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#QOTD #28

Today’s quote is one that makes so much of logical sense, definitely one to widen our perspectives.


Albert Einstein once said:

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish 🐟 by its ability to climb a tree 🌲 , it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

Now how absurd would that be: judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree right?
Similarly, we cannot judge people based on what we FEEL or THINK is right.

I can relate to this so much. We could never understand why my baby brother just didn’t do well in school, academically. He would pass subjects like Maths but fail English and Afrikaans. Yet today, he stands as a junior chef that is quickly gaining popularity because of his skill and work ethic in the kitchen.

Who would have thought? We thought he was doomed because he couldn’t do one grade just once, he always repeated and didn’t even complete his matric!

Some people fight different struggles, they have different habitats and background stories. It really isn’t about where they are, but rather, where they are going. Then, we put them in situations that they’re just not cut out for, Whether it’s academically, socially or even professionally. It doesn’t make them any less of a person, it simply means that God created a different path for them, he gave them a different gift to bless the world with, an essential gift just for them.

Let’s remember this whenever we feel we’re about to judge a person’s ability to do something that maybe is just not set out for them.



An insightful quote shared by just an ordinary girl 

Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

#QOTD #5

Sometimes in life, we become so overwhelmed with situations we’re dealing with that it becomes so easy to just become complacement.

We lose our drive , our tenacity and that X factor that we were once known for when we were younger.

We get so consumed by mistakes that we make, that we forget how to constructively move pass them. 

It is at these moments that we should persevere to do something different; that’s out of our comfort zone. It is at this point that we should make a conscious decision to look at the situations from a different perspective and mentally prepare and encourage ourselves to do so.

As the ever-so intelligent Albert Einstein has said:

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Let us challenge ourselves and try something new always. For any expereince makes for a great teacher 😊💋

These quotes inspired me on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Love and light,

From Just an ordinary girl