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Who is she?

I see my entire journey as an artist and musician as a road to developing and understanding purpose

~ Red Robyn

I haven’t done a feature blog in forever, this being one of the very many reasons that I’m particularly stoked about this one. I think it is fitting that I published this considering that it is our National Youth day. In hope that this can inspire our youth to chase their dreams, work hard and remain humble.

Journey with me as we explore and get to know an artist and a musician whose popularity is gaining all the right kinds of momentum on our social media streets.

Her music, authentic pic gallery, sentimentality and kind nature are just a few of the stitches that make the Red Robyn quilt.

I was privileged enough to make her acquaintance and felt obliged to do this feature. The world needs to know about her so please stay with us till the end.

The Gist

Name: Ashleigh Robyn De Gee
Age: 22
Hometown: Bluff, Durban South Africa
Schools attended: Brighton Beach Primary & Grosvenor Girls High School
Tertiary institute attended: University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN)

Course studied
: Bachelor of Arts in Music and Drama performance and currently an honors student in drama and performance studies (#Levels)

  • Gardening
  • Flower arrangements
  • Drawing
  • Collaging with old pictures (can you see why I was instantly drawn to her? but wait! there’s more)

Favorite food (My favorite question): Pasta & Curries
Favorite artists ( I was sold when she answered this question): 

  • Nai Palm from Haitus Kayote
  • Erykah Badu
  • Corine Bailey Rae
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Chance the rapper
  • Nomane gypsy

Find her interesting yet? read along for more insight.If love, light and sentimentality is what you’re about, you are going to be blown away!

Q & A’s – getting to know Red robyn

Q: When did you know you that you wanted to pursue the Arts?
A: I always knew [that] I wanted to be in the arts, from about 4/5 years old.
I always loved to draw, dance and sing. I come from a family [that] was always surrounded by music so it was an easy decision for me to make.

I’ve always loved how music and the arts can speak to hearts in a very personal way. I knew [that] I wanted to be able to bring healing to people through music and the arts. Now its just about being faithful to the journey as a full time artist.

Q: Why the stage name Red Robyn
A: My second name is Robyn, after my grandfather. His name was Robin which comes from the Robin bird. I’m obsessed with symbolism and meaning so I went searching for the meaning of the Robin Bird. I came across a story of the Red Robin Bird and how it supposedly got it’s colour from sitting on Jesus’ [peace and blessings upon him] head when he died. I thought it meant that there is beauty in everything and the name stuck with me. I just thought it would be a name that would always encourage me to be bold even though I may be small/ of little importance. (you’re going to touch the world I say)

I’m so deep about everything hahaha. I literally have a story and a reason for everything.

(How special is this?)

Q: Walk us through some of the struggles/ challenges you face as an upcoming artist

A: There has definitely been hard times. Currently, I am a full-time, free lance artist and it can be difficult financially as gigs don’t always pay very well. Being an independent artist also means that you are your own PR, your own manager, events coordinator and stylist you know .. its all you. It can be overwhelming sometimes to have to always believe in yourself and carry your own name. It definitely pays off though, nothing can replace all the lifelong friendships made and the people who have been impacted by the live gigs and the music online. I never thought even 50 people would listen to my music but I am constantly surprised by all the love. ( and here’s to plenty more love, light and support

She makes the struggle look beautiful

Q: What are some of the projects you’ve worked on and/or will be working on?

A: In the last few months I have been working on an experimental musical (film) with the AFDA ( South African school of Motion Picture medium and live performances) students of the Durban North branch. (Click Here to watch the trailer). I have also been working on a collaborative mix tape with my musical partner and boy friend, Jaedon Daniel ( def an awww moment) who is the founder of the BLVCK crystals. We also went up to Cape Town in March [2017] to record two brand new singles with Red Bull Studios CPT, that was probably the craziest coolest experience, a momentous time for both of our careers.

In the next few months I will be working on a solo album and a few more collabs , as well as a staged musical production.

( Well I simply cannot wait!)

Q: What are your future aspirations ( the answer to this was so inspiring)

A: My ultimate dream is to develop a syllabus that uses the 7 intelligence theory as a foundation for developing the strengths in students from as young as 5. I see my entire journey as an artist and musician as a road to developing and understanding purpose, that will then be put into practice through the development of the syllabus. I would also like to win a Grammy , just for just hahaha. Each day presents new challenges so I try not to expect anything but to rather be open to everything. I think purpose and destiny are the two things that keep me moving forward though.

Let’s wrap it up 

My say

If you had to ask me who Red Robyn is, I will tell you that she is a movement, a force to be reckoned with. 

Red Robyn, May your journey be fruitful and may you always remain as true, dedicated and humble as you are. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of doing this feature on you. #bless

What an amazing feature and now you can understand why I am so excited about this piece.

Please show some love, you can gain access to the links of Red Robyn’s music by visiting her Facebook page @redrobynmusic

โค๏ธ and ๐Ÿ’ก๐ŸŒˆ always from just an ordinary girl 

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#DFH #16

Dear future husband, 

I can be a melomaniac at times; after God, music is a “go-to” place me for and then writing. Please don’t ever feel like you’re inadequate! 

