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You cannot blend in when you were born to stand out 

Listen, you cannot blend in, when you were born to stand out. 

You were born to see the world through your eyes,  not as it is, but how it should or could be. 

That, should be your driving motivation to be the change that you want to see. To sprinkle your fairy dust upon this world through every interaction. It should be your driving force to not be mediocre and to leave your mark on this world and in the hearts and lives of people.

When you’re bold, brave, courageous and kind enough to understand that you’re different and when you accept that you are different, people will reveal their truest selves. 

You will encounter two kinda folk:

The 1st kind, will be people who will persuade you to think otherwise, they will pretend that they all for you and that they keep it 💯 but in actual facts are people who will gun down your ideas and tell you just how bad, stupid or irrelevant they are. People who will, with effort, purposely bring you down to hinder your success… coz don’t you know? You can do well but just not better than them.

And then you’ll get the second kind:

The people in your corner , the people who will believe in your purpose, respect your ideas, dreams, goals and attributions. They will encourage you to be you, and not who they think you should be. You will know when they are being sincere and giving you their honest opinion about an idea but they will make you understand that it is just their opinion and will not impose it on you.

Stay true to your intuition and never doubt the power of prayer, as both will guide you. You will feel when something is right, or needs to be done. It will play on your mind and have the “stone, stuck in your shoe” kinda nag, constantly reminding you of what needs to be done.

You do you, for nobody else but you

You cannot be kind to the world if you are not kind to yourself. You cannot see the world as it is, if you cannot see yourself as you are.

Embrace yourself with your flaws and all because, 

you cannot blend in when you were born to stand out! #beYOUtiful #beYOUnique

Love ❤️ and light🌈always,
From Just an ordinary girl