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#QOTD #35

Keeping up with the lessons learned from fairytales and gaining a better understanding as to why I’m so drawn to one particular fairytale (Cinderella) more than the rest, here’s another quote I simply adore. 

The greatest risk any of us will take, is to be seen as who we are.

~ Cinderella 

The greatest and most rewarding risk I say.

I truelly believe that we are only free, once we don’t allow what people think of us, affect us.

In a world that demands you to think, feel, look and act in a certain way, it’s becoming more and more difficult to see somebody stay true to who they are. And when you do, it is just simply amazing. 

We all go through a phase where we lose sleep over what others may think or say about us. That phase where we will do or wear a certain thing just to fit in. If you’ve never been affected by this, lol kudos to you. But I can definitely relate.

Now though, I really couldn’t be bothered with what folk have to say because remaining true to my self and who I am will always take first presidence! 

I do whatever feels good within my soul, even if it doesn’t fit the norm or standards of society. I wear whatever feels good on the day, whether it’s tracks, a tee and slops or whether it’s the prettiest dress with the cutest of sandals. I brush my hair when I feel like and then other days I don’t bother. My make up will be on fleek some days and then on others, I leave the house make-upless ( not sure if that’s a word but it’s fitting). I do what I need to do for ME and never have I been more comfortable in my own skin. 
I also have been really insecure about my weight. It’s a struggle I’ve been battling out for years now. This still bothers me from time to time however, I’ve realized that if I can’t love myself the way I am now, how do I expect anybody else to love me the way that I am and so whilst losing weight to be healthier is still a thing to do, I’m learning to love myself the way that I currently am, curves, extra rolls and all!
It’s an amazing feeling, not being consumed by what other people think, say or feel when it comes to you. I reckon when and only when you’re comfortable and happy with yourself are you then able to be happy and comfortable and around and with others.

  1. Be who you are meant to be. 
  2. BeYOUtiful. 
  3. Be the original version of yourself and not a copy of somebody else. It’s worth loads more! 

You were put on this earth for a purpose, stay true to that purpose. For there will only ever be one you! 

❤️|💡and 🌈 from just an ordinary girl 

Go on with your exclusive self (: 

Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

Are you trying to be like the world?


Whilst our world is leading to a point of no morals,values, ethics or beliefs it is important for us to find our own identity and stand tall and grounded. As time goes on, doesn’t it seem like this gets so much harder to do. 

We live in a world quick to critisize you when you don’t do what it wants you to do. You are deemed as less or non worthy or cool in the eyes of those who measure their successes in others. 

It’s quiet sad if you ask me but that’s all I’m going to say about it because personally I’m trying to stay in my own lane.

What I do believe though is that Nobody’s going to remember you if your sole purpose is to be like somebody else ; doing what they do, wearing what they wear, speaking how they speak, believing in what they believe or even driving what they drive and just cause! 

I think the most attractive and strongest people are those who remain true to themselves even when the world tells them they’re crap or not worthy; who are comfortable in their own skin even when the world sees but doesn’t acknowledge their sparkle and those who measure their successes on where they were yesterday and doesn’t see life as competition or race. 

Religion is important, morals, values, modesty and ethics is important! And it is okay if you don’t fit in…it means you’re doing something right.

Go out there and be the best version of yourself. You are BeYOUtiful, you are YOUnique and you are worthy! There is only one you…rock it 😎