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#QOTD #74: Faith

The first of March. Dude! Where is 2018 going!!!

Bittersweet month for me; passing of my son and loads of family birthdays, including mine.

I figured the below quote is fitting, because it kept me sane and put a lot into perspective when Mika’il passed on. Five. He would have been five this year! And I’m getting stronger as the years go by, whenever I have my moments, I remind myself of this quote. Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) said:

The reality of faith is knowing that what has passed you by was not going to befall you; and that what has befallen you was not going to pass you by

That’s right! What’s meant for you, has your name on it.

I can go on and blame the hospital nurses on technicality. I could blame my situation, ex husband and even myself. But the truth is, God willed it this way and he knows why.

Perhaps he knew deep down inside, the mother I wished to be and the condition I wanted to raise my kids in and he knew Mika’il wouldn’t have had that.

Perhaps Mika’il was meant to change me and grant me strength to get rid of all the toxic; people and situations I had in my life… this reasons are actually endless (:

So whether you’re applying for a new post, taking on a new venture or preparing to achieve your goal. Do your best and put in the work but should it not materialize as expected, don’t beat yourself up because, if it is meant for you, it will never pass you (:

We spend too much time over thinking with what-ifs , should haves, could haves or would haves.

Your best is enough!

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl!

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Ramadan mubarak #2017

A very very heart warming Ramadan Mubarak to all my friends and my family, both near and far. 

If you know me, you know I really look forward to this auspicious month. I always say, that not eating and drinking for those so many hours is actually the easy part. 

Tackling our bad habits, refraining from anger and remaining humble and calm even when all you wanna do is break someone’s arm… that’s the hard part. 

You know it’s not easy being Muslim these days, with the wrong perceptions of the faith always being portrayed ,compliments of westernized media, it’s very difficult to let people see the beauty. I mean, a month where , no matter how rich or poor you are, what colour or whatever your creed is… you get to feel what those who don’t have, feel. The obligation is exactly same for everyone. It’s absolutely beautiful.

So whilst we prepare to take on this month, may the attempts we make to better our character remain with us, even when this month is done. 

If you don’t know this significance of this month, you’re welcome to click Here. Or you’re welcome to pop a question in the comments below and I will best answer. 

This is the first year without my sister or my nieces as they’re in 🇨🇳 nonetheless we will make the most of it.

As we say, Ramadan mubarak ♥️

May peace and blessings be upon you all. 

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Being muslim

… oh but what an honour!

Being Muslim does not mean perfection, we sin too…But it does mean progress; making sure we’re better than we were yesterday and always striving on the path of our creator.

Being Muslim doesn’t mean we compromise our religion to fit our lifestyle, no! It means adjusting our  lifestyle to honour and follow our religion.

Being Muslim does not mean dictatorship, it’s all about leading by example. Yes, by our actions we want people to inquire who and what we are.

Being Muslim does not mean that we don’t follow or that we are against Jesus (Peace and blessing be upon him) , being muslim means we love Jesus PBUH but as a prophet and not the son of God or God himself.

Being Muslim does not mean war, it means standing up for what’s right. 

Being Muslim does not mean that we worship GodS. We worship God and God alone, we bare witness that there is no God besides himself and that Muhammed PBUH  is in indeed his messenger. 

Being Muslim doesn’t mean fashion, scarves, make up or physical beauty, it means simplicity, modesty and beauty of the heart. 

Being Muslim does not mean we oppress women, instead , we hold them in such high regard that we demand respect for them (us) we dress and behave in a certain way so that men will not look at us as though we’re a piece of something to eat. God is indeed great. 

Being Muslim does not mean that we look down upon others, if anything it demands us to uplift each other, the poor, the sick, the rich and irrespective of colour, race, creed or religion. Charity is one of the 5 pillars that make up the faith of Islam.

So the next time you switch on the Telly and are being brainwashed to believe the opposite or the bad, ask a Muslim friend or research the religion and you will see the Devine purpose and intention of this faith

May peace and blessings be upon you always. 

A post from just an ordinary muslim girl.


Are my standards too high?

It has been said, on more than one occassion, that my standards are too high when it comes to dating…

Being in the process of self reconstruction, part of me, just for a jif, considered perhaps that it just might be so.

