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June 16th: what does it mean to you?


Having celebrated Youth day yesterday and being back at work today encouraged my thoughts on Youth day and how I feel it should be celebrated.

This year serves as the 40th year since the Soweto Uprising. Thousands of youth marched and protested against the Bantu education Act, where government proposed that all learning material in school be taught in Afrikaans.

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The famous Hector Petersen was one of the many that had died whilst protesting and standing up for what they believed in.They used their anger and resentment to fuel change for the better, for all of us.

Hector Petersen killed during the protest

Should this day be used to relive the pain and anger? No!

Should this day be used fight against and resent innocent white folk? No!

Should this day be used to curse against the Afrikaans language? No!


This day and the many others to come should inspire youth to stand up for what they believe in. It should fuel the dreams we have and turn them into reality. The characteristics of courage and unity should be remembered and lived vicariously through each and every one of us.

Youth day has lost its essence…you either get folk who deem it as “just another free day” or those who use it to fester ill feelings against other races. I would love to see Youth day programmes implemented to uplift and motivate our youth of different races, ages, religions and genders.

I would love to see youth of our generation leave a legacy like the youth of 1976 did. Where are our Hector Peterson’s, Mandela’s, Mother Theresa’s of our time?

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If you have any thoughts or witnessed programmes that were hosted to inspire the youth yesterday, please comment and tell us about it. Lets spread the positivity.

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