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Don’t be basic ❌

I always have an urge to change things. I have to add abit or T sparkle to even the clothes I wear. Whilst I wish that I had more time to do these things, I have fun when I actually get the chance to transform something into my own. 

In the below post, I will show you how I turned this (I forgot to take a pic of my actual Tshirt ( this is a regular men’s Tshirt from Mr price under 60 bucks)

To this

So I’m going to my God daughters party in a few and I was puzzled 😕 WRT what am I going to wear. She’s having a Minnie themed party and I have nothing pink or polka-dotty. So, I took to google and found the idea of DIY bleaching and then it just transformed. 

Things that you will need:

  1. Tshirt
  2. Bleach 
  3. Water
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Piece of card board 
  6. Pritt 
  7. Pen
  8. Scissors 
  9. Space 

So, you will firstly need to get a stensil of whatever shape you’d like on your Tshirt, I went with a Disney/Mickey/Minnie shape to match the theme of the party. 

I drew this on normal paper ( used a CD to draw the “face” and a glass bottom to draw the “ears), I would however suggest that you use cardboard instead of paper as, as you can see, the bleach seeped through my stencil and so my shape isn’t as neat, as black and as crisp as it should be. 

You will stick cardboard stencil on your T using pritt. (You can place it, anywhere you want).

In your spray bottle, you will add bleach and a little water. 

Place your T on a wide surface and put another piece of cardboard inside of your tshirt ( to prevent the bleach from seeping through to the back).

Then squirt squirt squirt and watch the magic happen. I was abit impatient, my colour didn’t change straight away and so I rubbed bleach into the tshirt. Please DONT do this, you can see that my “orange colour” is all inconsistent because of this. Leave to dry, or iron it out if you’re impatient like me and vwala! You should then maintain a more consistent bleached look.

It should look something like this, this isn’t mine, it’s a pic I worked off on, from google 

Now, I couldn’t leave this as is, so I got my scissors and got snipper-happy. 

I widened the neck region to sit wider on my shoulders by cutting out the collar. I also cut off the hemmed part of the sleeve ( don’t know what you call it lol) but it’s the end , neat part of the sleeve and did the same with the hemmed, neat part of the bottom of the Tshirt. I wanted a more playful look so I cut “strips” all the way through the bottom of the tshirt, like this:

And that’s the T sparkle ( Tay sparkle) that I added to this plain, old, men’s Tshirt ( I prefer men’s as it’s more of a relaxed fit) but you can use a tshirt of your choice and a colour of your choice. 

I will pair this with a pair of jeans that I ripped. And a pair of black sneakers with two buns in my hair and I’m ready to go! 

Have wonderful Saturday to you all.

❤️ and 🌈 always, from just an ordinary girl 💋

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What’s meant for you, will never miss you 

So too many times I hear folk say how maybe things would have gone differently if…I’m not even going to finish that sentence because I’m sure you’ve finished it for me. Too many times we find ourselves thinking or saying “should’ve , would’ve , could’ve ” and many times it’s when we feel like things would have turned out differently, or as we wanted it to be, if we had done it differently, chose differently or prayed differently.

We then go into thought overdrive and either beat ourselves or others up because we so wanted it to go according to our plan. We lose focus and get so consumed and stress over things that we have no control over.

Reflection isn’t a bad thing, but it can be when when we’re not using it to reflect the right way. 

What do I mean? 

Reflecting to better yourself or work on something that can be worked on, is great… we’re elevating ourselves. But reflecting to fuel our disappointment, anger or misery… is not good. Reflecting that consumes you negatively, is not good. Reflection that is used to make excuses, is not good. Quite!

What ever is meant for you will never miss you. Be it a job, relationship, car or even more money at the end of the month. God has a plan and we need to try and figure out what lessons are meant to be learnt in order to move forward. I mean how do we move forward if we keep harping over things that have missed us, relationships that didn’t last, jobs that were giving the somebody else? 

I’ve learnt this after wasting so much of my time (that I’m never going to get back) and I aught to share my epiphany with you all. 

You’d be amazed at how less disappointed you are, when things  miss you or don’t go according to your initial plan. I’m not saying don’t fight for what you want, or not to take away anything from an experience. Or to use this to shirk or not put in the hours or work or studying or efforts. I’m saying let go of the things that you can’t control and let God and work on the things he can control… you really could be using that time and energy to fuel your success and goals.

So remember, whatever’s for you, will never miss you. #Trust

Work hard, give off your best and let God do the rest.

