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It has been one of the toughest weeks of 2017 by far.

Staying afloat and remaining positive has never taken so much out of me. I am however, a firm believer that we all need to have some bad days to sincerely appreciate the good ones 🙂

I am training myself to see the light even when I’m stuck in the middle of what seems to be a never-ending storm. As a result, there are some things that moved me this past week that I really just need to put out there and extend some gratitude for.

Many of you know that I lost my son. Each year, I am overwhelmed by the mothers day messages I receive. The kind words and reassurance that my little soldier is watching over me, always warms my heart. To each and every one of you who took the time out to send me those beautiful messages, I say Thank You and this is from the depths of my heart.

The one wish received however, really touched my heart and will forever remain embedded in my minds’ box of sentimental memories. The wish from my mentee. Many of you would also know that I mentor a beautiful 13 year old little girl at one of the kiddies homes here in Durban. This is done through an absolutely wonderful programme; The Bright Star mentorship programme. This is one of the very many programmes run by the Peace agency. 

You guys should really check the programme out, you can do so by clicking here. You can also check out information on the Peace Agency and other projects linked to them by clicking here. You guys are welcome to comment or message me for more information as well 🙂

I am currently in my second year of mentoring through this programme and you would have seen through  my previous posts just how amazing my mentee is. She made me the most beautiful card with the most heart warming words. God really has a constant way of showing me just how much he loves me. I really feel so privileged being apart of this little one’s life. With each weekly visit, I am constantly fulfilled. #Forevergrateful

I also need to extend my gratitude to my friends, family and significant other. Knowing just how trying this week has been, these guys are always at my side reminding me to keep going, reminding me of God, reminding me that I have been through worse. These guys are always encouraging me and boy oh boy, they never allow me to wallow. I promise you, if it was not for them, I don’t even want to think of the position I would be in and I mean really, what more could a girl possibly ask for? #Mysupportstructureisbetterthanyours

Lastly, my creator. You know how we sometimes have those silent prayers that our hearts whisper but we brush off? yeah those. God always seems to listen and let me know in his own way that he has heard. Me being able to write this post is really only by his will and permission and therefore I have to honor him. #blessedbeyondmeasure

so God, thank you for everything, thank you for my heavenly angel that is there with you, thank you for my mentee and allowing be to be apart of such a phenomenal mentorship programme, thank you for my family, friends and my special person and thank you for never giving up on me. People often ask me how do I remain so grounded and my answer was, is and  will always be: my faith and my God.

So with that done, I will encourage you to give thanks and to purposely remind yourself of all the good things you got going in your life, especially when you have 101 things to complain about. It has worked for me, I am sure it will for you too.

Love and light always,

From just an ordinary girl Xx


Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

#DFH #22

Dear future husband,

Can I tell you about my day? 

It started off really great, I prayed and read Quran, prayed for safety and made a conscious effort that I will control how I feel by what I think. 

I Got to work with a fresh attitude , the first of anything always symbolizes a fresh start for me! I  Even sent my fellow teamies a motivational email to kickstart the month … and then…

It’s like God was really testing me to see if I was going to practice what I had just preached! I’ve had a day from hell in terms of the cases and escalations I’ve had to deal with today. 

It was horrible, slow torture is even an understatement to describe it. I still kept positive and “just kept swimming” as Dori says we should. 

I then leave work to go to our very first book club meeting, what a joy it was, but only after I scratched my car 💔my very first scratch ☹️and all because I was trying to be ambitious reversing into a parking. Something I’ve been teaching myself to get comfy with.

Our scratch ☹️

I know 💔it could be worse though. 

Nevertheless, we had quite a productive book club meeting, and very received a very special welcome gift ❤️

Dreamers book club book markers ❤️

I ate French fries today which I wasn’t supposed to because I said I will be back to good eating habits come the first of the month! 

Overal, I know it could be way worse and I am still blessed and fortunate to have the things I still have, have good health and even just a place to rest my head. 

That’s my day. I can’t wait to come and listen to yours 

Eagerly await your arrival 

Loads of love,

Your dramatic future wife