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Officially a chef: Fish version 2.0

Not so long ago, I published  a post about the banquet my brother and his class hosted. if you haven’t read it, you can click Here

Today, after an extremely long day, we walk in to see this: 

He is officially a chef. Words will never beable to express just how proud I am of my baby brother this far through his journey! 

This is just the beginning boytjie, you have a long way to go but I can see you going even further. Continue with your momentum and always stay true to yourself. 

From where you were, to where you are… Any big sister would be proud but I’m that times infinity. 

Mubarak on your achievement lil bro, may Allah ta Allah make your next year achievable. May he continue blessing you and may he accompany you on your journey through the majestical world of the Culinary Arts. Aameen

Love you and once again, I am so proud of you. Keep that head up! 

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