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Chilli cheese fries?

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE food. And not just any food. Good food.

There’s a Cafe that is part of the Ethekwini heart hospital situated on Queen Nandi Drive in Durban.

The Deluca coffee shop offers a variety of yummy goodness, from fine coffees to decadent shakes to amazing pizzas, burgers and samies. They have it all.

My all time favourite is their spicy NewYork cheese fries (they have it in mild too).

The portion is enough to feed two to three people #airpunch! We love decent portions. Hubby and I are healthy eaters and so it was enough for just us two. #grin.

Their cheese sauce is cheesy and out of this world… I mean taste is everything! The ratio of sauce to chips is perfect. This ratio is so important because real foodies don’t do a dollop of sauce on top and nothing at the bottom. We need an even spread. They got It down to a science peeps and if all that isn’t enough, each portions is topped with chicken strips and pickled jalepenos.

The smell is enough to make you have foodgasm!

The pricing is not that bad at all, considering it feeds 2-3 people. @just R76.00, you can enjoy all this yumminess. I swear! it’s like angels tickling your taste buds.

Whilst I make my own chilli cheese fries that hubby adores, these are by far one of the best chilli cheese fries I’ve had. Try it out and be sure to let me know.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary foodie.

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#QOTD #45

When women support each other, incredible things happen 

~ unknown 

Right? I don’t even need to dissect this any further but I’ll enhance on it. 

You don’t need to stand and address an arena filled with women to encourage, inspire or support each other . You don’t have wait until you’re an Oprah or mother Theresa of a nation to start valuing and encouraging women to be the best they can be or to “lead” women away from the superficial crap we consume ourselves with.

A few girlfriends and I planned a mini road trip and one night slumber not far from home. People honestly thought that we were in some foreign place because of all of the amazing pics we posted, but those were just BTWs.

The place we visited
Brekkie @ vovo telo

The significance of the trip was to break away from reality and just to recoop. The trip was planned to act  as a reset button. Time to stop. Reflect and then start again.

Sentimental tokens from each other that we left with

Not everybody knew each other however, all were friends of mine. I suggested  these ladies because I know all of them personally and I know the journeys we’ve all travelled and the destinations we all hoping to reach. So with Des’s idea for the road trip and us all confirming, it was a recipe for success!

The weekend was beyond refreshing and went off smoothly, we all focused on the most important things; being our selves and sharing perspectives to enhance each other’s thought processes, sharing each other’s joys and then becoming more sensitive to the battles that us women face. We chilled, laughed, expressed, ate, cooked, embraced and loved! Oh and posed 😜

Because food is life
Girls just wanna have fun ♥️

I will be the first to say that I left that weekend away with loads of gratitude, a wider perspective, beautiful memories, fun photos and sisters for life…yes, we’re already planning our next one.
The most beautiful thing for me is that we’re all so similar yet so different. We don’t all belong to the same religion, don’t all have kids, husbands or boyfriends but we had such an amazing time.

Our Sunday in pics, the boys even popped in!

That’s all you need to encourage and support your fellow women; spend quality time with them for the sake of bettering yourself and them and then the rest automatically falls into place. We had no time for gossip, judgment, shade throwing, scandling , fighting or any cattish behavior.

‘Coz what’s a slumber without novelty bedroom slippers

So! Write your fellow women a note, dedicate a status or throw in a motivating hashtag to a pic. Go for a picnic, take a drive , catch a movie or even stay home and cook and for or bake. Pout. Anything! But start.

Imagine a world where our women are dedicated to building each other up as opposed to tearing each other down. It seems beautiful, amazing, strong and all things nice to me.

❤️ and 🌈🔥 from just an ordinary girl

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Chocolate mousse pudding 

I’m a sucker for anything instant, quick and easy. 

I’m generally not a “sweet” person (sounds so wrong) but if I had to eat sweet things, chocolate is my thing. Not strawberry, vanilla , caramel or bubblegum, it’s chocolate.

So if chocolate is your thing also, or, if you need to take a dessert to a function or the inlaws, you will love this quick and easy chocolate 🍫 dessert 

Things you will need:

  • 2 x chocolate instant pudding ( I used the Moires) @ R9.99each
  • 1 x coconut biscuits ( I used tennis biscuits ) @ R12,99 per 200g
  • 65ml melted butter 
  • 1 x 250ml fresh cream @ R18.00
  • 1 x Cadbury flake @ R9.00
  • 1 x ltr of fresh milk @ R9.00

What to do: 

In a glass casserole, crush the tennis biscuits and mix with the melted butter. Pat it down at the bottom of the casserole dish to form a crust and place it in the freezer.