You will learn that I am appreciative of any effort put into making me smile or feel better. It is the simple things that my heart is after.

What would make me real happy is after that long hug and “baby we’re gonna be ok” and after us praying together, for you to rap along to Tupac, J cole, common or even Yasiin Bey with me…just to vent and crack up in laughter. I would appreciate more if we sing along to keyshia or Whitney.

Would this be much to ask?

Know that  I would do it with and for you any day if it would make you feel better. Would play PlayStation or watch sports or even just sit and do nothing and be quiet ( the hardest thing for me, but I’d do it for you lol) if it would make you feel better. 

Sigh, can you come already? 


Your future wife 

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Say it….says Tory

Yes! You have every right to ask me where have I been living!!! Only heard of this dude today and I. AM. OBSESSED….and you know what happens when I get obsessed… is it his flow? His voice? Maybe it’s his demeanor, I don’t know!

Went on a frenzy and this is what I found.#ThankMeLater (and how ironic because he totes has the sound of an OVO artist.

Daystar Peterson AKA Tory Lanez

If anybody knows about “the struggle” , it would be Daystar Peterson (How unique is his name!) Born July 27th 1992 to Sonstar and Luella Peterson. This bright star started rapping at the tender age of 9 in the streets of Brampton and lost his mom some time after ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Spending some of his teen years as a street child,he learnt not to take anything for granted. Self-taught singer from the age of 16, he knew this is what he wanted to do…and he clearly is doooing it. His swag on fleek, talent is raving…Daystar clearly is not letting anybody dull his sparkle and he shouldn’t!!!

Notorious BIG is his biggest inspiration,  he’s aparently been in the industry for some time:

โ— 2009-13 he was signed to Time is money.
โ— 2014- present signed to Interscope.

He’s released a couple of mixtapes since ’09 with the latest being “lost cause” and another, “cruel intentions”. He’s scheduled to release his debut album some time next year with “Say it” being one of his singles.

Annnnnddddd….(as if the above isnt enough to get our jaws dropping) The brother is ALSO a fashion designer and owns his own store…Forever umbrella…! He tells us that chain stores are coming soon…so watch out for that.#Fellaz

It’s clear that Tory Lanez is here to stay. The dude is talented and hard working! Recipe for success!

So if you’re slow like me and haven’t heard of him or his music…. checkout the links below!
The mission:

Say it:

I’m hooked,let me get back to jamming to Tory!

Peace. Love and happiness

Be safe ya’ll

Xoxo xoxo

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Did someone say BREEZY????


For all who know me, you would know Christopher Maurice Brown is me. I simply adore him, for many reasons other than his sensual voice and frisk dance moves. I feed off and seek inspiration from him, to always be real and always give my 200%in everything that I do.

(Check out my wall paper.)



Recently all his hype and energy is focused on his baby girl Royalty, his album that’s scheduled to drop later on in this year…


And his “One hell of a night” tour.


Many have asked why haven’t I done a music review on him as yet since they know how much I adore him and how “upto date I am” with his ” who’s , what’s, when’s, why’s and how’s.. ”

Yes! I attended his concert here in Durbs on the 04.04.2015…1 night I will NEVER forget… it was my first (time at a concert) and he took it…. ( my concertINITY (concert virginity)#Giggles
I was in awe when I saw him in the flesh…I teared, which isn’t something I easily do…felt like such a


Nevertheless…I wanted this post to be perfect…to be worthy and so I decided to do it now.

It’s his recent achievements or rather the recent “sum-up” of his achievements, that inspired this post…what better way to pay tribute to an artist by speaking and acknowledging his successes? not many artist can ever manage to be as successful as he is after commiting the past mistakes he’s made and THAT in its own is admirable…you can hate him,but you can’t hate his hustle…Zandy B says.

Born in Tappahannock Virginia, to Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown.


..on the 05.05.1989, Breezy broke into the industry as a heart felt teenage sensation back in 2005 and has since grown an empire. From music to dance to art to basketball to entrepreneurship…( his own clothing line AND he owns Burger king franchises…doesn’t he just get awesomer?????!!!!) Maurice can Def. claim it all!

He’s achieved so much in these past 10 years it is unreal.


Just to name a few…

โ— 10 million albums sold world – wide
โ— 60 million singles sold world wide.
โ— 3.5 billion you tube views.
โ— 2.3 billion audio streams.
โ— 19 #1 Hits
โ— 1 Grammy award for F.A.M.E album and 31 nominations.
โ— 2012 ans 2014 most played artist on Rythym Fm.
โ— Most successful male crossover 3 years in a row… these figures are nothing short of admirable and Breezy is a real force to reckon with..
Not forgetting to mention his fans! #ThankYouTeamBreezy

His up-coming album is said to one of HIS best and will be titled “Royality” , I predict “we” are going to achieve loads more with this album and I for one am waiting in anticipation. We can also expect his video for ” LIQUOR ” to be dropped soonest and the buzz and hype around his recent single featuring Rita Ora- Body on me, is very much alive!!!

Whilst he still faces personal challenges. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours and enourage and applauds his work ethic.

That’s all for now that Tay will be telling.ย 

Wishing you all a fantastical weekend.

Loads of Breezy Love

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