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The truth behind the title 


So day two of the Blogging fundamentals course (that I swore I will do until it is over, ‘coz I suck at sticking to these things) is to put some thought into your site identity; name, tag line etc. and then also to blog about the actual title and how it all started. The idea of the blog was actually a very good friend of mine’s idea, she always enjoyed my writing and really pushed me to set up a blog. 

She believes in me more than I do myself at times 🙈 S/O to my Zan Zan 🙂

So here’s my truth.

TAY TELLS was actually a title put together thanks to a group effort. ( no judgement)

My name is Tasneem and one of my nicknames is Tay. We then took into consideration that I didn’t just have one category that I wanted to blog about and so we sat and ran through names. I wanted my blog title to represent me but also to be catchy and something I would be proud of in the years to come. ( You know how we go through those weird phases and then regret most of the things years later, yeah! didn’t want that happening)

A good friend of mine suggested TAY TELLS (: and I was like “light bulb” moment for that idea (lol). It represented me and didn’t confine me to just one category or topic to blog about. #Bingo

Team work is everything lol.

The first part of the tag line was actually suggested by a very talented lyricist and beat-maker who happens to be a very good friend of mine. And trust him to come up with “time tells all, but tay tells too.” Such a talented bugger I tell ya and he knows what a chatterbox I am so it was really fitting.

So I was like D’star, I need a catchy tag line for my blog, this was after I had spent hours, if not days, trying to come up with something. I promise you, in less than 5 minutes of me asking him, he came up with it. I was envious yet grateful at the same time. Envious at how creative he was and in a such a short time too and grateful because that tag felt right, my struggle was over. #Angelssing

Yes yes, lol I did contribute something towards my tag, even if it was a small part, the second part of my tag line: “Authenticity is the ultimate sophistication.

I firmly believe in being yourself and being authentic and true to who YOU are, even if it doesn’t sit well with others. For me, that is #winning defined! It is indeed the ultimate sophistication and that’s the message I want to convey. I want to spread love and light by reminding us that we are enough and we are our own kind of beautiful and that we all have something special to offer the world, annnd lots more but i’m sure you get the picture.

So yeah, that’s the truth behind my site title and tag line. Not at all as interesting as I once thought telling this story would be, but that’s Tay Tells for you.

How did you come with yours?

Walking down memory lane with just an ordinary girl.

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Part of the blogging course that I’m doing , takes one through the fundamentals of basic photography.

The first task was to capture an image that looks like home to you.

heres mine:


This is captured with my iPhone SE back camera.

When I walk through the front door, this what I see and that’s when I know, I’m home.

bag down, shoes off, and feet up.


Girl power, Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

Who am I?

My name is Tasneem Amos and I  am a twenty something year old female from Durban, South Africa.

I am currently a Client Relationship Manager at one of the leading medical insurance groups in South Africa and am a soon-to-be student, hoping to get my BA in communication science.

I enjoy reading, writing, blogging, cooking and baking, listening to music, socializing, public speaking, hanging out with friends and family and trying new things. I’m drawn to anything that allows me to express myself artistically.

I am an aspiring author and blogger, I’ve been blogging for about two years but really only got INTO it recently. I would love to one day do a photography course just for hobby sake.

I was married and now divorced and lost my son at birth four years ago. This actually inspired me to start writing and has helped me in my healing process. I write when I’m sad, angry, happy or even confused.

The  purpose of my blog is to write about things that affect normal folk like myself, whether it’s about  love, life, beauty, music, work etc.

it’s a place where we don’t judge, we own our flaws and do not conform to the sometimes absurd norms of society. We focus on the little things that can make one happy and appreciative.

I would love you to join me on my journey to self discovery through me blogging. I’ve signed up for blogging courses and this piece about myself was the first assignment to put out (:

So welcome, that’s pretty much all to know about me. I’m human, I make mistakes, I cry then laugh. I’m moody, I’m colourful, I’m me (:

a wonderful Wednesday to you all.

a truthful post from just an ordinary girl