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The move: 🇿🇦 to 🇨🇳 

Everybody knows that when I’m emotional I write. 

It’s the last day I have with my nieces and whilst them emigrating is good for them, not having them is going to be torture for me.

My nieces have been with us at home since birth. We share a weird kind of a relationship. One that goes beyond the normal aunty- niece relationship. They are like my kids in the sense of the love I have for them. 

I’ve woken up in the middle of the night for them, have been through every milestone and all their “firsts”;  first tooth, step, day at school, doctors visit.  Attended every awards day, have listened to their most hilarious and darndest thoughts. Have been with them for all their major hospital admissions. I’ve even fought for them in malls after being pushed.

I’m glad that my sister allowed me to be such an active force in their lives. But they’re going now and I don’t know what I’m going to do. My normal week included having them for the weekends and for the school holidays. They gave me things to do…which I’m not going to have anymore. They have brought such joy to my life and heart in the passed years that it has helped in me healing after Miks passing.

It has dawned upon me that I won’t beable to attend their first day at their new school, or hear about the new friends they’ve made. I won’t be there to comfort them when the new country gets overwhelming or when they’re struggling with anything. I think I’m suffering from a case of FOMO.

It’s an emotional day. I don’t even want to think of what seeing them off at the tomorrow is going to be like. All I can do is pray that they don’t feel anxious and don’t have to deal with any unnecessary issues of having moving country’s. 

I ask the almighty to make their transition easy, perhaps if I see them enjoying it then it wouldn’t be too bad for me I suppose. I ask the almighty that their special sparkles don’t get dulled by this move and that this move will enhance everything good that they have already. I ask the almighty that he removes their fears and helps them blend in, that he makes their little hearts remain filled with love, life, happiness, peace and compassion.

I pray the same for my sister and wish her everything of the best in her new endeavor. May the almighty make her transition easier. Moving as a single parent with two kids seems as though it can be daunting; having to worry about you settling in and adapting to a new place and surrounding with no support structure physically there and also worrying about the well-being of your kids. May Allah create the perfect balance for you my sissy.

There’s so much more in my heart that needs to be said but then I’d have you all reading forever. So I will leave this here because I have a feeling I’ll be back here putting my emotions and thoughts down in hope it will bring me some relief .