But then I asked why? Why are they too high? The better part of me still felt that my standards are reasonable. I mean I once settled, and 1 and a half years later found myself a statistic; divorced. Its now 2 years since and im finding myself going back to the basics, which isnt a bad thing I suppose.

You see, these past few days, 3 to be exact,have been THE worst days of 2016. Health wise and mentally, all downhill. Whilst progress has been made and seen in some aspects of my life, my overall demeanor was and still is unsettled. Ive been put off sick from work and in these 3 days my dad has shown me that my standards are in fact just fine. Let me tell you why!

My whole family has been rather supportive during this time. However, my father in particular basically took over doing all of my and many of the house hold chores. His been doing my washing, by hand might I add, cleaning, spotlessy! and has resorted to buying things that didnt require me to “cook” perse’. He buys my “monthly’s” to cater for the that time when a certain, unpleasant Aunt, Suzie is her name, comes to visit. He’S 52 and is self employed and so getting an early start to his day is imperative.Yet his been leaving home well after 8 ensuring that theres literally nothing left for me to do #MayGodBlessHim.

This is not as a result of me not being domesticated or the lack there of. He sure as hell brought us up to cook, clean and hustle all with pride,courage and humility…He did this because his daughter, a love of his, simply was not well enough to juggle everything else plus the chores in this time.

When something was and is wrong we speak. When I or any body else in our home goes “off the rails” he (and mum) guides us back to where we need to be. When we achieve, even the littlest of things, he is there celebrating that e/very success as if it were his own and when all things jaded set in, he encourages us to get back up and keep going, mum actually does a better job at that lol! He is always there pushing us towards God, when times are good and when times are bad and even when we dont, he judges us not!

Now dont get me wrong, his dad, not mum and so he gets things wrong lol. He can sometimes forget my birthday, he isnt big on birthdays in his defense, his dad passed away on his and so its understandable. He is human after all and so imperfections are definately present.Its a give and take!

And so I found myself asking why! why should I or any other single out there settle for anything less? Surely this kinda love still exists? This love that allows you to be courageous and kind, that allows you to think and prioritise that which is important to you. The love that when needed, encourages you to be selfless. The love that communicates, celebrates and most importantly pushes you towards God. Imagine if we all loved this way.

Am I silly for thinking that this love can still be found. That there is somebody out there who shares the exact same sentiment? Maybe I am…and maybe im not! Im no profressional when it comes to all of this but I once read that patience is a virtue and so I wont settle just yet.

I will have the courage to wait, even although 30 is around the corner, I will have faith knowing that he and God will know that its not material things my heart is after and I will stay true to myself and work on being a better me in the interim.Which will allow me to love this way.

Can a love like this exist outside of a family relation? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Whats your take?


March 13th

This time of year I always get anxious. My heavenly angel would have been 3. I often wonder what I would be doing if he were to live, how he would have looked, what his little character would be like, what his favourite food or pjs would have been.

I sit and wonder what I would be getting him for his birthday, what colour his hair would be and whether he’d be a loud mouth like his mother or a softy like his aunt.

I wonder what stories he’d tell or what would make him laugh. Would he love food and enjoy football. How would he be in school or how he would lookwhen his asleep.

They say losing a child is never easy. And they are right. They say time heals all wounds…Im not sure how true that is but I guess with time one gets used to the pain and the void.

Through it all though, I wouldnt trade carrying my boy for those 6 and a half months. He didnt get to leave a physical footprint on this earth, but he has left an everlasting one in my heart.

Its weird how he encourages and pushes me everyday. He makes me want to be better even though he isnt with me. He has changed me and has turned me into the woman I am supposed to be.

So my little sweet heart, Know that with just 4 days left for your 3rd birthday…I may not beable to spoil you in the flesh…but i am thinking of how I would have made your day nearly as special as you are.

To all the ladies who have carried and have lost their kids. Or have lost a kid on the whole. My prayers go up for you. And BIG UPS to you. You are the epitome of strength.Each year we will be reminded in more than one way of our angels…but know that God has a reason for everything and It will get easier. We just have to trust and believe even when trusting and believing seems like the hardest thing to do.

Share your story in the comments below if you will ❤or pass on and let every mum who has lost a child know that we are thinking of them today.

Strongs. Love.Peace and happiness


Mikail Kashief


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