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#QOTD #50

” having a true friend at work, is beyond a blessing in disguise” 

~ taybreezy 

Many of you know that the weeks I’ve been having are just cray! 

However, I’ve been getting through each day with what I refer to as life lines; 

  • Monday’s was bubblegum people and the beautiful quote by Me Mandel. 
  • Yesterday was sleep 
  • Today is the realization above. 

I cannot fathom what my already stressful days would be like without my friends at work. The random outburst, hilarious jokes, spontaneous laughs and just the facial expressions through out the day, really help lighten the mood. 

Do they change the amount of work that needs to be done No!

Do make all the injustices go away? Hell no!

But what they do is lighten the burden, soften the blows if you wish.  They literally make my heart lighter. 

Thank you dearest team 🙏🏼

So, If you have some of your truest friends working with you in the same team/ department. Honour them! Because we are indeed blessed.

❤️and🌈 from just an ordinary girl