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#QOTD #11

Everybody’s at war with different things…I’m at war with my own heart sometimes.

~ Tupac

We sometimes get so consumed with the things going on in our lives and around us that we tend to forget that everybody else is walking through their own struggle; Be it business, personal or spiritual.

When we get so consumed with our own issues, it becomes very easy to feel entitled. We expect people to be sympathetic or empathetic towards us and our situation and can sometimes disregard what others may be going through.  It’s human natureI suppose.

I’ve learned that there’s always somebody out there in a worse situation than I.

I keep this thought current in my mind which helps me to be more compassionate and kind towards those that I come accross and helps me to feel less entitled.

This is one of the beauties in our struggle. Being able to give even when you’re in need. 

Be kind always, you never know if it will be the only breath of fresh air for somebody! 

Happy Thursday almal 😊

An attempt to spread love and light through word, from just an ordinary girl