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#DFH #33

Dear future husband, 

Know that I am aware of all of my flaws and try my hardest to never run away or deny them. 

You will soon learn that I am extremely passionate about things that I deem close to me. Passionate about my likes and dislikes. About certain views and topics. I can be domineering and can also be very opinionated. I try not to impose my opinions on others however, sometimes this can be mistaken or delivered in such a way because of how passionate I am about a specific view/ topic. It is never done to intentionally force my view or opinion on you, if anything I almost enjoy not having people agree with me because it opens me up to perspective.

I can be very bold and am loud spoken and can sometimes be abit too honest ; this is only because I wanna keep things 100 all the time, especially with those close to me.

If this is something that may peeve you  , I apologies in advance because the intention is never that; to peeve you. 

You are always welcome to bring this to my attention and I will gladly accept and work towards not making you feel peeved.

I try to be as true and transparent as I can be even if it’s something that others may dislike. But it is me and I am a working progress. 

I pray and ask God to help me overcome my flaws but I nor you were meant to be perfect. So there probably will always be something’s that would just irk you about me….hope that won’t be reason for you to leave but rather for you stay 🙂

Thanking you in advance for your patience and understanding,

Your future wife