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#QOTD #12

I woke up this morning to sad news. An elder in our community lost his battle to cancer. In the midst of me feeling overwhelmed, this quote came to mind. 

One of my favs actually! 

The Dalai Lama

…once said:

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.

… what a powerful message. One that is easily forgettable! I too am sometimes forget the significance behind this quote. 

Isn’t this our sole purpose? To help each other and not hurt each other? 

Irrespective of which religion you follow, stories of offering a helping hand appear in every scripture. 

Help to be helped, empower to be empowered. It’s simple.

Let us strive to be like this; to uplift each other; be it at home, in the workplace or even a random stranger you come accross. 

Offer your seat to an elder, help somebody with their parcels. Assist a fellow employee with a query or information they’re having trouble with. Even just share your smile. It’s  the little things that count. 

On this Friday, let us make a conscious effort to be better forces for Social good.

May the almighty accept our fellow elder as one of his. Aameen 


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Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

I need help guys…

Having had one of the toughest emotional weeks last week. I have this constant urge, almost like a voice at the back of my head asking ” what are you doing?” ” what is your purpose?”. 

I feel as though I need to sit and think about what I have been put on this earth to do.

Growing up everybody knew I had the “brains” and had the ability to do and become literally anything because of my knack to catch onto things so quickly. 

What was sad in all of this is that I didn’t believe in myself! Today I sit as a Client Relationship Manager for the biggest medical aid company in South Africa yet I still feel as though I haven’t fulfilled my purpose. 

I started but didn’t finish my degree in Journalism and Media studies. And almost feel as though ” I just settled” and whilst iv accomplished a lot, I feel that I have the potential to do and be so much more…

Question is where does one start? How do I go back to the drawing board and decide what it is  supposed to be doing? I’m 26, surely by now I needed to have some sought of tertiary level certificate to my name.

Part of me believes that I am where God needs me to be and that I am grateful for but the other also feels that I could be so much more. 

I always see myself as somebody that would be making significant differences in the world. A radio or Tv personality or even an author. I love writing, I love people, I love making a difference but I’ve now learnt that you need more than just love. 

Where does one begin? How does one “get back up” how do you decide what you should be studying and leaving work to study isn’t an option because well of the bills to pay! 

Have any of you ever been where I am? Have you managed to find a way to answer the many questions? 

I need help guys…! 

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Girls rule but men rock! 

The post is dedicated to the very caring, kind and courageous men of Barracuda Road who helped me last night. It is also dedicated to my friends: Trish Kallee and Sherelle Rohan for all of the help, the calmness and reassurance. 

If you’re in the KZN region, many of you would have experienced the horror of driving on the roads yesterday. 

Let’s just say, that many of my colleague’s and I decided to remain at the office until the traffic calmed down coz’ what would generally take us 10 minutes to get onto our respective freeways, now took us hours. I got home just after 8pm.

We were all eventually asked to leave the building and so my friend ( Trish) and I decided we will drive together. Traffic was slow but it was moving.  It was crazy to see how backed up the traffic was but we soldiered on and had a jam session to make the best of that situation. 

I passed home to let my parents know that I’m safe, no surprise that the lights in the area were out.  Driving on, an idiot of a policeman  (hope he gets to read this) literally pushed me off the road and into a ditch. So he was driving up the road and I down, they were busy with road repairs and so the road was narrower than usual, this excuse for a cop kept giving me lights to move out the way so he could pass ( douche’) which I did because I had to get my friend home and it was too late for me to through my general tantrum.

I couldn’t move forward or back,  my phone battery was flat, my dad’s phone was off, my cousin who has a tow truck wasn’t available, my insurance, after 15 minutes of trying for road side assistance, never answer. . . And it was pitch black on the road!!!

A very kind gentlemen was on the road and he tried his best to assist me, if I’m correct his name is Justin ( thank you Justin). 

One of my very good friends was on his way to buy bread and he came to assist as well ( thank you Shane!  you left your umbrella in the car) . Next thing I know his wife , my day 1 (Sherelle) came out, in her pj’s might I add,  with a phone loaded with airtime so that I could make the necessary calls ( thank you so much Sherelle).

Then about 4 or 5 men ( super heros)  left their warm, cosy home’s to assist me in the cold. They literally picked my car up and got it out of that ditch. I was blown away and so in awe…I didn’t know these people ( I’m terrible I know, especially since they stay in the same road as I) yet they put every effort in assisting me. Craig, I hope I got your name right, thank you so much for coming out and helping me. The 3or 4 other uncles,  I appreciate all of the help that you guys offered me. May God bless you all abundantly. 

Experiencing this gave me hope, hope in our society. It reassured me that there are still good people out there. These men are from MY community…God how proud I am to say I’m from Newlands. The policeman, who I thought would have stopped and made sure us ladies were okay, drove off …. that’s a story for another day though because this post is to give thanks to these gents and to share this positive moment. 

We so often are quick to speak about the ills of our communities and I believe it is equally important to speak about the good and positive’s of our community and people as well.

Trish also had an incident on Friday with her tyre and a stranger stopped to help her as well. Big ups to that tow truck driver ( he didn’t even bill her)

Girls rule no doubt, but you men rock! Thank you guys and most importantly thank you to God for keeping his watchful eye over us at all times. 

Hope each and every one of you get to read this. 

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