to get back into the swing of things and will be working on content to share more frequently

I lost her but perhaps it was a good thing because I found me and she seems to be a force to reckon with

Love and light always, just an extrordinary girl

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Ladies only: My journey with abnormal uterine bleeding

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged here. Being in a very confusing and overwhelming state and my health taking a knock, I honestly haven’t had much gumption for anything besides sleep.

Many of you who know me, know that for the past two years, I’ve been battling abnormal uterine bleeding. This post is me documenting my journey with this in hope to offer support to others who are battling the same thing and to get support, tips and tricks from others as well. So here it goes.

My journey!

In 2018, I was admitted twice, by two different gynae’s for abnormal uterine bleeding and discharged without an actual diagnosis. I was treated for the bleeding and it was stopped, all scans and tests came back normal and I was told stress and a bad diet can lead to hormonal imbalances, which is the secondary cause of most cases of uterine bleeding. I instructed to lose some weight and all will be fine and was put on the pill (Marvelon) for a few months and was told all should be sorted. I will admit, my weight has been up and down and I haven’t spent much time focusing on losing weight. It might be an excuse but might I add, the previous Gynae didn’t pin it down to weight loss because he said he’d treated and delivered babies for patients heavier than me.

For a couple of months after that I was fine. Period was regular and hey, the cloud over my head was disappearing…but not for long. Soon after, 1 period lead from one week, to one month to three. The bleeding would then suddenly stop. Then I’d go months without bleeding or getting a period and then the cycle would start all over again.

This has been going on for about two years. I know there are many women who can relate. It’s amazing when you reach out and only then do you hear and come to know of so many women going through this. It isn’t easy to deal with this. Physically, mentally and psychologically. It is draining. We will keep that post ( the emotional roller coaster for another post).

To date I’ve been bleeding heavily for months. About a month ago I visited my GP who gave me medication to stop the bleeding and started me on the pill again (Marvelon). For the first week, the bleeding had stopped, goodness was I relieved but then Aunty Susie and her cousins had withdrawal symptoms and just needed to visit again. Yeap, the bleeding started again, even whilst being on the pill. Just this time is was coupled with the most severe cramps I have ever experienced. If I could compare it, it would def fit the description of a contraction. The heaviness of the pelvic area, the wave of excruciating pain and a sharper pain over the left ovary and my lower back region. This got me really worried.

With all things COVID and the financial burdens it has added on many of our shoulders, seeing a gynae was going to to harden the blow. Nothing less than R1000 for a consult plus whatever meds they were going to prescribe, which I was certain would include something to stop the bleeding, very expensive pills, and another batch of contraceptives, iron supplements and who knows what else.

I decided to research homeopathy instead. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of feeding my body something synthetic to do what it is naturally supposed to do. So I was never a fan of any form of contraceptive. I’ve always gravitated to all things natural, from oil mixtures for my hair, to making home treatments for my face, the flu, green juices etc. I figured I have nothing to lose by just trying a more natural approach since the more conventional medicine routine didn’t help much.

I googled and found Dr Farzana Hansa based in Musgrave Durban and decided to visit. I was so impressed by her, she just had a wonderful aura and energy. I felt so calm around her. She was really concerned by how long I’d been bleeding for and made a concerted effort to create a time line for me, from family history of illnesses, to my illnesses, to physical concerns from head to toe, to emotional and mental check ins. As a side note I have been under an immense amount of stress from both my work and personal life. To the point where I find it difficult to just cope and manage. I feel so overwhelmed and to still be battling health issues…it becomes much even for strong people like myself. I had divulged all of this to her, including the loss of Mikail, the step admissions I mentioned earlier and all of my chronic illness etc. she even asked for medication intake frequently.

She started me on a regime to try to balance out the hormones and to manage the anxiety and stress. She prescribed 30 drops Ashwaghanda and Rhodliola drops with 30 drops of chasteberry drops in a 1/4 glass of water morning and evening. 5 drops of vitamin D drops every morning under the tongue and my very first homeopathic treatment called calc carb, to help with and manage the stress and moods and that’s 5 drops under the tongue every evening. All this with a probiotic, omega 3 and iron supplement.