Some wisdom for this Wednesday 

❤️and 🌈always , from just an ordinary girl who’s wasted loads of precious time in the past (: 

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You cannot blend in when you were born to stand out 

Listen, you cannot blend in, when you were born to stand out. 

You were born to see the world through your eyes,  not as it is, but how it should or could be. 

That, should be your driving motivation to be the change that you want to see. To sprinkle your fairy dust upon this world through every interaction. It should be your driving force to not be mediocre and to leave your mark on this world and in the hearts and lives of people.

When you’re bold, brave, courageous and kind enough to understand that you’re different and when you accept that you are different, people will reveal their truest selves. 

You will encounter two kinda folk:

The 1st kind, will be people who will persuade you to think otherwise, they will pretend that they all for you and that they keep it 💯 but in actual facts are people who will gun down your ideas and tell you just how bad, stupid or irrelevant they are. People who will, with effort, purposely bring you down to hinder your success… coz don’t you know? You can do well but just not better than them.

And then you’ll get the second kind:

The people in your corner , the people who will believe in your purpose, respect your ideas, dreams, goals and attributions. They will encourage you to be you, and not who they think you should be. You will know when they are being sincere and giving you their honest opinion about an idea but they will make you understand that it is just their opinion and will not impose it on you.

Stay true to your intuition and never doubt the power of prayer, as both will guide you. You will feel when something is right, or needs to be done. It will play on your mind and have the “stone, stuck in your shoe” kinda nag, constantly reminding you of what needs to be done.

You do you, for nobody else but you

You cannot be kind to the world if you are not kind to yourself. You cannot see the world as it is, if you cannot see yourself as you are.

Embrace yourself with your flaws and all because, 

you cannot blend in when you were born to stand out! #beYOUtiful #beYOUnique

Love ❤️ and light🌈always,
From Just an ordinary girl 

Love, life & everything's else in between

Push your passion.

Nothing that’s ever easy is worth it and Anything that’s worth it, takes hard work and sacrifice. It’s a given! 

Many of you know my love for the written and spoken word. Many of you would also know that I’m huge on communication and have enrolled for a degree in communications. 

Where I’m at in my career right now, isn’t ideally where I’d like to be, but it’s a stepping stone to where I need to be. Can I just highlight though, that 

you can literally apply your passion to your job, even if your job isn’t necessarily in line with your passion. 

What do I mean by this? Well here’s how I apply my passion to my job. So I love radio, it’s something I would love to persue one day. With every telephonic interaction with my clients, I envision it as an interaction “on air”. Just like radio, that’s governed by the BCCSA and other regulatory bodies to ensure information provided is fair and true, we have quality assessors who assess the information and the conduct of our interactions with our clients. This helps me approach my interactions, with even irates, a lot calmer and actually gets me looking forward to the call. You may laugh, but it works. Try it (: if you’re into acting maybe, pretend that what you’re doing is a role you’re auditioning for, and run with it.

So a couple weeks ago our service team hosted a team of executives. I was on leave, and was asked if I’d consider sharing my thoughts with them, on a portal that we use at work. It’s an online gaming / live-update feed/portal, which has weekly blogs containing important updates and information regarding the business. After each blog, you have to complete a short survey and by doing so and interacting on this online portal, you gain chances of winning rewards in the form of some really cool gifts. (VR glasses, headphones, travel bags etc)

So me, who loves things like presentations or public speaking, jumped at the opportunity because firstly, I was honoured to even be considered and secondly, presenting on something you’re passionate about is a no brainer. Win -win. So going into the office on my day off wasn’t even an issue for me. 

Extremely ashamed to say, I was not familiar with some of the executives that I was presenting to, but one of them happened to be an exec of the department that is responsible for the blogs on this portal. . . Yes… it’s going there. 

Fast forward to a brief intro, couple of emails and you’re looking at someone who is now given permission to contribute to the blogs on this portal. Yeap, be it drafting of blogs, giving content ideas or simple feedback, Nothing too formal or structured but more so an oppotunity to voluntarily apply my passion to my everyday work… so you see? You def can apply your passion to the work that you do. Be authentic, push that passion and you’d never know where this could lead.

Now, to many this may not be a thing. I mean it’s voluntarily and it’s blogs about company info. To me? It’s a door opening to a world of knowledge. With the different content ideas in place, it will now force me to learn about other aspects of the business, increasing my knowledge, insight and perspective. I get to learn new or different blogging styles and a different method of having my blogs published. You see where I’m going to with this? I even get a chance to impact people and share the knowledge I gain 😊

As if that weren’t enough of an honor, a friend and I got asked to host our performance excellence awards today and We thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. I felt at home! Celebrating? Engaging and just being you… who could say no to hosting that (: 

It’s been such a hectic week, spirits dragging on the floor on some days, but overally, it’s been a week of oppotunity; blogging, hosting and impacting people’s lives positively. All of my passions, applied in the current job I’m in.

