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#DFH #25 

Dear future husband? 

Can we keep it old school and simple? 

Like can we  talk to each other as opposed to tweeting each other ? Or walking with each other instead of following and liking each other’s pics on instagram? 

Can we write each other letters? And fold it like we used to back in school, or slip it in each other’s bags. I would totally do stuff like that 🙂 

Would you help me make home made cards for special occasions? I would really love help with the glue gun 😉 would you?

I Hope you would too 🙂 


Your future wife 

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My 26th Birthday

My gifts

Im at a loss for words…which is something that never ever happeneds.


Thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you to everybody who took the time out to send such beautiful words of wonderful wishes. Its these little things that mean the world to me.

1stly, to my creator. For sparing me with yet another year. For blessing me. For guiding me and protecting me. Im am foreverely indebtored to you and only you.

My parents, words will never beable to explain just how much I appreciate you both. For keeping me grounded. For encouraging me to work hard and achieve my goals and for always pushing me towards Allah. I am foreverely grateful. May Allah ta Allah bless you both with nothing but THE best! Mum you woke up singing the birthday song and dad for my beautiful cake. At 26 and to have you guys still do this…I am blessed.

My wonderful family.My sister, My handsome brothers,Bevan and Ismail. My auntys, uncles and cousins…When I sometimes question God and ask him “Why”… I am often reminded about how blessed I truely am. The encouragment, the celebration of each others achievements, the “we will always be here for each other”… what more could I possibly ask for?

My work family…. Team Titans, Team 10acity, Team Leggo! When I asked God for the perfect job, he knew that for me it wasnt about the money but rather the people and the oppotunity to grow. I could not have chosen to work under and with any better people than the ones I’ve worked with in my 2years at Discovery Health.

Lets start off with my team leaders…from day 1, Ive always had team leaders who encouraged and nurtured me. Who when said ” im here for you, you can count on me”….proved it with their actions. Karena, I will forever be grateful to you for not letting me get comfy and always pushing way out of my comfort zone. Words fail me when you always speak words of encouragment to me. Thank you!  My Nojjy pooh. Thank you for being my voice of reason and allowing me to view things out of the box. For always being 100 and for being as honest and frank as you are. I appreciate it and I appreciate you. My Desire! Meeting you at first was alil daunting…that look! #goodness. But working with you has been nothing short of entertaining. Thank you for being so patient with me and helping me. I often get so overwhelmed and without even saying anything to you, you just know. I appreciate it! Thank you!

My teammies. U guys made my 26th THE best bday evz. My party and my card was just beautiful. I appreciate the gesture so so so much. My beautiful ladies. Jan, Trish, G, Anyah, DelZ, and oh so gawjus fellas, Ryano,Robmeista,Nassy poo and the all time G Rees…i really couldntv asked for more. Thank you Team Titans. You guys #rock #awesome!.

Bday card from Team Titans



My fellow other teammies, the well wishes, warm hugs and precious smiles…you guys will never no how much i appreciate it. My amykins, koko pops, desh, ronelle, yvonne, verhana, prashicals, mags, Applez, Avi, Dylan,my Prudy Prudy, KamKam,Justin, Sibu. Geen, Naffy, Tash, Rushicals, Thoko, Kerry, Aisha,Julz, Mandy, Emma,Caro,Sherelle, Chantelle,Tilly,Charmaine…Thank u!

My friends, the callz,messages,profile updates… aaw you guys let me know how girly I really am coz i get so emo.Ive had so many facebook profiles and all of them had more “friends” than my current one. Each year 100z of bday messages would flood my wall and how excited i would get!

But this year the few that have posted beautiful messages on my wall, I appreciate it more than anything coz i know that they were all sincere, i wasnt just excited. I was moved and felt so special. If ever any of you find me questioning God or being ungrateful. Smack me or remind me of my 26th because God has really shown me how blessed I am and what amazing folk I have in my life…i can atleast say Ive managed to get one thing right and that is my circle. Thank you to each and every one of u. N my special shout out to my Stephy stephs for being the first wish of the day.

This years birthday was full of “first times”. Got my first bunch of flowers from a guy. Lol thank you Rush, they are beautifulll.

Got my first car, Shukr Allah and a huge thank u to my sis for coming with me to pick up.

Meet didi

I even got free tickets to see Marc Lottering lol. I at one point thought God was punking me. Lmao.

The highlight of my day was def my team card and party, my beautiful messages and flowers and the wonderful voice note from my nieces.

So in short, Thank you all. May all ur well wishes sent to me, return to you. May God protect you always and may his favour be upon you all always.

I love you all.

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