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Use your pain to fuel your gain

Never in a thousand years would I have thought that the most horrible years of my life could award me such an exciting opportunity. 

Not so long ago, I entered a competition at work. We were required to write in and share our ” personal best” stories. 

Naturally, I had an urge to enter… It was asking me to write lol and so I quickly clicked on “reply mail”and started typing. Funny thing about the piece I wrote is that it was the quickest and shortest piece I think I have ever written 🙈

I figured tons of people would enter and it would really just be a ” choose a winner out of a hat” scenario…but I entered anyway.

So I wrote in briefly giving my journey of losing a child, marriage and both grannies, all of this was around the same time that i started at this company, since then iv been achieving things I never knew I could and in such a short time too.

And so my personal best narrowed down to my journey in the company I’m in… It was my new beginning.

The next day, I received an email from the deputy CEO, telling me how my story has inspired him… “Did he really read my story?” Was the first thought that crossed my mind and “me? Inspire him…the deputy CEO😑really??” Followed.

Leaving it after I thanked him for acknowledging it, I eventually forgot about the competition.

Today after gym, I get back to my desk, browse through my email and find this:

You can only but imagine the disbelief… I won’t bore you with the nitty gritz.

But the moral of the story is that we are our own hurdles. We are for some reason afraid and at some point don’t think we are worthy of things… 

We need to change that mentality and let the cards we’ve been dealt fuel our success. We need to deem ourselves worthy and gems in every essence of the word. It always is easier said than done but it definitely is working for me by the almighty’s grace. 

Know that God does not make any mistakes and has planned out our lifes in a certain way for a reason. He sometimes makes us go through dark moments to prepare us for the brightest ones to follow. 

Night ya’ll