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#QOTD #43

They say that the greatest emotional need of man kind is to feel appreciated. I came accross this quote and I can see why!  I believe in it’s truth! 

“Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly”

~ Tony Robbins 

How often do WE EXPECT people to do things for us before we feel obliged to say thank you, or to show appreciation? 

If their actions don’t meet our expectation, sorry. Tough! We disregard their attempts and in some instances throw a couple of insults their way. Totally disregarding their efforts. ( I’m guilty of this sometimes)

It becomes so easy to overlook their efforts because all we care about is “I” and “me”. Buggar them or what they feel right? 

We tend to show appreciation on condition. On condition of material gain and superficial standards. We often feel entitled like somebody always owes us something, it’s actually revolting when you think of it. 

I always say, that our generation doesn’t know about fixing things; we don’t know about peservering and going after the things that actually matter. Hear me out, the minute we feel something is “broken” we’re quick to toss it out ... because we don’t know how to appreciate. I see it everyday, failing relationships, ruthless behavior, vandalizing, kids absconding school… the list is endless.

These days we appreciate things and use people. For as long as we’re gaining, we all good. Right?

I often ask myself where we have gone wrong! Why must we wait to gain before we can express gratitude? Why cant we be fulfilled with the little things in life and the small kind gestures people do, whether it is for us or our communities at large? 

It’s so easy to rather find fault in each other, than identify and appreciate the good within us all. Then we die, and suddenly the flowers, well wishes, memories and gratitude start flooding in, too late if you ask me!

This is why I believe in today’s quote so much. Imagine a world where we appreciate people and use things instead? Saying please and thank you and sincerely meaning it? Letting our loved ones know how we appreciate the good things that they do, as opposed to constantly harping on the not so good and the things that irk us?

If we can get this sentiment right and raise our little humans in the same fashion, you won’t get as much failing relationships, vandalizing of community buildings or even kids absconding school.  They will learn to appreciate every opportunity awarded to them…. gaining knowledge and then power and since they are our future, imagine how our world can change? The possibilities are endless.

Like everything else, it starts with you and I. My person and I have an appreciation session once a week, where we tell each other the things we’re appreciated in that week and we say our thank you’s. I swear, that feeling of being appreciated and expressing appreciation is better than any high that any drug can give.

Wrapping this up, I would just like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for the constant support. I would not be motivated to continue striving each day if it weren’t for your kind words, time and daily support. I appreciate it and I appreciate you. 

Let’s be like pinky and the brain and start changing the world! Because remember, the world owes us sh%t!

L&L, from just an ordinary girl  

Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

The world needs you

I am surrounded by people doing great things in this world. 

I always believed deep down inside that I was not born to sit on the side, like I was born to do something great. I haven’t quite gotten the formular and part of that is a fault of nobody else but myself but that’s a topic for anther day.

I sometimes ask God how am I surrounded by such amazing folk! People out there so dedicated to making a difference and best believe are making them! 

They inspire and bring about change through words. Projects. Support groups, conversations. Literally having the Midas touch because everything they touch best believe is as good as gold!

Alhamdulilah shukr! I get daily dosages of motivations, in my work place, from my social media accounts, my home! If I don’t see this as my confirmation that I too am born to definitely do something in this world, then I don’t know! 

We all have a piece of us to give to this world! Forget the passed and don’t stress over the future, give to the world what you can today.  Let it be the best pieces of ourselves in small, meaningful dosages. Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, Smile, compliment , show gratitude, pray, support and encourage the person next to you. 

We can change the world one word or act of kindness at a time. The world needs you! 

“Have courage and be kind.”

An attempt at sharing motivation from just an ordinary girl 

Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

Here’s to something new 💋

And so it is literally the final hours of 2016. How are you going to end the year off? Anything different from the previous years? Or rather, how are you going to start your New Year off. 

I’ve  never been one to party on New Years, solely because I can’t do crowded places with people who let alcohol consume their entirety including their logic. So it’s always been “sleep through the countdown and all” and wake up on New Years with a positive outlook and then just spend the day as normal. 

I guess it isn’t all that bad but something within me feels like I need change. I need to plot goals. Put a start to all the things my heart desires. Part of me feels like I’ve been inadequate and perhaps I just need to “lighten” up abit. 

New Year’s is a symbolic chance for change; a new beginning, new thought process, new outlook on life, new resolutions etc. In all honesty,  I’m yet to accomplish all of my resolutions I set out at the beginning of any year. #busted. I’ve achieved some and it felt great but I want to achieve it all.

This year I’m making a conscious effort to do something different and more meaningful. Something that I will remember. This year, at 00:00 I will be lighting a sky lantern, attaching to it a list of things that I am letting go of in order to make space for new achievements. I will be spending this new year with close friends and family in a back yard with the kids. 

I have rearranged my room and have put some effort into making it look “pretty”. 

I am starting my Banting lifestyle. I am reading more and I will sit and plan out all the projects I’m taking on and what’s needed from me. I’m setting new religious goals and wanting to get closer to the almighty, wear my scarf more, pray more, practice good faith, and love unconditionally.

