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Weight, what?

For the longest time I’ve hated my body, you would rarely find full-body pics of me uploaded on social media. If ever you’ve had a weight struggle you would understand why. 

How I feel about my weight can be compared to that of a stone stuck in your shoe; the most  Irritating, agonizing feeling ever. I have certain medical issues which make my weight loss a lot harder but I believe it’s no excuse.I really can’t explain It but one would think that I would wanna do something to change this especially because it worries me so much…but for the longest time I’ve been putting getting healthier off. 

In this  journey of me getting to know myself and learning to love myself unconditionally, I understand now that I need to accept myself. Only once I do this will I be able to constructively work towards any changes that I desire. 

 It baffles me that I am successful in every other aspect of my life ( by the permission and Grace of The Almighty) but my weight has always been a struggle, I think it’s because food has always been my comfort, my safety net. 

I also now understand that before I can love somebody else unconditionally, I need to love myself and in order to love and value myself, I need to be somebody that I am proud of before I can be anybody else’s pride. 

I am happy to say that I am learning to accept myself and am looking forward to being the best version of me, the version that I will be proud of.

This journey of self reconstruction is by far, the most fulfilling yet complicated journey that I’ve ever been on. I once thought my journey of forgiveness was the hardest lol but I take that back.

Here’s to the modest,more religious, kind, God_fearing, ambitious, future me. 

If I can do it, I know you can too! 

Posted by just an ordinary over-weight girl.