Life’s clearly not only about “turning up” …it is what it is and this struggle is very much real.


Today’s post was meant to be about ” Kendrick Lamar” and then about “Does true love really exist?” Until….

I Got news that a very good friend of my baby brothers got stabbed today at an event held annually, called “Durban day”….

talks happen and the reason came up as “gang related ”

GANG RELATED??? Like where did all of this begin? How did once-innocent kids grow up to be such monsters. No matter what…nobody has the right to take life. GANG RELATED…I’m still stuck on that page…and  at 19? 20? Lol something is seriously going wrong!

Im sitting here and for some reason this is affecting me more than I actually expected. My heart bleeds… For that mother who has to receive the news that her son’s gone. That this morning when she said goodbye…it was her last goodbye .

My hearts bleeds for that brother.  Who now doesn’t have anybody to aspire to…who doesn’t have his “big bro” around anymore who now , at his tender age of 15 has to be strong and suck it up and deal coz his the only “man” at home.

My heart bleeds for the person that stabbed this boy…if only they were wise enough to know ” you reap what u sew”. My heart bleeds for our community. Our Coloured communities… where all hope and dreams are being stripped away by silly gang violence. Drugs and alcohol.

I yearn to just put it right. To physically do something so no other life has to go out this way…sad part is…it isn’t something that can be fixed overnight….

There’s so many questions I have and I can’t seem to find the answers but what I did figure is that  It’s time we start seriously praying and taking action.

the power lies within each of us. The change starts with each of us…I guess. To learn to practice tolerance. To learn to curb our anger.  To learn to pray and trust in God . To learn our religions so in turn we learn our morals. Values. Ettiquite and moral obligations. It’s time we teach our selves how to love our neighbours!

Its Time we become better role models to our kids. Men…stick around and be there and guide and protect your family! Women, gain ur respect back and act in dignified manners…and stop this eish of home breaking …but start supporting and loving ur man, encourage and motivate him.. take back your title of being the “head of your home”…For a child that grows up into a family of love and structure…wouldn’t take to killing people to Be accepted. Wanted and needed and we don’t have to be qualified to understand this.

…life’s clearly not only about “turning up”

If we begin with our selves. Our kids will learn from our actions. And their kids from them and  so on and so on and no matter how much our culture gets westernised. . . This manner and character traits will remain deeply embedded within.

Our communities will be stronger and will unite at once and boys losing their lives will be about one of the least things we’d need to worry about. Is this an utopian idea? I can’t help but see the sense …it about time we assume accountability.

May God be the strength to all of those affected and accept Montis soul as one of his.

And to my brother … I’m so proud of you! For not taking up that life. At 19…you still a child at heart and may it remain like that always.

Not a good way to start the week ahead 😦 but this is what it is

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