In another bowl, mix the instant pudding and the milk and lightly beat for one minute and Leave it aside.

Whip your fresh cream and once done, take the casserole out from the freezer.  

Soak the balance of the tennis biscuits in the left over milk  for about 5seconds and then line the casserole dish ( the same one that you made your biscuit crust in)

Add in the instant pudding mixture and then add the fresh cream ontop.

Crush your flake and sprinkle it over. Done!

Leave in the fridge to set for 2-4hours 

Mind my broken biscuits 🙈you can make yours look prettier 

Easy treat, from just an ordinary girl 

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Lamb trio – radio interview 

Many of you who know me, know that I am my baby brother’s biggest fan.

Lotus Fm hosted him on their Food lab show earlier today. 

Take a listen below by clicking Here or by clicking on the link below:

He shares his personal, cost efficient recipe of serving lamb three ways. This is using three of the cheapest cuts of lamb and preparing them in three different ways. 

He also gives ideas of side dishes that will compliment the lamb, leaving the guests in your home feeling like they’ve eaten a meal at a fine dining restaurant 
Hope you guys enjoy 😊 

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Eid Mubarak ❤️

Send your well wishes to your friends and family, leave a comment and tag the ones closest to you to make their day extra special. 

A very happy eid Mubarak to all of our Muslim readers and follows. May Allah SWT bless this day with the love of family and good food. May we ponder over the reason behind this day and may we continue striving in the path of Allah ta Allah. In sha Allah aameen. 

To all of our non Muslim follows/readers you can learn more about today by clicking here

Post your well wishes to your Muslim friends and family and tag them in on our Facebook page.

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Life lessons: Gran edition

Some of the lessons my Ma Una taught me it, both by advise and her actions, is what I live by today. 

These lessons have seen me through the darkest moments life had to offer me and has molded me into the being that I am today,

They are: 

• Walk with grace 

• People give you nothing, be real.

• Always have faith 

• Fake no lovers, buy no friends

• When anything goes wrong, turn to God or…food! 

• The less you speak, the more you actually say! 

• What the right hand does the left hand shouldn’t know about. 

• How much you is how much you don’t know.

•Don’t be a mime; always show people that you are one better.

• Don’t dwell in pain, let it become your teacher by letting go and letting God.

• Charity starts at home.

• And lastly, it costs you nothing to be nice.

Juma Mubarak Almal and happy Friday!!!

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Fish inspired!

Last night I saw passion, felt passion and experienced passion at the Capsicum Culinary Studios in Umhlanga, Durban.

I was honoured to have been invited to “Casino Royale”; the banquet of the certificate class in culinary.

Casino Royale
Casino Royale #Table Decor

I dont know what excited me more…the decor that was beyond “on point”, the food that looked like master-chef quality and exploded with flavour in my mouth or witnessing young folk live out their passion like a well-oiled machine?

#Table Setting
#Starter_ Chicken Ravioli, white parmesan sauce and basil garnish
#Main Seared beef on a bed of wild mushroom risotto with a pea and butternut puree
#Dessert a trio of chilli choc truffles, pavlova and creme brulee'

Passion sees no age, race or colour. Everybody from the college management to the Chef lecturers worked with, supported and encouraged these kids. It made me realise that when you do what you love, you really dont “work” another day in your life.




Being amongst all of these wonderful, encouraging and inspiring people, especially their chef; Chef Danielle, was one of the reasons that I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

But the part I valued the most, was watching my baby brother, “Fish” (his chef nick name and dont ask me why lol) cook in that kitchen. It made me so proud as his older sister because I could see and I felt that he was “home”.


This was so emotional for me because there was a time I worried for my baby brother. Repeating each grade in high school twice sometimes 3 times,not being able to motivate him and there always being a problem at school, we really didnt know what more to do.

Today he stands as a well-known, top achieving student who is known and loved by all of his Chef lecturers and fellow classmates. Eager to start to his industry at the renowned Beverley Hills Hotel in just a week, I know he is going to do wonderfully.


To Capsicum, their lecturers, management and students; thank you for actively playing a part in changing my lil bros life for the better.

Chef Danielle has become a household name, because thats all we hear at home. She has insipired and encouraged my brother in ways I sometimes cant
Comprehend. His whole outlook on the world and attitude towards hard work has changed. Thank you Chef D.

To his classmates, a super super well done. You guys didnt just ” do it” your’ll did it waaaay over. Wishing you all everything of the best!

#DemGirlz...and Fish n Sandile




Boytjie, touch the world with your natural skill and passion. I will always be routing for you.

With love,