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MERAKI. [May. Rah. Kee].

MERAKI: a word derived from the Turkish word Merak and is a verb or adverb in modern Greek literature.

It refers to putting something of yourself into your work; soul, creativity and love.

Everything that we do contributes to our personal brand. Perceptions, assumptions and thoughts are conceived by how we present ourselves, be it through our appearance, manner in which we conduct ourselves (behaviour) or our work.

To merely do something for the sake of doing is like leading a life with no purpose or direction. What’s the point?

I say that It is for this reason, that we must do all things Meraki; with sincerity, passion, love, soul and creativity. Every piece of work we put out must have that personal touch. It must ooze authenticity. This is a message I echo to my team at work and it serves as a reminder to me.

So whether you’re in the arts, the Corporate world, medical field, or whether you’re a teacher, administrator, book keeper or even a call Centre agent… Do all things with Meraki.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl.

community work, Girl power, Lifestyle, Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

#QOTD #72: Push your passion 💪🏼

Today’s quote was inspired by an opportunity that recently availed.

Amy Tangerine scripted:

Do what you love and you will inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

I really cannot stress how important and rewarding it is to do what you love; sacrifice for it, work hard at it and never ever give up on it.

We all have dreams of “making it big” and being impactful. That dream starts with doing you love; quite the cliche’, but a true one nonetheless.

You see when you have something that you love to do, it becomes a go-to place when everything else seems to be falling apart.

The opportunity-Gods almost wait for those tried and failed moments and wait to see how adamant we are…before they bless us with that big break and then the rest is history.

Most artists will tell you how difficult it was in the beginning before “their big break” or that “one-person” came along.

I was recently awarded the opportunity to write an article for SA Bloggers


The post was well received and my oh my, did it feel good.

You’re welcome to check out the post that was featured, on basic and random cooking tips I’ve compiled by clicking Here

This was huge for me because blogging is my go to place, it’s my thing, it’s what I love and every opportunity I get to put my work out there, makes me feel like I’m honoring and am worthy of my passion especially since I’m still figuring this blogging thing out as I go along.

The post and quote is shared in hope that it will inspire at least one person to push their passion.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl 💋

Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

#QOTD #42

My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive; and to do so with some passion🌈 ❤️, some compassion 🤗, some humour 😃and some style 😎💄

~ you got it, Maya Angelou 

This week has been an extremely trying week. Work has been beyond overwhelming, it’s the last few days of Ramadan and my spirits have just been sweeping the floor! 

Whenever I get like this, I pray and then I turn to some of my favorite authors or poets and peruse through their work. This always creates an escape for me, because I get so drawn into their work. 

I came across this beautiful quote and I had to share, because as soon as I read it, my heart smiled! 

THE Maya Angelou! What a creative, talented legend was she. 

This quote reminded me that I shouldn’t just make it through the day, that I shouldn’t let work, or anything else, take “me” out of me, if that makes any sense lol! It reminds me that even when you feel like giving up, you should carry on, for after every rainy, gloomy day, there’s a 🌈that awaits! 

Isn’t this how we should approach life? Let’s think about it:

With some passion, towards the things that warm our hearts. 

Compassion, towards all the wrongs and evils and struggles in this world. Supporting and elevating each other.

Humour, because we know laughter is the best medicine contrary to what professionals may think 

and then style, because that defines us, it’s ours and besides, some fresh swag, kicks and make up can turn any bodies day around! 

Genius I tell you! Maya Angelou was pure genius! 

PCHS: our survival kit to get through this journey called life 

❤️ and 🌈💡 from just an ordinary girl 

* All pictures courtesy of Google and Pinterest *

Love, life & everything's else in between

Fish inspired!

Last night I saw passion, felt passion and experienced passion at the Capsicum Culinary Studios in Umhlanga, Durban.

I was honoured to have been invited to “Casino Royale”; the banquet of the certificate class in culinary.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale #Table Decor

I dont know what excited me more…the decor that was beyond “on point”, the food that looked like master-chef quality and exploded with flavour in my mouth or witnessing young folk live out their passion like a well-oiled machine?

#Table Setting



#Starter_ Chicken Ravioli, white parmesan sauce and basil garnish

#Main Seared beef on a bed of wild mushroom risotto with a pea and butternut puree

#Dessert a trio of chilli choc truffles, pavlova and creme brulee'

Passion sees no age, race or colour. Everybody from the college management to the Chef lecturers worked with, supported and encouraged these kids. It made me realise that when you do what you love, you really dont “work” another day in your life.




Being amongst all of these wonderful, encouraging and inspiring people, especially their chef; Chef Danielle, was one of the reasons that I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

But the part I valued the most, was watching my baby brother, “Fish” (his chef nick name and dont ask me why lol) cook in that kitchen. It made me so proud as his older sister because I could see and I felt that he was “home”.


This was so emotional for me because there was a time I worried for my baby brother. Repeating each grade in high school twice sometimes 3 times,not being able to motivate him and there always being a problem at school, we really didnt know what more to do.

Today he stands as a well-known, top achieving student who is known and loved by all of his Chef lecturers and fellow classmates. Eager to start to his industry at the renowned Beverley Hills Hotel in just a week, I know he is going to do wonderfully.


To Capsicum, their lecturers, management and students; thank you for actively playing a part in changing my lil bros life for the better.

Chef Danielle has become a household name, because thats all we hear at home. She has insipired and encouraged my brother in ways I sometimes cant
Comprehend. His whole outlook on the world and attitude towards hard work has changed. Thank you Chef D.

To his classmates, a super super well done. You guys didnt just ” do it” your’ll did it waaaay over. Wishing you all everything of the best!

#DemGirlz...and Fish n Sandile




Boytjie, touch the world with your natural skill and passion. I will always be routing for you.

With love,