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#QOTD #46

Last week, we had a meeting with our service manager at work. 

He reminded me of a saying that my Mar Una used to always say. Whilst I was too small or immature to understand this saying then, I now fully appreciate its profoundness and you’ll soon understand why.

” the more you know, the more you know you don’t know”


Ignorance is bliss isn’t it (: 

it’s amazing when you seek knowledge, your perspective changes, your hunger for knowing more grows and so does your self confidence for some weird reason. 

There’s always times where we think we know it all and then suddenly out of the blue, it will take one small thing to make us realize that we got literally a whole universe of things that we still need to learn about. 

It’s happened to me on so many occasstions, especially with the nature of my job. I literally feel like I have my job function down to a science, that I can handle any query that comes through and then that one comes through and I realize how much more there is still for me to learn.

This concept can be applied to anything new or current that you want to learn or know about;  sport, religion, music, art … anything 

So always be open and prepared to learn. There’s no such thing as “I know it all” because there will always be somebody who knows more than you do! 

It’s Wednesday tomorrow! We’re almost there! 

♥️ and 🌈🔥always! 

From Just an ordinary girl xx

Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

#QOTD #32

I’ve recently taken a step to start studying again, if anything, the process of registering was enough to put me off however, it was one of my goals for this year and I really didn’t want 2017 to be yet another year that I didn’t meet my resolutions.

I studied back in 2011 and did 2 years of Journalism and Media studies. With everything that happened with Mika’il , I didn’t end up completing my diploma and when I went back, the rolling-over period ended. So I couldn’t finish my last year. 

Never the less, as you grow older, you realize just how important studying is, just how important that piece of paper from a tertiary organization is. You learn how important it is to stay afloat of current affairs.

I came across this quote and felt obliged to share it. 

Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave 

~ Prophet Muhamed ( may peace and blessings be upon him) 

This is a message that doesn’t speak to just a religion, but to the whole of mankind. Being as knowledgeable as he (peace be upon him) was, he couldn’t have stressed the importance of education and knowledge more. 

When you learn something new, you automatically feel empowered. You feel a sense of purpose. It enables you to share that new wisdom with those around you and then them with theirs. I can relate to this because recently I’ve started some entry-level blogging courses, nothing fancy! I promise you,  I feel more empowered to share my work now than ever before and that’s because I’ve learnt some fundamentals of doing so and my understanding of the concepts and portal is that much vaster. I even learnt what a widget is 😃something I never knew and understood before. 

When you learn or acquire knowledge, Your perspective changes because you understand and are exposed to more. It really is a win win!

So I say: Let’s make an effort to acquire more knowledge always.

Whether it’s general knowledge, current affairs, new words, learning a new language or about a new religion. Or whether it’s you studying further. 

Knowledge is power and you can never have too much of it.

A– always | S – seek | K– knowledge 

(: let’s get asking! 

Love and light always. From just an ordinary girl 

Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

#QOTD #26

What a trying week; preparations for Ramadan, work, work and more work and then having the flu barging in and unannounced. Yeah, yeah (: I know, it could be loads worse! 

So listen. Today’s quote was one that reminded me of a sentiment I hold quite dear. I firmly believe that in order to be empowered, you need to empower. Almost like the “be the change you want to see” kind of vibe. 

Through every interaction, this is what I strive to do. Believe me when I say, that I don’t always get it right because human nature can sometimes spark the judgemental side I’ve been trying to put to rest lol. But nevertheless, I mostly get it right. (I think🙈)

One of my all time favourite poets/ author once said:

If you get, give. If you learn, teach.

You guessed it (: 

~ THE Maya Angelou.

Such a simple concept that is widely underestimated! And I simply love it. 

I mean, what could you possibly lose by giving what you got or teaching what you’ve learnt? 

…Scared someone else may get that job or that they may know or be liked more than you? I suppose I can understand however, when you know that God has a special plan just for you, you kinda just chill hey! 

You know that no matter what anybody tries to do or say or that what anybody doesn’t do or say, it will come to you if it’s meant for you. That should be enough for us. Knowing that God has a plan. 

So I say: Don’t be selfish! Give what you got and share your knowledge even it’s just for the sake of being a force for social good. Be the person that people know they go to when in need because they confidently trust that if you can, you will help. I’m striving to be that person; the one who gives unconditionally and not only when it suites them.

Instead of throwing shade, talking down upon or about others and just being negative, let’s invest that energy in empowering, giving, teaching and sharing 🙂 I mean, Barney ( yes, the purple dinosaur) did say “sharing is caring” right 😃

I don’t call it #thoughtfulthursday for nothing.

May peace and blessings be upon each of you always and may we continue to spread love and light. 

Thoughts from just an ordinary girl