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Don’t be that girl. It’s #20plenty

Queens supposed to see queens. But it’s us “queens” who are also very quick to tear down others. Start a scandal. Make people’s lives miserable etc etc. We also tend to be our own worst enemies. I’m pro queen but some of our queens need to be called out. So heres what I gotta say:

In 2020. Don’t be that girl.

Don’t be that envious girl. The girl that doesn’t work as hard but has the most to say when someone worthy achieves something.

Don’t be that girl that does things just and solely for recognition

Dont be that girl whose known to be a gossip monger amongst a crowd or community. The one whose in everyones business.

Don’t be that girl who has pent up anger. Forgive. Let go and let God.

Don’t be the girl that misplaces her anger. I mean if you wanna be angry, be angry at the right people sis.

Don’t be that girl whose bitter because a relationship didn’t work out and then goes and speaks about baby daddy’s new queen because it makes you feel better. Do yourself a favour and make yourself feel better by legit being better. Focus on you, get your life, flourish.

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Don’t be that girl who uses their kid as a pawn to get what you want from your kids daddy. It’s disgusting. It’s desperate and we don’t do that here. We’re raising our future leaders. Even men need their peace of mind. Stop using your kids opportunity to say your say. It’s embarrassing mamacita.

Don’t be that girl whose worth is determined by a man. Know your worth!

Don’t be that girl who does shit to others and when karma knocks at your door you throw yourself on floors and play victim. Grow up sis, straighten that crown and use your energy wisely.

Don’t be that girl who would rather use their mouth to belittle someone rather than inspire and help others.

Don’t be that girl that gets consumed by things that are out of your control. Life it’s honestly too short. Conrol what you can and leave rest the left to God.

Don’t be that girl who hates on behalf of someone else. It’s unnecessary and it’s childish. If you are going to fester such, atleast let it be valid.

The world is toxic enough. The load is heavy already. Just cut the BS out and let’s all keep it moving. There is enough peace, happiness and joy to go around, don’t waste your life trying to steal someone else’s.

Love and light, from just an ordinary almost-30 year old

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The truth about every strong woman… Would you love her still?

You watch her do her, as best she can. Fiercely she takes on challenges one after the other; and boy are you drawn to this; her fight.

You study her, the way she walks, talks, smiles, walks into a room and steals the hearts of those around her; turning a dark room into a brightly lit ball of energy.

You admire her courage, her living life to the fullest; you see all of her pictures on social media, checking in with her closest friends, having the time of their lives and you can’t help but want to be apart of it all.

You hear about how fierce she is at the office, how she stands firm for the things she believes in. You love that she speaks her mind, and confidently so and is so passionate about the things and people close to her… and you can’t help but want to be in a closest of circles.

We all know someone like her, don’t we?

But what many don’t know is that you only seewhat she wants you to see.

What you don’t know, is what got her to that point, how many tears she cried to get to a point where she promised herself that she will NEVER depend on anyone else, but herself, for her own happiness.

You don’t know what toughened her and made her Ray Charles to the BS and all that’s superficial around her. You don’t know what broke her only to build her stronger than before.

She wears pain like a pearl necklace around her neck and often that distracts how scared and anxious she really feels inside.

You don’t know what abuse she succumbed that numbed her and hence now she’s living life to the fullest.

You see behind every strong, independent woman, is a story of hurt, pain, anger; struggle. There’s a story of sacrifice and strength.

You see this beautiful Bella but when you’re close enough, the cracks start showing, the anxiety and vulnerability start over flowing. She’s okay in her own because she knows self will never let her down.

Will you still want to befriend or love her then? When she’s not so strong and the cracks become more visible. on some days. Would you still want to be amongst her closest?

She knows strength. She’s TKO’d pain and she’s overcome heartbreak.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate a strong woman today.

Love and light, from just an ordinary strong woman.

Girl power, Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, quotes

Woman bashing by women, it’s a thing!

2018, The wake

2018 has left me feeling all sorts of emo.

Whilst there have been some very exciting milestones that occurred, it has been THE most stressful year by far… Check my blogging activity and you’ll agree.

Throughout everything that has happend, I almost lost myself. I allowed situations to define me. I allowed the built up frustration and anger to poison my thoughts. Heck I was almost even ready to stoop down to levels I swore I’d never go too.

Two hospital admissions, a court order and several encounters later… The drama still persisted. But something had to give and it gave indeed.

Whilst I won’t go into detail about the drama or even the betrayal. I would just like to touch base on something that became so apparent and is by far my biggest gripe with 2018.

Woman bashing…by women.

I think I was so alarmed that such women existed that I started questioning whether I was sane. I couldn’t and still find it hard to believe that there are women out here who literally spend time, lots of it, planning to destroy or make someone’s life a misery. Like do these people not fear God. Have they never felt peace and true happiness?

I mean how do you hate someone you’ve never met? How do you use someone’s past painful experiences to intentionally try to inflict more pain. How do you use everything in your way to purposely break another women’s spirit. If I was some weakling I’d either be in jail or a mad house.

This is what is wrong with the world first before the Trumps or Zumas. It’s us women. We hate it when its done to us but it’s justifiable to do it to someone else. We’d never accept if it were done to our daughters, sisters or besties but we encourage our sons to do it to their wives or friends to do it to someone else. We speak about being Godfearing but we ignore God’s messages.

It became so clear that women are so quick to judge fellow women but when we or one of our friends are in the same boat, we get enraged.

Our sons see this, and think it’s okay to do it because mom, sister or cousin does it. Our daughters see this and grow up thinking it’s okay to women bash.

We as women set ourselves up for failure. It’s pathetic. It’s shameful. It’s common and It’s sad. We birth nations. It’s time we stop focusing on the wrongs of others; men, fellow women etc. and start fixing ourself.

Heck it’s 2019. Peace and happiness should be the order of this year. Drama and all things negative are to be left in the past.

My wish

My prayer for every women reading this and for those who are guilty of this behavior is that you heal, that God allows you peace and true joy.

I pray that we as women become so busy with fixing ourselves that we have no time to tear each other down. I pray that God keeps us busy and focused on our own families and goals so that the devil doesn’t have a chance to toy with us. I pray for change, for all of us. Aaameeen.


What other people think of me is none of my business.

Don’t lose yourself and remeber a queen never leaves her throne to address peasants throwing stones.

Love and light always, feelings of just an ordinary girl

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