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We are blessed 

They say that the most valuable gift you can give somebody is your time and I concur! 
Saturday Amy and I spent the day with work colleagues at the Durban child and youth care center. What an amazing and humbling experience! Thanks to our employer : Discovery Health, for being such a great force for social good! 

We tend to take so many things for granted and this became apparent to me when I was calling the kids to receive their gifts…I don’t know if it was their  excitement and impatient tendacy of ripping apart the wrapping, their eyes that widend and brightened up or their yells “aunty come see what I got (aunty? I know right, felt so old😭) that warmed by heart. 

It became even more apparent to me when we actually sat down and spoke with some of the older kids and listened to their life stories and also when we played, danced with and loved the littler ones… these kids literally have the “survivor of the toughest” outlook on life at such a young age.

…And then I wondered to myself: who gives us the right to complain about steak that’s not cooked properly? Or water that’s not room temperature. lol, and these kids are grateful for just the morning you sacrificed to be with them. We need to catch a wake up!

The one thing that intrigued me was that even with their struggles, they laughed and loved whole heartedly and sincerely and were so grateful and content.

I once again got my reality check. I once again looked at my life and realized how blessed I am and how grateful I should be for the things and people and connections that I have in life. 

If I can change the situation for Atleast one of these kids, I will be fulfilled! 2016 has been great because it is the year that I started making an effort to give back but 2017 is the year that I will make a more conscious effort to giving back to the community especially the kids; through my time. 

I have just 10 days left to visit Miks grave, with mixed emotions, this has just made me realize that even his loss was in fact a blessing in disguise… if I had him, I might not have had the time to make a difference in the lives of these kids .

Love and well wishes always

A dear post and warm smile from just an ordinary girl 

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“It takes a village to raise a child”

I urge to you all to please read up on the Bright star mentorship programme. You can do so by clicking HERE but please continue to read on and hopefully you will join our village💋

I could not help but tear up being in the presence of our little  bright stars today. Kids are an absolute blessing! 

Today we celebrated our annual bright star mentorship celebration. And as always, my inspiration “rev counter” went from 0 to 220 after spending the day with the remarkable and phenomenal people that joined us.

Today I was reassured that I can change the world simply by changing my thought process.  Now watch me go out there and change it.

I needed this event more than it needed me. After the week I had with a blast from the past, mixed emotions and some heart ache, this reminded me just how blessed I am. How my struggles are so irrelevant to the struggles of others. Today I learnt that going through a struggle isn’t in it’s all a bad thing, it isn’t a curse but it’s actually a blessing and so I’m gonna push through like I have all these years.

The Bright star mentorship programme has provided healing for not just kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, it helps to heal even us as mentors going through our own thing. 

Spending just an hour of your time a week but having such an impact on the lives of our kids; who mind you are soon going to be our leaders, What an honour. God must really love us for choosing us, out of the millions of people on this earth, to do his work.

The bright star mentorship programme produces “wholemakers” yeap! We make whole to what has been damaged and we do so through love, time, passion and effort. 

To all the wonderful mentors, programme organizers, guests and the precious kids, thank you for making my heart smile. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to have a reality check, thank you for turning me into the women I am meant to be so that one day I too will invest in my own kids and so one day I can be courageous and kind changing the world one child at a time. 

I am going to ask you to please consider joining us by becoming a mentor, however, we understand if you cannot right now. If time is an issue and if you would like to contribute,  please consider  just R100 pm so that this mentorship programme can continue running. 

You are welcome to message me for more details and I will gladly refer you to the correct people that facilitate this programme. 

if you are unable to do either or, please may I ask that you pay it forward by sharing this link or BC so that we can get this to as many people as we possibly can. 

“It takes a village to raise a child” 

With love and well wishes.

A plea from just an ordinary girl 💋

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Help and be helped

It feels like just the other day that I wrote this. Its now 4 months that im apart of the Bright Stars mentorship programme and it has been nothing less than life changing.

I was a little sceptical in the begining; having been given a 12 year old, I often questioned if I’ll be skilled enough. I mean I barely can make sense of whats going on in my life lol.

It is amazing how just showing up, every week for as little as an hour can change you and the life of another human being!

We draw, write, read, colour talk about music, have picnics, play games etc.

My mentee is an absolute star. She is a bright little 12 year old that loves reading, and loves Maths and Life skills. Her ambition in life is to become a social worker. When asked why that, she says: ” to help children like me”. I was in awe.

I went into this initiative with the intention of helping….but she’s helped me in ways I cant even begin to explain. I am adored and loved unconditionally. What more could any human being possibly ask for?

My Birthday Gift

These little gestures; this was by birthday present: a Card, a gift she had received from her previous bday and an award ahe received last year…all she had but she gave it to me.❤

My "Mothers day" card

I told her about some of the hardships I’ve been through; the loss of my son a few years ago. She cried and opened up about some of her tough times. And on mothers day, this was my card.

A random card

I love writing and so we’ve kinda got into the habit of writing each other letters or cards from time to time.

My get-well-soon card

I was hospitalised for about 3 weeks in April and couldnt make my weekly visits with her. She sent this with one of my fellow mentors.

A random thank you

Some time back she was having an issue with her Maths, we worked on it and she’s doing alot better now. We read almost every week and she loves it. I started taking my nieces with me coz i believe they must grow up with the mentality of sharing. With a willness to help and be helped. They enjoy her company and she adores them. We even went for a picnic on the beach.

Busy with our sand castle
The final product. Such fun

In trying to teach her that she can be anything she wants to be, it has ignited a spark in me that has been dormant for way too long. A spark that doesnt know mediocre. I have the urge and will to make a difference, one act of kindness at a time. One person at a time…Change starts with Me.