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#QOTD #27

” The first reaction to any calamity, should be patience.”


Prophet Muhammed (May peace and blessings be upon him)

I believe that a calamity can be anything difficult that you’re facing; an argument, anger issues, loss of a job or loved one, car accident, health issues etc.

I chose this as the quote of the day because this is something I need to work on, patience. I’ve been getting it right on a few occasions and then the rest, the savage, dramatic coloured in me gets resurrected and well yeah, things don’t end well. So I definitely need to practice this more. I came across this quote and I knew that I needed to share this with you all because I feel it’s something that we all could use or practice more of.

Through the spiritual journey that I am embarking on, I’ve learnt that patience is a virtue indeed. I once read that a moment of patience in a moment of anger can save you a hundred moments of regrets, for a word spoken can never be taken back.

This resonates well with me as I was once extremely tempremental. But, by the almighty’s will and permission, I’m working progress 🙂 and it feels good, you actually feel a sense of power when you can control your emotion towards the difficulty that you may be facing.

So, the next time anything difficult strikes, remember that God is well aware of all that happens and then be patient, he knows what’s best for us.


Character goals of just an ordinary girl.

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#DFH #21

Dear future husband,

Tonight I am not my normal, usual bubbly, happy and super energized self. I’m pretty much an emotional  wreck, throwing herself  a pity party whilst finishing Miks book.

Would you stick around and put up with me ? Offer your support by just being there next to me? I really would appreciate it if you would when I have these episodes.

From your emotional future wife 

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

Dear God …💔

I know that everything happens by your will and I know not to question you. But sometimes I just can’t fathom why some things happen.

This evening I read a story of a mom who lost her son, it brought back all of the emotions that I had when I lost Mika’il and it was at this moment that I knew I probably will never get over losing my son. I write when I’m emotional so if this doesn’t make any sense, please pardon me.

I sit writing this with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, I’ve finally faced completing miks baby book. Something I’ve been putting on hold for years. 

Pages from Miks book ❤

I sometimes feel ungrateful when I think of him and cry becAuse you (God) have blessed me in so many ways and i now know just how much you believe in me putting me through all of this and knowing that I will make it through , I’m only saying this because if you knew I wouldn’t make it you wouldn’t have let this happen right? 

I’m sitting here looking at all his ultrasound pictures. My heart is literally breaking into a million pieces yet I am still and remembering all of the logical things to tell myself but I want nothing more than to just punch a wall , or scream and to just break down but then in the same breath I think “what difference would it make” speak about mixed emotions. Is this normal ? What is normal about this God? Is there a “way” us moms supposed to deal with this? I tried forgetting and blocking it all out but that clearly hasn’t helped; I’m sitting here three years later feeling all the pain once again. 

Wouldn’t looking at these make you feel the same way? 

Miks foot print ❤️
Mik sucking his thumb
Facing the 🎥 for mum
Him resting in peace 💔

Mums who have lost their kids, I don’t know your story and can’t tell you how brave you are if you’re still here reading this; the strength that is you. I still to this day only wonder what he would be like, who he would look like, what his favourite food would have been or where his favourite place to visit would be. I still wonder , till this day, what his favorite toy would have been or how he would look when he just wakes up or what his favourite pjs would be. I still wonder how my life would have been if he were still here. I still wonder.

I can’t tell you what has helped me cope or that things will get better because I’ve pretty much winged getting through these passed three years. 

I can however, tell you that God has faith in you if he is trusting you with this burden. He knows you’re stronger than you think you are. 

I can also tell you that you’re courageous. It’s a pain I don’t think anybody can describe and to beable to just live through day by day takes a hell of a lot.

Dear God , bless the very many mums and dads who have witnessed the loss of their kids. Strengthen them and be their peace. Amen 🙏🏼 

An emotional post 

From just an ordinary mum 

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Spiritual Sunday 

When ever any calamity strikes, it’s important for us to ponder over why it’s striking and what lessons are meant to be learnt from it. 
It’s equally important for us to take a step back and see how we as individuals can better ourselves from it; Making us grow as people and stronger in and more faithful to our deen (faith) Allahuakbar: Allah really is the greatest.

Lessons learnt by an ordinary girl through life’s ordinary hurdles. 

May we all strive to be patient when a calamity strikes and be better when we approach them, by the almighty’a grace, aameen


Are my standards too high?

It has been said, on more than one occassion, that my standards are too high when it comes to dating…

Being in the process of self reconstruction, part of me, just for a jif, considered perhaps that it just might be so.

But then I asked why? Why are they too high? The better part of me still felt that my standards are reasonable. I mean I once settled, and 1 and a half years later found myself a statistic; divorced. Its now 2 years since and im finding myself going back to the basics, which isnt a bad thing I suppose.

You see, these past few days, 3 to be exact,have been THE worst days of 2016. Health wise and mentally, all downhill. Whilst progress has been made and seen in some aspects of my life, my overall demeanor was and still is unsettled. Ive been put off sick from work and in these 3 days my dad has shown me that my standards are in fact just fine. Let me tell you why!

My whole family has been rather supportive during this time. However, my father in particular basically took over doing all of my and many of the house hold chores. His been doing my washing, by hand might I add, cleaning, spotlessy! and has resorted to buying things that didnt require me to “cook” perse’. He buys my “monthly’s” to cater for the that time when a certain, unpleasant Aunt, Suzie is her name, comes to visit. He’S 52 and is self employed and so getting an early start to his day is imperative.Yet his been leaving home well after 8 ensuring that theres literally nothing left for me to do #MayGodBlessHim.

This is not as a result of me not being domesticated or the lack there of. He sure as hell brought us up to cook, clean and hustle all with pride,courage and humility…He did this because his daughter, a love of his, simply was not well enough to juggle everything else plus the chores in this time.

When something was and is wrong we speak. When I or any body else in our home goes “off the rails” he (and mum) guides us back to where we need to be. When we achieve, even the littlest of things, he is there celebrating that e/very success as if it were his own and when all things jaded set in, he encourages us to get back up and keep going, mum actually does a better job at that lol! He is always there pushing us towards God, when times are good and when times are bad and even when we dont, he judges us not!

Now dont get me wrong, his dad, not mum and so he gets things wrong lol. He can sometimes forget my birthday, he isnt big on birthdays in his defense, his dad passed away on his and so its understandable. He is human after all and so imperfections are definately present.Its a give and take!

And so I found myself asking why! why should I or any other single out there settle for anything less? Surely this kinda love still exists? This love that allows you to be courageous and kind, that allows you to think and prioritise that which is important to you. The love that when needed, encourages you to be selfless. The love that communicates, celebrates and most importantly pushes you towards God. Imagine if we all loved this way.

Am I silly for thinking that this love can still be found. That there is somebody out there who shares the exact same sentiment? Maybe I am…and maybe im not! Im no profressional when it comes to all of this but I once read that patience is a virtue and so I wont settle just yet.

I will have the courage to wait, even although 30 is around the corner, I will have faith knowing that he and God will know that its not material things my heart is after and I will stay true to myself and work on being a better me in the interim.Which will allow me to love this way.

Can a love like this exist outside of a family relation? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Whats your take?