My natural medicine regimen

She made me feel hopeful again as she said that there are lots of natural remedies to try but started off with this to see if it works. I am day 4 into the regime and have a check in with her next Friday. Let’s cross fingers and hope the bleeding calms. I have noticed a better quality of my sleep from day 2 but to date, the bleeding is still very heavy. The cramps however, are not as frequent and not as intense. For the four bottles of treatment ( Ashwagandha, Chasteberry, Vit D and the Calc Carb, I already had the other stuff, so she suggested to finish that off) with the consult, my bill was R1 045.00. Compared to what I would’ve paid had I visited a gynae. I was chuffed.

This is where I am at on my journey. I had an idea to try and document each milestone or encounter and really hope this may some how offer support to anyone else going through this. I know how lonely it gets going through this. Just know you are not alone and any other woman reading this, if you know if someone battling this, please make a concerted effort to check in with her every now and then, send anything like a positive message or upbeat song, to uplift a mood. Most often than not, just those small things helps us get through the day on some of our worst days.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl

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Petrichor: [Pet.Truh.Kaw]

Woke up to the sound of rain. A sound that I absolutely love. Came accross today’s word of the day and it ties in beautifully

Petrichor: An English word of Greek origin that refers to the earthly scent after it has rained on dry soil.

We always refer to ‘the smell of rain’ and how refreshing it is…. Turns out, there’s a word for it (=

Love and light always

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Eunoia [Yoo-Noy-uh] ° Greek

Eunoia: A word from Greek dialect that means: a pure and well balanced mind, a good spirit or beautiful thinking’.

It is a very difficult thing to unlearn; to unwire your brain of its negative default setting and to train it default to all things positive. It requires a calculated conscious effort. But like any muscle, once trained, you’re good to go.

Another word that is so relevant to what the world is going through right now. I am honestly in awe of these beautiful, unusual to many, words.

May we all strive towards eunoia.

Love and light always

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MERAKI. [May. Rah. Kee].

MERAKI: a word derived from the Turkish word Merak and is a verb or adverb in modern Greek literature.

It refers to putting something of yourself into your work; soul, creativity and love.

Everything that we do contributes to our personal brand. Perceptions, assumptions and thoughts are conceived by how we present ourselves, be it through our appearance, manner in which we conduct ourselves (behaviour) or our work.

To merely do something for the sake of doing is like leading a life with no purpose or direction. What’s the point?

I say that It is for this reason, that we must do all things Meraki; with sincerity, passion, love, soul and creativity. Every piece of work we put out must have that personal touch. It must ooze authenticity. This is a message I echo to my team at work and it serves as a reminder to me.

So whether you’re in the arts, the Corporate world, medical field, or whether you’re a teacher, administrator, book keeper or even a call Centre agent… Do all things with Meraki.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl.

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FIKA [Fee. Ka].

With the world going through lock down periods. It is uncertain times for us all and it becomes so easy to get lost in all the chaos.

Every minute of everyday we are exposed to information re: COVID-19. News feeds are bombarded with stats, breaking news, new laws, safety precautions, conspiracy theories, fake news and and and.

People are stressing about their family’s health, finances, kids education and job security. It all honestly becomes so overwhelming.

For me, I’ve made a personal decision to slow down. I hardly watch the news and just look out for the Presidents addresses or important info. I hardly speak about COVID-19 and purposely so and I try to live life as normal has possible.

I’ve looked for a deeper meaning to all of this. The bigger picture. As an essential worker, I get to go to work daily and that in its own is a blessing. It has been a tough few months and this lockdown served as a way for me to just take a step back and really focus on the good things.

Everymorning when I wake up, I thank God for everything he has blessed me with, from the bed that I sleep in, to the job that I still have secured, for keeping myself and family safe and even for my faith… You name it, I thank God for it. This act of gratitude honestly just puts the day in play.

I’ve seen many others do the same in their own way, mothers are able to spend more quality time with their kids and partners. Whereas pre COVID-19, there was barely any time. Parents get to try out and cook things they’ve never cooked before, whereas pre COVID-19, it was the quickest thing available to cook. Families are bonding, whereas pre COVID-19, it was each to their own. Earth is getting a break from human distruction; less pollution, less litter. Prayers are increasing and people are becoming more mindful of God.

We really have been granted FIKA and the choice is left to us to grab this moment. Slow it all down and just focus on the good things in life.

As a person who likes to have control over most things. I’ve learnt to take each day as it comes and to trust God more. I do more things with love. Have tasked myself to complete my vision board and stocked up on baking ingredients after months of procrastination.

Take your moment |Slow down | And start appreciating the good things in life.

There has never been a better time ✨✨

Love and light always