It’s been no doubt one heck of a year. Work overload, weight issues, ex husband and his wife drama, A visit to my sons grave after 3 years. Personally, I think it’s a year where I got to do and express things that I never got the chance to in the past. Ive lost a lot of people but have gained such an amazing few. 2016 has confirmed, in the midst of its chaos, who my real friends are and there is no better feeling knowing people care for you sincerely! 

So use these last few hours, in a sober state, to reflect on what physical changes you’re going to make in the New year and do those very things. 

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I concur. 

So let’s be the change, physically! 

Some advice and random thoughts of change from just an ordinary girl. 

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Don’t be a hater!

2016 has been a year of bloodshed and injustices.  

It’s been a year where everything moral has been thrown out the window and where we as human’s have lost our humanity.

It’s a year that has proven that we are becoming more and more programmed; like an experiment that has gone well by the elites; typical puppet on string behaviour.

As a 20 something year old trying to make sense of this thing called life, I often find myself asking myself and others “who gave you the right”?

Who gave us the right to look down on other people? To speak about other folks faults?

Who gave us the right to make performances in shops and speak down to waiters, sales associates or to impatiently hoot behind the new or very old driver of the car with the huge LEARNER sticker sign on? 

Who gave you the right to wake up each morning and complain, to take your job lightly or to make everybody miserable because you have to work on a Sunday?

Why are  our patience limits decreasing. What is going wrong?What are we doing wrong? 

Sisters fight each other over men, purposely breaking homes and speaking filth about each other. 

Modesty in character and dressing seem to be a thing of the past. 

Instead of us as women building nations we break it down with our shade throwing. 

We no longer strive to be the Mother Theresa’s of our nations but rather like the kardashians. We invest money in superficial things and focus less on building up our communities and the less fortunate. 

Brothers are killing their own to “pick up a number” and to “make a name” for themselves. They focus more on what they wear than what their children eat. Invest more in superficial things rather than on theirs or their kids education.

Are we really progressing as a nation? 

Im not gonna call the government out on this one simply because I feel this is a humanity issue. Every day in some part of the world we reading up on or hearing about  folk being murdered in an injust and brutal manner. Folk being killed because of the colour of their skin, job description, religion, gender or race. It’s bogus. It’s evil!


Not quiet sure I’m only but a 20 something year old.

But what I can say is that conformity must fall. I say that we should stop being programmed by the elites of this world and start walking in purpose of what God has created us for. 

We are all human, we all have blood running through our veins. We are all from dust and we are all going to return to just that one day.

It’s about time (to listen to boom shaka yes) and also to set ourselves free. Because being free is a state of mind and for far too long we have been made to think other wise. 

It’s about time we worry less about other people’s imperfections and start focusing on our own. Time to celebrate each others achievements and stop being so conceited making ourselves believe its only about us. It’s time to stop being selfish and start asking ourselves “Who gave you the right” It’s time we humble ourselves and gain our humanity back. 

As I always say, we’ve tried everything else…it now starts with you and I!

Don’t be a hater, change that bulb and let’s spread light and all things good  across this ever so deceiving world.

Posted from just an ordiary girl.

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Help and be helped

It feels like just the other day that I wrote this. Its now 4 months that im apart of the Bright Stars mentorship programme and it has been nothing less than life changing.

I was a little sceptical in the begining; having been given a 12 year old, I often questioned if I’ll be skilled enough. I mean I barely can make sense of whats going on in my life lol.

It is amazing how just showing up, every week for as little as an hour can change you and the life of another human being!

We draw, write, read, colour talk about music, have picnics, play games etc.

My mentee is an absolute star. She is a bright little 12 year old that loves reading, and loves Maths and Life skills. Her ambition in life is to become a social worker. When asked why that, she says: ” to help children like me”. I was in awe.

I went into this initiative with the intention of helping….but she’s helped me in ways I cant even begin to explain. I am adored and loved unconditionally. What more could any human being possibly ask for?

My Birthday Gift

These little gestures; this was by birthday present: a Card, a gift she had received from her previous bday and an award ahe received last year…all she had but she gave it to me.❤

My "Mothers day" card

I told her about some of the hardships I’ve been through; the loss of my son a few years ago. She cried and opened up about some of her tough times. And on mothers day, this was my card.

A random card

I love writing and so we’ve kinda got into the habit of writing each other letters or cards from time to time.

My get-well-soon card

I was hospitalised for about 3 weeks in April and couldnt make my weekly visits with her. She sent this with one of my fellow mentors.

A random thank you

Some time back she was having an issue with her Maths, we worked on it and she’s doing alot better now. We read almost every week and she loves it. I started taking my nieces with me coz i believe they must grow up with the mentality of sharing. With a willness to help and be helped. They enjoy her company and she adores them. We even went for a picnic on the beach.

Busy with our sand castle
The final product. Such fun

In trying to teach her that she can be anything she wants to be, it has ignited a spark in me that has been dormant for way too long. A spark that doesnt know mediocre. I have the urge and will to make a difference, one act of kindness at a time. One person at a time…Change starts with Me.