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Blessings on blessings

When they say that the best things in life are free… “They”weren’t lying.

Saturday I spent the afternoon with my dearest sister friend, her super adorable and entertaining kids and my beautiful nieces. 

These kids always know how to turn any dull day into a well entertained day. They evoke sincere smiles, heart melts , hilarious laughter with the darndest things they say and do. 

Meet the crew: 


Lamia and I are friends for probably just over 4 years. We met through my ex husband , she’s actually his cousin. Let’s just say that she is loyalty personified. She is one of my very few friends and always “keeps it real” with me and encourages me towards right. 

The “A” squad

From left to right: Khaleel, Naeela and Afrah. 

These are the keepers of my ❤️. No time spent with them is ever regretted. Whilst they can often be loud and can sometimes work on a person’s last nerve, they have helped see me through some of THE most darkest seasons of my life. 

Naeela: my first niece, the love I have for this child is more than the love for writing itself. I’ve watched her grow from the baby in the family to such an intelligent, humble, responsible 8year old. The kindness she possess is one of such a high magnitude. If measured, the amount she would have in her baby finger… Some people don’t possess in their life time. 

Afrah: our little G girl. From the moment she was born, she let us know that she has arrived. Her spunkified charisma is larger than life itself. At just 4 years old she can be a fiesty one knowing exactly what she likes and dislikes. Even though life has thrown these sisters curve balls at such young ages, they have managed to overcome them and inspire me whenever I get caught up. 

Khaleel: the most passive one of the lot but has his own unique character. Typical boy with his love for cars: our human car. He too often says the darndest things that leaves us all in awe. The progress that you make daily makes me such a proud aunt! 

Then you get: 

lamz’ crew

From left to right: Yara, Laila, Mohammed Yaseen. 

I met these kids some time back and boy oh boy are they so unique but so fulfilling.

Yara: Just 7 years Old but full of life itself, I call her the mother hen and hospitality is her forte’. 

Laila: The most timid, well- respected 14 year old I know. If ever you invision “delicate” it best describes her. Like a flower in spring, she is blossoming into a beautiful young lady. 

Mohammed Yaseen: Out soldier, you are the man of the house and you know it, with that beautiful smile and mischievous demeanor, you will NeVER have a dull moment. 

These kids made my day on Saturday by just being themselves. I hope that they grow up knowing that just being themselves is enough and that like me, there are people that accept and love them like they deserve too. 

The little gestures, watching them play and hearing them laugh and giggle was enough. Sitting in my friends company and talking about life and self- reflection and how to better ones self was just so refreshing. Saturday served as our “pit stop” in this never ending race called life. 

Thank you all for the amazing day! Love you all ❤️