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Back to the basics: Self edition

Have you ever looked back at the person you were and wish you could get back to that point?

Do you?

Today I had the privs of catching up with a very good school friend of mine… The Gourmet Bushie himself! and the first thing he asked me was “Is this the same Tasneem that dominated at the International United Nations Debate with me, even if we did place fourth we placed fourth nationally”

I laughed so hard reading this because memories flooded back to our school days.

We were so into debating and we were flippen good at it. So what? You may ask…

Well reading this made me go back to my school days, the days where my inspiration, my vision, my goals, my ambition and will were on steriods. Head girl, debating colours, academic of note, TADA president, travelled around the country for debating and other youth initiatives. The days where I knew what I wanted and I went for it, the days where I didnt settle and the days where I knew those I associated myself with would make it big. And they have! I believed!

Life happens. Love happens. Relationships happen. Break ups happen. Heart ache happens…but those should never dull your sparkle, It dulled mine for a good while but for sometime now I’ve been feeling like my purpose isnt fulfilled; I know I was born to do more and reading this comment from my dearest bud ( Thanks Sherwy)just fueled my mission to gain my sparkle back.

I had a flare for speaking publically and for writing and Im slowly getting back on track.
I am currently apart of the amazing SkillsRUs team as well as the #LetsMeet family. I write for our work Newsletter and have started up TayTells. I am also apart of the amazing Bright Star mentorship programme.

I still want to start up some sought of NGO for communities, be it for food and hygiene for the homeless or some sought of platform to change and inspire mentality. I invision a platform allowing kids to be kids, to be themselves and to encourage against conformity. 

I am on this journey of finding myself again and whilst its daunting, it is the most exhilarating feeling ever.

And so I ask again, have you ever looked back at the person you were and wish you could get back to that point? Get some of those qualities back? What was it that you wanted to do? What changed? What do you want to do now and how are you going to do it? Lets spread some encouragement on this cold winter eve and unleash the warrior in us all.

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