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Slamaat on your 6th birthday Mika’il

Six years. You would have been six years.

I thought time would have healed me abit and by now I’d be abit more stable when your birthday comes… I guess I was wrong. I think time has taught me to keep myself distracted, but on days like this, it’s impossible.

I try to celebrate you, in fact, I celebrate you daily. You have pushed me to be the woman with characteristics of the mother I would have wanted to be to you. Each time I’m In a situation, I think “what example would I be leaving if Mika’il were here”.

Precious child, you have made such an impact in my life. I really thank Allah that he chose me to carry you.

Flashbacks of the day that I lost you came flooding in from 01:05am when my sleep broke this morning.

As much as I trust Allah had different plans for you, I still question if you’d be here if only I had made different decisions or if only I stayed off my feet and rested as I should have.

But anyway, you would have been six today. Lol no guessing that I would have been way more excited than you. You would have also started big school. Gawsh, I don’t think they make phones big enough to house all the photos I’d take of you daily. I often wonder how it would have been; me coming home to help you with homework, teach you. You going to madressa and learning more about your religion. I often wonder what type of questions you’d be asking me.

I often wonder… I do that alot actually.

So on your special day. Know that mum and a whole lot of aunts and uncles, cousins, Junaid and Ma & PA are thinking of you. I know you’re in a much better place my son.

The love I have for you will never die. Till we meet again sweet child.

Slamaat on your sixth heavenly birthday.

Love and light always,

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#QOTD #56

” Life is short, but there is always time for courtesy” 

~ Ralph Emerson

Common courtesy, most of us have it but choose not to practice it! 

Being in quite a trying time and just trying to keep my spirit and character goals afloat, I am truelly alarmed at the lack of regard and courtesy our world has.

I can’t understand why though, because It really is the little things that count. The “thank you’s”, the affectionate smiles, the appreciation and simple acknowledgements, the responding to text messages or returning of calls, the communication, the good mornings or have a good days. 

I always say that even if you may not prefer somethings that people do for you, if it’s done with a good heart, and pure intention… show appreciation; a little thank you and a warm smile is really all that’s needed. Being rude, arrogant and showing now regard for anybody’s efforts is childish and lacks character if you ask me.

The water is our courage 😊🌻🙌🏼

With a world that’s moving towards an “I don’t give an eff about you or anything” attitude, common courtesy is on the brink of extinction sigh. The thought of it hurts my heart really. 

Can we try to savour this please, by just making a conscious effort to show courtesy when it’s due and even when we don’t feel like it. It’s like a muscle that needs exercise. Please? 

A humble plea and I’m putting it out there that I am making a bigger effort to be courteous.

♥️|🌈 and all things 🍭 from just an ordinary concerned girl 

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