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Thoughtful Tuesday 

To be legendary is to be without many. 

When you know what you want out of life and are willing to not just settle, we think that there would be people cheering us on. Truth is: there will be BUT not nearly as much as those who will dispise you, hate you and envy you.

When you know your worth and know that you will not settle. Stand tall and stand your ground because it’s OK not to conform.

People will tell you: “you think you know it all”, they will say: ” she thinks she’s better than everybody.”  And they will definitely hit you with the “you will learn” line.

I say: Aslong as your grind does not infringe on another persons rights ( not likes or views) but rights, If it is morally correct and is in line with your religious beliefs and if the intention of whatever it is you doing is pure… Then you do it and do it the best you can. 

People are intimidated by those who know what they want and those who go after what they want… Don’t ever let it dull your sparkle because as I always say: what people think or say about you is none of your business… 🙂✌🏼️

An observation from just an ordinary girl Xx

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“The rose that grew from concrete”

Yeaaapp!!!! Tupac Amaru Shakur…a legend of note.

13.09.2015 marked his 19 year death anniversary and inspired this post much.


For those of you who don’t know much about the rapper, dancer, actor, legend himself, which I seriously doubt because I mean like who doesn’t know this dude???? …here’s some brief info on him!

Born to Afeni Shakur back in 1971 on June the 16th ( yeap on youth day) Tupac is today known as a hip hop legend whose lyrics were often relating to and inspired by growing up amid hardships, violence, racism, life in the ghetto and other social problems.

MC New York ( a name he went by when he 1st started out) soon became popular and him having sold over 75 million albums world wide has earned him his “legend” title. 

To many Pac was an inspiration. Back in his day, to the boys in the hood’s around the world and even to today’s “best” artists like Cole and Kendrick. Tupac ‘s work spoke truth…and that’s something that doesn’t ever “go out of fashion”

I personally am a huge fan. I remember being very little…6 or 7 maybe and back then there were ” cassette players” and I remember watching my dad ” pause ” and “play” his songs over and over trying to get the lyrics down to paper…and being the sponge and super super curious child I was…I picked up on those lyrics too… Yeap, play that dear mama track and I can rap every word down to the last pause!

This soon became the norm and back then if you were a girl that could rap to 2pac …lol you earned your right to chill with the boys!!! But as I grew older…having experienced life’s curve balls and having bare witness to a series of traumatic events… 2pac’s lyrics became more than just a pass to the cool kids club… it became my go-to place…like “somebody gets me” …

I would often play “Keep your head up” and “heaven ain’t hard to find” as a means of motivations and when I needed to vent I would play “Hit em up” and rap those words with so much conviction…but after I was done…I was good. And till today, my play list still includes his music and this is still the way I vent to calm down and is still my go-to place.

Whilst there are many speculations around 2pac having being killed back in 1996 and him hiding… if ever you needed to know what true Art is… look at his work. His poetry. His movies…. the cutting truth beneath it all. He is Art personified!


That rose he sure was….long live the rose that grew from concrete…he is living vicariously through each of us!

May your soul rest in peace Pac….much love!


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