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#DFH #32

Dear future husband,

We need to save, save to travel, save to buy things for our home. Save to spoil our parents and kids and those close to us. Save to study further or landscape our back yard even.

You will soon know that I love decorating things. I love unusual things and doing things that aren’t average. Because I’m far from average (kidding). But I do love buying stuff and DIYing. 

 Can we save? But not to not spend. Our savings must have purpose. We must make goals and things we want to experience and then work together to help each other achieve those things. We must enjoying spending our savings so that it can all be worth while.

Can we do a bucket list; one for me and one for you. Then we save up to do one from my list and then yours and so forth…

It will be new for me but I know that doing anything with you will be far greater than any anxiety I may have. I know that I will beable to trust you and hope that this will be equally fulfilling for you as it will be for me.

A thought, from your future wife