So with all of that said, today’s message is literally to just encourage you to keeping pushing your passion. It takes one person and just one oppotunity to change the game ❤️ but in between all of that, just keep doing you and just keep pushing that passion. 

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl 

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The truth is…

I’ve just been on a downer lately; barely making it to ride even the low waves 🌊 of this thing called life. But as I always say, we gotta have not so good days to appreciate the good days right? Right! 

So now that I’m in a better space, I thought I’d share my views on something’s. I would love to get your input whether you’re a guy or a girl. I’m supposed to be up doing assignments but my urge to write is so strong and so here we are. 🙈

The truth is that at some point in our lives, we will always give more than we will receive, love more than we’re loved and just work hard and get less in return. It’s normal. It happens. It’s life.

Are we meant to just give up and give in?  I don’t think so, I can only speak from a women’s perspective and for myself, but the truth is, if somebody really loves you and honours you, leaving wouldn’t ever be the first option. The truth is, if you’re really dedicated to a job, a project, or studying, giving up wouldn’t be the first option. But hey, if you choose to throw in the towel, that’s on you. 

It’s always nice to remember that you cannot control somebody else’s thoughts, feelings, decisions or actions. You can only control your reaction. 

What happeneds when you this, when you just give up? 

I think for the person or thing with whom you’re cutting off or even for. yourself, it’s important to deal with the situation properly. We all know about the 80/20 rule and we all know that when we make decisions based on temporary emotions, the second logic kicks in and emotions die down… we left with tons of ?’s. 

So it’s never wise to make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.

I say that it’s important to sought your thoughts out, just as you would the clutter in your closets or kitchen cupboards. Sought them out and discard what’s not necessary. We are emotional beings and if we feed too much into emotions, we’re doomed. 
The truth is that staying positive is a choice, it’s a conscious choice of literally forcing out negative thoughts and choosing to think of something positive…practice makes perfect (: 

I’m no professional when it comes to advice but I think I’ve had my fair share of experience when it comes to the things that I blog about and I feel obliged to share my perspective. Only with the intention of helping somebody else out there (:

Life is a journey meant to be taken, always remember that nothing in this journey called life is permanent. We’re meant to experience highs and lows and the most high has every reason jotted down.

The truth is that all life’s experiences are meant to make us better people not bitter people. So here’s to actually dealing with the not so glamorous side of life so that we can come out better than we were before the ordeal. The truth is that you are a person created by the most high; beautiful and powerful. The truth is that you have the ability to be a king or queen and reign supreme over your life. The truth is that you should always remain true to yourself so that you can remain true to others. 

Love ❤️and light 🌈 always. Thoughts from just an ordinary girl 

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It’s that time again 😀🎂😊🎉

Slamaat to my father on his 54th birthday (Allah shukr) 

He is the one man that I know, who will love me and my family unconditionally, he will never give up on me, he will always encourage me towards prayer and doing the right thing. He will fight with and for me, and nothing’s ever too much to ask of him. Till this day, we can have heart to hearts about life, prayer, God, soccer, weed and even break ups. We can roll together coz hes cool like that. 

I often get asked who is my favourite soccer player of all times… no guessing lol, because it’s him! 

My father, like any human being is flawed. But if anybody knows him and has seen the journey he’s been on… there’s no way they can ever say or doubt that he’s come along way in his faith. 

Dad, my wish for you, as always , is for the almighty to keep you steadfast on your deen. May his favour, mercy, Rahma, noor and wisdom be upon you always. May you continue to grow in your faith, learning to read Arabic and the Quran inshallah Aaameen 

We are blessed to have you dad and if ever Allah the Allah blesses me with a life-time partner, I pray that he has the quality and love for the deen as you have.

Whilst birthdays aren’t your thing. I hope you have a super amazing day. Love you OG

♥️and 🌈from just an ordinary daughter 

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Daily affirmation challenge #7

Today I forgive myself.

*picture is courtesy of pintrest*

I forgive myself for the mistakes made, the situations I could have handled better. I the hurts I may have caused and for my flaws.

I am human. And these things are bound to happen. Before I can forgive others, I’m starting with forgiving with myself. 

❤️and 🌈from just an ordinary girl