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South African lock down: Co-vid19

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It’s been a Hella crazy week. Being part of leadership in an Essential Services organization is no childs play. But looking back at the week we’ve had. I am immensely grateful for the organisation I work with and have a huge sense of pride. I am grateful for the work that we do.

With that being said, to the many people who are part of the lockdown…please abide by the rules of the lock down. You cannot be allowing your kids to play on the road or make use of communal spaces…. It goes against the need for the lock down. People should not be walking aimlessly or having parties, group sessions of any sort or inviting families over just to chill. Work with our police force and SANDF. They are out here sacrificing just to stand at the front line of combating the spread of this virus. Remember, that is someone’s father, husband, bread winner, or son.

Practice your precaution when going out to buy essentials. Sanatize when you’re out. Prevent touching your face. Be as quick as possible. Write a list. When you get home, disinfect everything. Wash your clothes in hot water and Sanatizer. Air your home by opening windows.

I urge you guys to make this time we have count. Use your 21 days to rehabilitate. Get out of bad habits. Form good ones. We’re always complaining that we have no time. We’re complain that we don’t get time to relax or spend time with kids.

You have that opportunity. You are in control of how you view this lockdown and spend this time. You are in control of how you will inspire and influence your families through this lockdown. This really could be the mid-year break you’ve been looking for, a chance to reinforce bonds, get in touch with your inner Gordon Ramsy or Picasso. Excersise. Read books, watch movies, legit Netflix and chill. Cook your own food. Rest your mind. The minute virus has the world bowing to it. Pray, practice gratitude. And in this time our earth gets to rest too.

This is the time that we all have to come together and work together to combat the spread of the virus. We all have a moral obligation to practice discipline. Stick to the rules of the lockdown. It starts with us just doing what we need to do. Share the things or ideas of things you are doing with your family. Cheer on and celebrate those essential services employees. Spread love and light during this very dark time.

It is said our ignorance will kill us, and if people still choose to be so careless, we are doomed.

There is always beauty in the struggle.

Love and light from just an ordinary essential services employee.