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#DFH #12

Dear future husband 

Please don’t let your love be conditional. It needs to be consistent and constant. Irrespective of the years we’re together, where I am, what I’m doing , where we are,who we are with or what mood I’m in. 


Your future wife 

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Messages dear to my ❤

These are some of the responses I received when I shared my gratitude. See why I say my friends are better than yours 😃and you know I mean that in the sincerest of ways. Thanks you guys Gawsh yourl are amazing! 

From Steph- my day one chick

From Lu_ my best friend in law and one of my besties 

I think my 2017 best wishes needed to be done personally so here I go……..I remember the first time I met you, I was so intimidated by your beauty and brains. You had a soft side to you that iv never seen in anyone but at the same time I saw a steong person in you. Yes we have had our ups and down and we probably will still have our pity fights lol. But I don’t regret the day I met you foe anything. Thank you for understanding me, iv met so many ppl in my life that just don’t get me and you do!. Thank you for being there for me. Sometimes it might have seemed little to you but to me it meant a hole lot. I hold you very dear to my heart not just because you’ve been there for me but because you inspire me, you motivate me, you light up something in me I never knew I had. They say surround yourself with people who inspire you and you will be inspired and sure enough you have done that. You gave me a mom and dad as well, il never ever forget how they were there for us in newlands when we had no one. (Ay the tears are coming). This message is so long overdue!!!!! You are such an amazing women tazz I tell you that all the time but I need you to understand it. I love you from the bottom of my heart and when I thank God for what his blessed me with at night I now add you in my list of thanks. May 2017 be the best year of your life. Here’s to more fun times, here’s to more girls nights, here to us celebrating each others achievements, here’s to you finding someone who love you unconditionally the way you love everyone around you. You deserve all that life has to offer. I look forward to the best of friendship still to come😘😘😘😘😘


From My crazy Amy ❤aka my dancing queen


From Caro ♥- one of the wisest, out the box people I know


From my nay nay pops♥


From Zuleka ♥


My trishy pooh-the purest one of all ♥


From my Nikki♥


From my Jaci _ the humblest celebrity around ♥


From my sissy♥_ the beauty she is!


From Chan ♥- one of the realest, most supportive outchea


From Monz- one of the strongest ladies I know


More from Monz ♥


From Ameen ♥one of the hardest working folk in these streets


From Cher ♥ one of the funniest chikas around


From Naazy_ always speaking life into others ♥


From shade – the talented one of us all
My bern ♥


My prudy♥_ one of the realest women on this earth
My desire ♥
My Pautia♥_ the sweetest girl around

These messages mean the world to me! 

Thank you all for your kind words , posted here so when I reflect back on my blog and life itself, I will be reminded of just how blessed I am! 

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♥ My friends are better than yours ♥

My mother always told me to choose my friends wisely. Growing up I never understood why and would often get so angry when she’d tell me she didn’t like some of the people’s I’d be chilling with. 

But what an important lesson! I think one that every parent should teach their kids. 

They say that you are who you hang around with. That makes me loyal, kind, real, honest, goal orientated, God fearing, cray cray, imperfect, and gosh the list can go on. I’m all of the above because the people in my circle are all of the above. 

In a life where I tend to get a lot of things messed up and wrong, I can safely say that God has my back because he blessed me with the best friends ever. Friends who encourage me to be me all the time, friends who lead me towards God, who accept my flaws and help me embrace it. Friends who keep it real with me all the time and who are not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. Friends who will literally sacrifice anything to be there for me. Friends who will encourage my cray cray when need be, who will literally dance in the rain with me without me even asking.  God if ever I am ungrateful, I am so sorry!

What more can a woman possibly ask for, Knowing that no matter what life has in store for me, I have friends who I know will be there with me every step of the way. Speak about blessings on blessing. 

To my peoples, you know who you all are. My circle may be small but really it is all that I need. 

 Thank you so much for everything you guys do for me and without me even saying, you guys always just know what to do or say to make me snap out of shit and get back to reality! I appreciate each and every single one of you and how you guys never allow me to settle or lower my standards or even when I do, how you guys never judge me for it, how you guys never allow me to wallow in my sorrows. You guys just rock awesome. It’s amazing how we are all becoming connected because we are all so alike. Making the circle beeeegar lol.

May the almighty bless you all and put the means in me to shed a brighter light in yourls lives! 

I love you all. And to my parents, I will forever be grateful to you guys for the morals and values instilled in me. To my creator, time and time again I have failed you but your love and mercy is so bountiful, because you keep showing me just how blessed I am in every situation where it would seem I’m at a loss. 

So as we get ready to end this year, mine will end off with gratitude and me being Ray Charles to all the other BS.

A heartfelt thank you from just an ordinary friend. ❤❤❤

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Coloureds: A cursed nation?

I sit and write this with a heavy heart. For the 1st time in a very long time im at the brink of hopelessness. Not feeling too proud of being coloured and thats purely ‘coz of the injustices that are constantly forced upon us.

In the apartheid regime, we werent white enough and today, we arent black enough. Its almost as if we are blamed for the previous white leaders having affairs with their domestics. How evil! How unjust. How cruel.

