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I owe my freedom to…

This morning I had a conversation that really made me sit and think about life, my purpose, blessings, experiences and then also who made it all possible;

  • God
  • My parents
  • Circle of friends and family

Having celebrated freedom day yesterday, I feel this post is fitting.

I have no shame telling people my story; not because I want or expect pity or even to bad mouth anybody, but to create hope in knowing that with prayer and the right people you allow in, you can overcome any and all adversities.

I fell pregnant, married the love of my life at the time, sh%t went south, was abused, lost my son at birth, lost my gran a few months after, got cheated on, got a divorce, lost my other gran and all in the space of a year and few.


When I returned home, I returned dignityless, broke as broke could be and with buckets full of emotion and questions and hurts and pain. I questioned God, everyone who knows me knows I love children and that my love is unconditional… why would he take those two things away from me. I was okay with being abused and unhappy, I was okay with making God and my parents unhappy; as long as I was with him and had my son, I was okay. Can you begin to imagine our absurd that is?

Truth is, lots of women feel and think that way.

Having nothing else to do, I started finding God, researched religions, I needed to know about this power that could do such, at his will. And trust, it was the best decision of my life.

I am born Muslim, but today I sit here saying that I choose to be Muslim. Upon reading and researching, I began to pray, at early hours of the morning. I would cry and ask God to pacify my heart because the pain was unbearable. I hid it well, maybe because of pride or even embarrassment? But I hid it well.

My perspective changed and I read about how babies who pass away will intercede for their mums on judgement day, I learnt that those who are favoured by God, are tested… I mean look at all the prophets and what they endured? I learned how women are valued in Islam and how we should be treated, and so I started expecting nothing less.

I became stronger and started seeing my blessings, my courage-meter started rising and rebuilding and reforming myself was what I began to do. Perhaps losing all that I lost, forced me to get closer to God; he is a jealous God after all. Perhaps it strengthened me to leave the toxic environment that I and him (my ex hubby) created. Perhaps Mika’il was an angel sent to save me from myself, so that I could find my purpose and fulfill it….


The beings we often take for granted. I come from an average background. Whilst we weren’t as poor as others I know, there were days we went with the bare minimum and everything we owned was worked for; sweat and tears literally.

Part of high school fees were sponsored and I remember taking lemon creams for a cake sale (in a private school with rich brats) because that’s all my dad could afford, they obviously pushed it aside because it weren’t as good for them as their novelty cakes.I couldn’t care less about them but felt more loved than anything, because MY DAD took his last and bought that for me.

My parents gave my siblings and I the best they had @ 100%… selfless, imperfect beings that were going through their own adversities but put our needs first. They made sure that we grew up with sound education and religion knowledge especially because they couldn’t teach us themselves… they only knew so much.

I look at them both today; Mum studied and is now a senior manager for one of SAs leading retailers and my dad, so religious inclined its unbelievable. My mum worked as a casual worker for EIGHT years before she became permanent. Yet she persevered. My dad was all things naughty, he drank, drugged, was affiliated with one of the most popular gangs in Durban but when my sister was born, he began his journey. Leaving school in grade 8, he now works independently as a tiler, being his own boss and growing in character and knowledge day by day.

With these two as an example… how could I quit? Sure we had and still have problems, but all families do. My parents are real-life examples of how perseverance, hard work and prayer can pull you out of any situation. And so I aspire to be just like them.


My mum always told us to choose our friends wisely, back then it made no sense. Today, as 28 year old…it makes perfect sense. Science says that you become like the five closest people to you. Religion says that you should be wary of the company you keep… surely Mum, science and God cannot be wrong. You see, humans feed off each other in a non-parasitic way. We feed off energies. If you’re around negative, non-spiritual, uninspired folk…you will soon become just like them. On the flip side, if you affiliate yourself with people who are positive,warriors, those who know God and practice their faith each day and those who aspire to do many great things… it’s only a matter of time before you become just like that too.

I have had amazing people in and around my circle over the years. Ive had the best religious examples around me and I’ve had the most goal-driven people in my space. There was no way they were going to allow me to cave permanently.

They encouraged me when giving up was the easiest thing to do after days, weeks and months with internal battles and battling the trauma and adversities I been battling for so long. I was encouraged to pray and get closer to my creator, I was encouraged to re-wire my brain to look at the positives in every situation. I was pushed to set goals and boundaries for myself.

Today I sit here, looking back at yesterday; freedom day, and pondering over who was responsible for my freedom and they are:

  • God
  • My folks
  • My circle

Through my adversities I was reminded how highly blessed and favored I was and still am.

It’s 2018, 4-5 years after everything has happened and whilst it was not and still isn’t an easy road. I am way better off from where I started. I have achieved the littlest of things that made the hugest difference and I continue soaring and fighting on like the warrior God made me to be.

I am not where I want to be, I’m not Gods most loyal servant, I’m far from perfect. I’m miles away from financial freedom. But I am free. I am still. I am persevering and My faith is unshakable.

Love and light always; from just an ordinary girl

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Girl power, motivation and inspiration, personal

Don’t be a hater!

2016 has been a year of bloodshed and injustices.  

It’s been a year where everything moral has been thrown out the window and where we as human’s have lost our humanity.

It’s a year that has proven that we are becoming more and more programmed; like an experiment that has gone well by the elites; typical puppet on string behaviour.

As a 20 something year old trying to make sense of this thing called life, I often find myself asking myself and others “who gave you the right”?

Who gave us the right to look down on other people? To speak about other folks faults?

Who gave us the right to make performances in shops and speak down to waiters, sales associates or to impatiently hoot behind the new or very old driver of the car with the huge LEARNER sticker sign on? 

Who gave you the right to wake up each morning and complain, to take your job lightly or to make everybody miserable because you have to work on a Sunday?

Why are  our patience limits decreasing. What is going wrong?What are we doing wrong? 

Sisters fight each other over men, purposely breaking homes and speaking filth about each other. 

Modesty in character and dressing seem to be a thing of the past. 

Instead of us as women building nations we break it down with our shade throwing. 

We no longer strive to be the Mother Theresa’s of our nations but rather like the kardashians. We invest money in superficial things and focus less on building up our communities and the less fortunate. 

Brothers are killing their own to “pick up a number” and to “make a name” for themselves. They focus more on what they wear than what their children eat. Invest more in superficial things rather than on theirs or their kids education.

Are we really progressing as a nation? 

Im not gonna call the government out on this one simply because I feel this is a humanity issue. Every day in some part of the world we reading up on or hearing about  folk being murdered in an injust and brutal manner. Folk being killed because of the colour of their skin, job description, religion, gender or race. It’s bogus. It’s evil!


Not quiet sure I’m only but a 20 something year old.

But what I can say is that conformity must fall. I say that we should stop being programmed by the elites of this world and start walking in purpose of what God has created us for. 

We are all human, we all have blood running through our veins. We are all from dust and we are all going to return to just that one day.

It’s about time (to listen to boom shaka yes) and also to set ourselves free. Because being free is a state of mind and for far too long we have been made to think other wise. 

It’s about time we worry less about other people’s imperfections and start focusing on our own. Time to celebrate each others achievements and stop being so conceited making ourselves believe its only about us. It’s time to stop being selfish and start asking ourselves “Who gave you the right” It’s time we humble ourselves and gain our humanity back. 

As I always say, we’ve tried everything else…it now starts with you and I!

Don’t be a hater, change that bulb and let’s spread light and all things good  across this ever so deceiving world.

Posted from just an ordiary girl.