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Natural hair growth serum

I’ve been on a quest to go natural. From natural face masks to to hair masks, I Google, try, add my own stuff and then see how it works.

Some have worked and well the others… We’ll just leave it there 😁

My hubby, like most, is into growing his beard and more worrying to him, is his hair loss. I didn’t understand his ‘struggle’ until I realised that the hair near my hair line is thinning. It could be because my hair is 90% of the time is tied up, and tightly at that or that my hair has a developed a natural middle path.

Amidst changing paths and ensuring my pony tails or buns aren’t tied very tightly, I’ve googled some oils that promote hair growth and decided to try out a natural oil serum.

I have however, seen more oils that’s needed and so when I get around to getting them, I will add to the serum.

The oils I mixed are:

  • 30mls Jojoba oil
  • 30mls Olive oil
  • 30mls Almond oil
  • 30mls Coconut oil
  • 10 drops tea tree oil (per 100mls of a carrier oil)
  • 10 drops of spearmint oil

I only afterward saw that Rosemary, Thyme, lavender, Caedarwood and apricot kernal oils are also effective for hair growth. When I do get them, I will add 10 drops each into my mixture.

To compensate for rosemary and thyme, I’ve added the herbs to the oil mixture for now. I’ve also added mint leave to the oil since taking this picture.

The products were sauced from Dischem and Gorimas however, you can get them at any herbal shop or pharmacy. They ranged in prices between R8.99 and R79.99 each and is dependant on the size and brand you purchase. You can also get this pump bottle from Dischem retailing at R17. 99.

The smell is devine and this can be used on your skin as well. All these essential oils have been deemed effective in stimulating healthy and strong hair growth. Now we wait and see (= let me know what natural serums you’ve tried and and comment with any tips you may have for me.

Love, light and natural delights from just an ordinary girl