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#QOTD #25

Living in a world that is becoming superficial by the minute, a world where people compete for trivial things like status, likes, followers, new cars or weeve…it really can become very easy to just flow with the current and conform.

I however, always encourage against it; competing with others on a whole. For me, it doesn’t make any sense because no two people fight the exact same struggle, at the exact same time and therefore it just doesn’t make logical sense to compete with anybody.

I think what’s more scary though, is the extent people will go to be better than the next person and usually “better” is defined by material things for these kinds of people; car, phone, job, clothes, home etc. You find people will put themselves in absurd predicaments just to prove they’re better or #winning? Lol, nah! not for me hey.

Whilst I try my best not to judge, I make it my duty to encourage many folk against conformity. This is why this quote is my #1 for today. It goes:

It’s not about being the best, It’s about being better than YOU were yesterday.

_ Unknown


Short and sweet, but to the point.

So you have a competing nature? That’s OK, just channel it to compete in a healthy way and that is with yourself. Push your personal boundaries #levels. Whether it is exercise, studies, finances or health, or even small things like controlling your anger, tongue or rants; anything that you want to be better at for you and not because Shiela from next door has it or is doing it.

In order to be the best at anything, you need to be the best version of yourself. Lets focus on that 🙂 Shall we?

Share some of the things you want to be better at or simply share this post to encourage others against conformity or competing on a superficial level.

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Cooking with Chad Le Clos

Not so long ago, I posted up about how one can use their pain to fuel their gain and how I was awarded the opportunity to write my  Discovery Vitality#personbest story. If you haven’t read the post you can read it by clicking Here.

Yesterday, we finally got to “claim” our prize; an all expense paid trip to the JHB  Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio to cook with Chad Le Clos and his amazing dad. 

OH. MY.HAT we had such an amazing time! 

A selfie just because

Amy and I had a ball from the moment we got to the King Shaka International airport. 

Amy and I checked in @king Shaka international airport

We made sure that we made the best of this opportunity and all of the pics will probably confirm that we’ve done so. 

Random selfies in the sky
View from the top
Lazy landing #touchdownJozi

From the moment we entered JHB we had a ball, the Gau train experience, seeing our Discovery offices in JHB, cooking with Chad and just mingling. It was all too beautiful.

Yeaaaappp… behind us is the gautrain rails 😁

Krispy Kreme

The Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio is amazing guys! I will encourage that if ever you want to be healthy ( don’t you judge my Krispy Kreme visit ok) and want to have a “master chef” experience….book a cooking course! You guys will not regret it! 

HealthyFood studio
Chad and all of us
The food we cooked
Cray cray kitchen selfies
Amy and I and Chad
I, Amy and Chads dad, Uncle Bert
Us and the chefs
Cooking demonstration
Chad with “The Chad salad” that Amy and I prepped

Although all good things have to come to an end, the experience  will forever remain imprinted in my heart. 

Our sad faces because we had to leave #sigh

To Chad and his dad, thank you guys for sharing the morning with us and not just being there but interacting and mingling with us all! Meeting you two and just watching the relationship you guys have was an absolute honour.

To the Discovery Vitality and the marketing team, you guys were amazing! Thank you so much for awarding us this opportunity and being so supportive throughout our journey! Not only did we get to cook with The Chad and his dad, but we got to meet fellow colleagues that we interact with but would probably have never met, we gained cooking knowledge and we had a ball. You guys rock awesome! 

To the chefs at the HealthyFood Studio, you guys are amazing! I’ve learnt so much from being with you guys for those 2hours; cooking techniques, recipes and flavours! I can tell you guys have answered your callings because the passion you possess is so addictive.

Amy, this journey was all the more exciting because you embraced it with me! Thank you for the wonderful company and the crazy moments! This is one that goes down in the books for sure. Lenel and Naffy, for making it all the more special.

So that was my trip in a nut shell. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and stay real! 

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Use your pain to fuel your gain

Never in a thousand years would I have thought that the most horrible years of my life could award me such an exciting opportunity. 

Not so long ago, I entered a competition at work. We were required to write in and share our ” personal best” stories. 

Naturally, I had an urge to enter… It was asking me to write lol and so I quickly clicked on “reply mail”and started typing. Funny thing about the piece I wrote is that it was the quickest and shortest piece I think I have ever written 🙈

I figured tons of people would enter and it would really just be a ” choose a winner out of a hat” scenario…but I entered anyway.

So I wrote in briefly giving my journey of losing a child, marriage and both grannies, all of this was around the same time that i started at this company, since then iv been achieving things I never knew I could and in such a short time too.

And so my personal best narrowed down to my journey in the company I’m in… It was my new beginning.

The next day, I received an email from the deputy CEO, telling me how my story has inspired him… “Did he really read my story?” Was the first thought that crossed my mind and “me? Inspire him…the deputy CEO😑really??” Followed.

Leaving it after I thanked him for acknowledging it, I eventually forgot about the competition.

Today after gym, I get back to my desk, browse through my email and find this:

You can only but imagine the disbelief… I won’t bore you with the nitty gritz.

But the moral of the story is that we are our own hurdles. We are for some reason afraid and at some point don’t think we are worthy of things… 

We need to change that mentality and let the cards we’ve been dealt fuel our success. We need to deem ourselves worthy and gems in every essence of the word. It always is easier said than done but it definitely is working for me by the almighty’s grace. 

Know that God does not make any mistakes and has planned out our lifes in a certain way for a reason. He sometimes makes us go through dark moments to prepare us for the brightest ones to follow. 

Night ya’ll