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No one will ever understand just how much I miss my nieces. I see them in everything, hear them in random songs, imagine them in every situation. 💔😞

They were my pillars of strength through the darkest times of my life. I got to watch them through all their firsts and it almost softened the blow of me not being able to witness this for my Mik. With them so far, I almost feel like I’m left alone. Who would have ever thought an adult could be so dependent on a minor? I know right! 

I make dua though that I can move past these overwhelming feelings because I know that they have been granted a once in a lifetime opportunity. Got us great and to him we owe all the praise and worship. 

This is something that each of us will have to experience in our lifetime ; the letting go of someone or something close to us. Know that you are not alone (: and seek comfort in knowing that if others can work through, so can we. 

May Allah ta Allah make it easy on us all inshallah ( by His will) and provide us with the strength to cope.