Coloured youngsters are RIPing every single week and are being killed by our very own, sometimes from the very next road and brutally might I add. Families cant grieve or mourn in peace because we now live in fear of the opposition gangs petrol bombing or starting a shooting frenzy. Religious buildings under attack. Its ludacrous.


We’ve now started fighting each other for terrortory. For a “name” ‘coz thats all we have left to fight for.

BEE only gives us a mere 8.8% in the employment sector. And all community upliftments are done in “other” areas and we kinda get the “left overs” or the “lets just do it to say we did it”. Has the pity made things worse?

How do we change this? How do we rewire ALL these years of injustices that have forced our youngsters to settle as drug lords, that have forced them to join gangs just to be protected. Just to be able to put a plate of food on the table? Can these questions be answered?

Im no expert. So I dont even know if its possible. What I do know is that we can rewire our own mentality. Coloured women, liberate yourselves and conform not to what society labels us as; the village bicycle who has no ambition. The raw, uncooth chick who is bound to have 5 kids from different men at the age of 15.

Coloured women, lets be grateful for the oppotunities God has blessed us with and lets start making an effort to include Him more in our lives. Lets start tolerating each other. Being patient. Being more supportive to ourselves, family, friends and community. Lets start practicing kindness and love. We are the leaders of the nation and once we ge this right, our kids and future kids will have this mentality. We are their first teachers. You are unique and you are beautifully courageous my coloured sister.

Coloured men, do right by your women, lead you and your family to the path of God. So,”they” give you the less glamourous jobs that make it difficult to provide for your family? Instead of asking “why me?” Lets start asking “why not me?” God really gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Lets change the perception of coloured men in our communities; the label that suggests our men are violent and are only good to drink and jol. The label that says our men are useless. You are loved. You are strong and I Salute you my coloured brother.


We can do this by just working on ourselves and our mindsets. Time is running out. We are living in a war zone and the devil is at work. He’s probably rejoicing at the progress he’s made ‘coz we are conforming to what he wants us to conform to; heartless folk only after drugs, money and fame with no humanity or God left in us.

The battle isnt over. We have to level out these playing fields and it starts with you and I. Today!

May all the souls lost through these gang wars RIP. And may strength and comfort be bestowed amongst their families.

Our challenge

WE ARE NOT A CURSED NATION. Share your thoughts or words of encouragement below and please share so we can get this to as many folk as we possibly can.


Life’s clearly not only about “turning up” …it is what it is and this struggle is very much real.


Today’s post was meant to be about ” Kendrick Lamar” and then about “Does true love really exist?” Until….

I Got news that a very good friend of my baby brothers got stabbed today at an event held annually, called “Durban day”….

talks happen and the reason came up as “gang related ”

GANG RELATED??? Like where did all of this begin? How did once-innocent kids grow up to be such monsters. No matter what…nobody has the right to take life. GANG RELATED…I’m still stuck on that page…and  at 19? 20? Lol something is seriously going wrong!

Im sitting here and for some reason this is affecting me more than I actually expected. My heart bleeds… For that mother who has to receive the news that her son’s gone. That this morning when she said goodbye…it was her last goodbye .

My hearts bleeds for that brother.  Who now doesn’t have anybody to aspire to…who doesn’t have his “big bro” around anymore who now , at his tender age of 15 has to be strong and suck it up and deal coz his the only “man” at home.

My heart bleeds for the person that stabbed this boy…if only they were wise enough to know ” you reap what u sew”. My heart bleeds for our community. Our Coloured communities… where all hope and dreams are being stripped away by silly gang violence. Drugs and alcohol.

I yearn to just put it right. To physically do something so no other life has to go out this way…sad part is…it isn’t something that can be fixed overnight….

There’s so many questions I have and I can’t seem to find the answers but what I did figure is that  It’s time we start seriously praying and taking action.

the power lies within each of us. The change starts with each of us…I guess. To learn to practice tolerance. To learn to curb our anger.  To learn to pray and trust in God . To learn our religions so in turn we learn our morals. Values. Ettiquite and moral obligations. It’s time we teach our selves how to love our neighbours!

Its Time we become better role models to our kids. Men…stick around and be there and guide and protect your family! Women, gain ur respect back and act in dignified manners…and stop this eish of home breaking …but start supporting and loving ur man, encourage and motivate him.. take back your title of being the “head of your home”…For a child that grows up into a family of love and structure…wouldn’t take to killing people to Be accepted. Wanted and needed and we don’t have to be qualified to understand this.

…life’s clearly not only about “turning up”

If we begin with our selves. Our kids will learn from our actions. And their kids from them and  so on and so on and no matter how much our culture gets westernised. . . This manner and character traits will remain deeply embedded within.

Our communities will be stronger and will unite at once and boys losing their lives will be about one of the least things we’d need to worry about. Is this an utopian idea? I can’t help but see the sense …it about time we assume accountability.

May God be the strength to all of those affected and accept Montis soul as one of his.

And to my brother … I’m so proud of you! For not taking up that life. At 19…you still a child at heart and may it remain like that always.

Not a good way to start the week ahead 😦 but this is what it is

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