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The world needs you

I am surrounded by people doing great things in this world. 

I always believed deep down inside that I was not born to sit on the side, like I was born to do something great. I haven’t quite gotten the formular and part of that is a fault of nobody else but myself but that’s a topic for anther day.

I sometimes ask God how am I surrounded by such amazing folk! People out there so dedicated to making a difference and best believe are making them! 

They inspire and bring about change through words. Projects. Support groups, conversations. Literally having the Midas touch because everything they touch best believe is as good as gold!

Alhamdulilah shukr! I get daily dosages of motivations, in my work place, from my social media accounts, my home! If I don’t see this as my confirmation that I too am born to definitely do something in this world, then I don’t know! 

We all have a piece of us to give to this world! Forget the passed and don’t stress over the future, give to the world what you can today.  Let it be the best pieces of ourselves in small, meaningful dosages. Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, Smile, compliment , show gratitude, pray, support and encourage the person next to you. 

We can change the world one word or act of kindness at a time. The world needs you! 

“Have courage and be kind.”

An attempt at sharing motivation from just an ordinary girl