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“The rose that grew from concrete”

Yeaaapp!!!! Tupac Amaru Shakur…a legend of note.

13.09.2015 marked his 19 year death anniversary and inspired this post much.


For those of you who don’t know much about the rapper, dancer, actor, legend himself, which I seriously doubt because I mean like who doesn’t know this dude???? …here’s some brief info on him!

Born to Afeni Shakur back in 1971 on June the 16th ( yeap on youth day) Tupac is today known as a hip hop legend whose lyrics were often relating to and inspired by growing up amid hardships, violence, racism, life in the ghetto and other social problems.

MC New York ( a name he went by when he 1st started out) soon became popular and him having sold over 75 million albums world wide has earned him his “legend” title. 

To many Pac was an inspiration. Back in his day, to the boys in the hood’s around the world and even to today’s “best” artists like Cole and Kendrick. Tupac ‘s work spoke truth…and that’s something that doesn’t ever “go out of fashion”

I personally am a huge fan. I remember being very little…6 or 7 maybe and back then there were ” cassette players” and I remember watching my dad ” pause ” and “play” his songs over and over trying to get the lyrics down to paper…and being the sponge and super super curious child I was…I picked up on those lyrics too… Yeap, play that dear mama track and I can rap every word down to the last pause!

This soon became the norm and back then if you were a girl that could rap to 2pac …lol you earned your right to chill with the boys!!! But as I grew older…having experienced life’s curve balls and having bare witness to a series of traumatic events… 2pac’s lyrics became more than just a pass to the cool kids club… it became my go-to place…like “somebody gets me” …

I would often play “Keep your head up” and “heaven ain’t hard to find” as a means of motivations and when I needed to vent I would play “Hit em up” and rap those words with so much conviction…but after I was done…I was good. And till today, my play list still includes his music and this is still the way I vent to calm down and is still my go-to place.

Whilst there are many speculations around 2pac having being killed back in 1996 and him hiding… if ever you needed to know what true Art is… look at his work. His poetry. His movies…. the cutting truth beneath it all. He is Art personified!


That rose he sure was….long live the rose that grew from concrete…he is living vicariously through each of us!

May your soul rest in peace Pac….much love!


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Did someone say BREEZY????


For all who know me, you would know Christopher Maurice Brown is me. I simply adore him, for many reasons other than his sensual voice and frisk dance moves. I feed off and seek inspiration from him, to always be real and always give my 200%in everything that I do.

(Check out my wall paper.)



Recently all his hype and energy is focused on his baby girl Royalty, his album that’s scheduled to drop later on in this year…


And his “One hell of a night” tour.


Many have asked why haven’t I done a music review on him as yet since they know how much I adore him and how “upto date I am” with his ” who’s , what’s, when’s, why’s and how’s.. ”

Yes! I attended his concert here in Durbs on the 04.04.2015…1 night I will NEVER forget… it was my first (time at a concert) and he took it…. ( my concertINITY (concert virginity)#Giggles
I was in awe when I saw him in the flesh…I teared, which isn’t something I easily do…felt like such a


Nevertheless…I wanted this post to be perfect…to be worthy and so I decided to do it now.

It’s his recent achievements or rather the recent “sum-up” of his achievements, that inspired this post…what better way to pay tribute to an artist by speaking and acknowledging his successes? not many artist can ever manage to be as successful as he is after commiting the past mistakes he’s made and THAT in its own is admirable…you can hate him,but you can’t hate his hustle…Zandy B says.

Born in Tappahannock Virginia, to Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown.


..on the 05.05.1989, Breezy broke into the industry as a heart felt teenage sensation back in 2005 and has since grown an empire. From music to dance to art to basketball to entrepreneurship…( his own clothing line AND he owns Burger king franchises…doesn’t he just get awesomer?????!!!!) Maurice can Def. claim it all!

He’s achieved so much in these past 10 years it is unreal.


Just to name a few…

● 10 million albums sold world – wide
● 60 million singles sold world wide.
● 3.5 billion you tube views.
● 2.3 billion audio streams.
● 19 #1 Hits
● 1 Grammy award for F.A.M.E album and 31 nominations.
● 2012 ans 2014 most played artist on Rythym Fm.
● Most successful male crossover 3 years in a row… these figures are nothing short of admirable and Breezy is a real force to reckon with..
Not forgetting to mention his fans! #ThankYouTeamBreezy

His up-coming album is said to one of HIS best and will be titled “Royality” , I predict “we” are going to achieve loads more with this album and I for one am waiting in anticipation. We can also expect his video for ” LIQUOR ” to be dropped soonest and the buzz and hype around his recent single featuring Rita Ora- Body on me, is very much alive!!!

Whilst he still faces personal challenges. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours and enourage and applauds his work ethic.

That’s all for now that Tay will be telling. 

Wishing you all a fantastical weekend.

Loads of Breezy Love

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