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The tiniest of acts have largest impact❤️

My heart broke into a million pieces last evening. My parents , aunties and I went to see my Uncle who isn’t “doing too well”. He has galloping cancer and yeah… You guys can pretty much make out the rest. 

This trip moved me. And really made me sit and think about all of the things that we take for granted. That casual chat with mum or dad, the random jokes that leave you in stitches, those intimate family moments that we tend to feel “arggg ” about.

We take it all for granted yet this family, is holding onto those because they don’t know when it could be their last moment 🙁

Why is it that regret is stronger than gratitude? Why is it that we tend to take so many things for granted? Why is life sometimes so unfair. I barely know this Uncle of mine, and now I’m asking, why must it take a situation like this for me to visit or for family to spend time together!?

My uncle inspired me… In a space that literally is taking a toll on him  ,the only thing he spoke about is his family and his God. If anything, HE has a reason to be angry, to question God… But how strong is his faith that his God and his family are still the things dearest to him and that is keeping him going. #blesshim. He’s praying and is remaining hopeful and I pray that we all get to a point where God is our be all and end all.
Hearing him and my uncle from Australia speak on the phone; their bond is admirable and I was at the slightest, envious that their generation of cousins are so close and ours is well…

Today was just what I needed. That visit spoke to me in ways I needed to be spoken to. It touched my soul  and whispered to my heart. 

Let’s speak to a person as opposed to sending a text or call. Time invested in those you love can never be deemed as “wasted”. Let’s start spreading love openly, tell mum, dad, sissy, bro, friend, hubby, wifey, grans and gramps just how much you love them. Smile more, hug more, laugh more. It really is these simple gestures that our world is lacking.

I pray for healing for this uncle of mine and for his pain to be removed. I pray for my Aunty and cousins; for the strength and their peace. I pray for our generation… Instead of worrying if your legs touch or eyebrows match, or the price tags to your clothes, car or house… Let’s worry about the things that actually matter and that would matter even if those things get taken away. I pray for peace and comfort for the entire universe. By the permission n the almighty’s grace, Ameen! 

Start today, start with you♥️🙏🏼Thank you Uncle Marcel!

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