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Ramadan mubarak #2017

A very very heart warming Ramadan Mubarak to all my friends and my family, both near and far. 

If you know me, you know I really look forward to this auspicious month. I always say, that not eating and drinking for those so many hours is actually the easy part. 

Tackling our bad habits, refraining from anger and remaining humble and calm even when all you wanna do is break someone’s arm… that’s the hard part. 

You know it’s not easy being Muslim these days, with the wrong perceptions of the faith always being portrayed ,compliments of westernized media, it’s very difficult to let people see the beauty. I mean, a month where , no matter how rich or poor you are, what colour or whatever your creed is… you get to feel what those who don’t have, feel. The obligation is exactly same for everyone. It’s absolutely beautiful.

So whilst we prepare to take on this month, may the attempts we make to better our character remain with us, even when this month is done. 

If you don’t know this significance of this month, you’re welcome to click Here. Or you’re welcome to pop a question in the comments below and I will best answer. 

This is the first year without my sister or my nieces as they’re in 🇨🇳 nonetheless we will make the most of it.

As we say, Ramadan mubarak ♥️

May peace and blessings be upon you all. 

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

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You guys know I’m sentimental AF. Coming into the new year reading these…I don’t deserve you all true but appreciate each and every one of you♥

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You guys rock awesome. So while I sing along , and falsely might I add, just know I love you guys with my all and appreciate the support and love and encouragement