My vote is not yours. 

This post is not meant to ruffle any feathers or offend anybody. I know it might but frankly I don’t care…

I’ve been seeing alot of hate speech and judgement’s being passed  on social media as the country is preparing for local government elections scheduled to take place on 3 August 2016.

I figured I’ll just add my 2cent’s piece coz im just in awe of some of the updates I’ve read.

So, I’ve noticed a lot of  people calling out others because of the CHOICE they are making regarding who THEY are planning to vote for.

Mainly, ANC folk are quick to judge and call out people who openly say that they are voting for the DA or EFF or whoever. 

Apparently, most of the ANC supporters will never vote for the DA because they are “white” ( this is what I often hear people say)  and well EFF is just…. EFF!

It really is quite ironic because us people of colour are mostly and mainly always quick to pull the race card ( from personal experience) but we are still chained down and enslaved by our racist mindsets.

Dude! Like firstly,  you can’t go around insulting people because of a choice they want to make! Guide them, help them and try to healthly change their minds if voting for another party is that detrimental. 

If you cant do that and stick to judging, speaking-down upon and insulting other’s then maybe you should go to church,the temple or mosque and ask God to forgive you for being so judgemental.

Secondly, can you blame anybody for really being gat vol  of the ANC????

I mean open your eyes and look around! What have they done in terms of service delivery in the last 20 something years?  Or even more so and more importantly, to teach and impart knowledge and good ethics to our youth? We are moving backward as a nation.

My family and I would always vote ANC up until recently. Nobody can take away the fact that they have played us all a major roll in the Apartheid Era and for that I am eternally grateful but ultimately God decides all. 

One of Nelson Mandela’s quotes really resonated with me and that’s why I decided that I will not vote ANC any more. I have loads of family and friends who still do and I respect their choice even though I may not agree with it.

I sit back and look at these folk who want to judge and I just think to myself “who gives them the right!” I get so angry because it’s that very quality and state of mind that is causing us as a nation to fail. 

We are quick to judge and run our mouths but won’t do anything constructive to support our sentiments. 

Well here’s my sentiment…

You want to vote for ANC? By all means go for it. Personally, I won’t be  voting for neither them nor the DA but I’m not exactly going to insult those close to me or around me because of their choice. #StayInYourOwnLane #UseYourVoteHowYouWantTo#IgnoranceIsBliss#Don’tJudge #Don’t hate#MindYourOwn#EachToHisOwn

Life is such that we will never always agree on everything and God teaches us that we should respect each other irrespective of our beliefs. Bullying and insulting people in general is just a no-no and more so when you are doing the above because you simply do not agree with their voting choice.

Posted by: just an ordinary girl.

Share your thoughts.  Is there a reason why people do the above ? 

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June 16th: what does it mean to you?


Having celebrated Youth day yesterday and being back at work today encouraged my thoughts on Youth day and how I feel it should be celebrated.

This year serves as the 40th year since the Soweto Uprising. Thousands of youth marched and protested against the Bantu education Act, where government proposed that all learning material in school be taught in Afrikaans.

#Protesters #1976# GooglePic

The famous Hector Petersen was one of the many that had died whilst protesting and standing up for what they believed in.They used their anger and resentment to fuel change for the better, for all of us.

Hector Petersen killed during the protest

Should this day be used to relive the pain and anger? No!

Should this day be used fight against and resent innocent white folk? No!

Should this day be used to curse against the Afrikaans language? No!


This day and the many others to come should inspire youth to stand up for what they believe in. It should fuel the dreams we have and turn them into reality. The characteristics of courage and unity should be remembered and lived vicariously through each and every one of us.

Youth day has lost its essence…you either get folk who deem it as “just another free day” or those who use it to fester ill feelings against other races. I would love to see Youth day programmes implemented to uplift and motivate our youth of different races, ages, religions and genders.

I would love to see youth of our generation leave a legacy like the youth of 1976 did. Where are our Hector Peterson’s, Mandela’s, Mother Theresa’s of our time?

The saying I personally live by

If you have any thoughts or witnessed programmes that were hosted to inspire the youth yesterday, please comment and tell us about it. Lets spread the positivity.

Posted from just an ordinary girl.