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#QOTD: Princess edition #1

This weekend I ate and did things that I hardly ever eat or do.

We went to a food night market on Friday, blog to follow soon, and then I slept over at my cousins and watched movies for the rest ( I actually watched more than one movie). 

One of the movies that we rented was the new Smurfs, this just brought out the inner child in me. I LOVE animations. Like, you’d find me watching the Disney channel on the few occasions that I do watch the Telly. 

Anyway, this really brought out the child in me and I figured, why not align it with #QOTD; bringing us simple affirmations and reminders that I can guarantee will be relatable to most.

Over the next few posts, we will be quoting phrases from our Disney Princesses ( because it’s women’s month) and then we will explore some phrases from other Disney characters as well. 

Today’s #QOTD is fitting because it’s so cold and dull in Durban, and it goes: 

Remember, you’re the one that can fill the world with sunshine ☀️ 

~ Snow White 

You know I’m all about purpose and motivation and validation and escalation and all those “tions”. I absolutely agree with Snow White.

You were born with a purpose and that purpose, the world needs to see, hear, feel and even smell (: Never ever forget this. You can very well be the one that brings sunshine to a person’s life, your home, work place or anywhere that you go.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week thus far. 

♥️|🌈 always, from just an ordinary girl 

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Queen: I Salute U

Aaah I love my queens! 

My powerful queens, my queens loyal to the queen code! My hard working queens, my queens holding their thrones down all on their own! 
I love my beautiful queens, my original queens , my queens that are okay with staying in their own lane.

I love my queens that are true to themselves, my God-fearing queens, my supportive and elevating queens. My chocolate-eating queens.
I love my one-man queens, my patient queens, my kind and persevering queens. My goal-oriented queens. My imperfect, flaw-filled queens.
I love my soulful queens, my studying queens, my queens who are in touch with their inner-child queens. My sneaker-wearing queens, my non-judgemental queens. My passive queens, my stretch-marked, plus size queens. My no-brushing hair queens. 

I love my talented, good food-loving queens. I love my written and spoken word queens. Oh I love my poetic queens, my corporate queens. My queens staying true to their faith queens. My extra and introvert queens.

I love my community- work doing queens. I mentor queens, my queens nursing and teaching. I love my entrepreneurial queens, my stay@home queens. My dancing, child-bearing queens. My skinny, small built queens!

I love my queens that stay true to their hustle queens. My hijab-wearing queens. My queens leading the nation. God! Thank you for this fine creation.

Queen, I salute you.  You possess power, you’re gem and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Share this with a queen That you love. 

Love and light from just an ordinary queen 👸 

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Student 101: Essentials of planning 

Failing to plan is planning to fail 

~ unknown

So after the eventful weekend and a Monday off, it was back to the grind; the chaos, the admin… you know how it goes. 

I also received my study material from the University of South Africa (UNISA). I was so eager to go through everything that as soon as I got home and prepared supper, I dived right into it… 

And then I got so overwhelmed sigh! 

I had to remind self that we’ve been here before and others have too, and they’ve been ok, so we’ll be ok. Self calmed down and then I decided to start working constructively. 

One thing I’ve taken away from the corporate world that brilliantly applies to managing ones studying, is planning. I honestly am guilty of taking this for granted and not giving it the importance it deserves. 

Once you learn to plan, you plan to succeed. You are aware of deadlines, you’re more organized, you are able to manage your time to ensure that whatever needs to be done, gets done.

And so I decided to start with reading through my tutorial letters, marking the assignment pages for each module with little sticky notes and then plotted it on a year planner (UNISA sent me one, you can make one if you don’t have an already printed one) 

I colour coded mine to make it easier to identify what’s due when at first glance and well to make it more colourful (: I then pinned it up on my wardrobe.

I have a key ( as you can see right on top) indicating which colour represents which module. All entries marked with “1” are placed on their respective due dates. These are one of two assignments for each module this semester. All entries marked with 2, are placed on their respective due dates and these are the second assignments due for each module in this semester. 

Finally, all entries marked “exams” are placed on the days that I’m set to write and the times. 

You can plot this on your phone if you’re more tech savvy, jot it in your diary, schedule emails to yourself or set reminders if you will…. just plan (: 

If you would like to adopt a similar method to mine, here’s the things that you would need:

  • Year planner 
  • Sticky notes ( various colours to colour code the various modules)
  • Pair of scissors 
  • Sellotape 
  • Pen
  • Your study material

You could even plot your assignments and exam dates by writing with different colour pens if you wish. It really is up to you. 

Today’s quote is therefore dedicated to the essentials and importance of planning. This may apply to any project, your job or simple goals or simple things that you’d like to do around the house. #justplan

Hope this helps Xx 

Love and light from just an ordinary girl Xx

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Cafe’ hopping: The Antique cafe’

I honestly did not know that durban has such amazing cafe’s! Life outside from under the rock is so fulfilling! 

I had plans to get my electronic student card, only to be told that they only do those from Tuesday onwards… 

Decided to check out another cafe that my cousin was raving about: The antique cafe. 

Boy am I not sorry that I tried this place out. If you’re looking for a mello, low-key, Italian vintage kinda vibe, this is the place for you. 

Also situated in the heart of durbs, this place oozes creativity. Who would ever think that mismatched things could compliment each other so well?

They have books, antiques, flowers and clothes on sale too! 

The Menu prices are fair, we tried out their chai tea latte’s, toasted rye cheese and tom samies with sweet potatoe fries and then ended it off with a yummy slice of baked cheesecake. Bill including the tip was R160. 00. 

It took a while for us to get served however, The owner is amazingly sweet and the hospitality thereafter was amazing. Oh! And they have free wifi too 😉 so all that made the wait worthwhile 🙂

For contact details, address and menu details click here

Make sure to pop in, I promise you will not be disappointed.

♥️|🌈 and all things 🍭 from just an ordinary girl. 

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Cafe’ hopping : The freedom cafe 

In a desperate attempt to get a decent chai latte, a very good sister friend and I decided to search for a cafe joint in durbs where we could get one.

With the studying underway, I suggested we try out a new joint each Sunday where I can work on assignments over a cuppa coffee and her, read a book. 

This week we tried out the Freedom Cafe’ 

Situated in the heart of Durban, this place is the epitome of peace. It’s serene surrounding and calm vibes make it the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon chill , a place to free your thoughts or midweek breather. 

Their menu is well priced ( 2x chai latte’s plus the tips AND a role of sweets = R55.00), their staff are so pleasant and design is as vintage and retro as they come. 

How gorj?

For their menu and contact details, please click here

Feel free to share a selfie and your thoughts or, to make any suggestions on places we should consider.

♥️|🌈 and all things 🍭from just an ordinary girl 

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Mama, I think Im making it 

For those of you who know me, know that I tell my story, not for pity or praise but rather in hope that it may grant somebody the courage to keep on going.

2013-2014: loss of my son, my gran, my marriage and my other gran. 

I had to adapt to being single, broke, dependent; a statistic, a divorcee…at such a young age. Having to move back home was soothing but not comfortable. Dealing with emotions, with your self esteem scraping the floor, and not having your loved ones around isn’t easy for any young women. I felt it all. I was out of job and having always been independent … this was so difficult to adjust to; having to depend on mum and dad again for my bare necessities and depending on them emotionally and mentally. All while , people my age were out there, doing their thing and making something of themselves . I felt useless and dumb.

I was a rising star, they all said. Full of potential. I  excelled in school, top student in college and with just 6months to finish my Diploma in Journalism and Media studies,  I couldn’t continue because of my high risk pregnancy with Mik. 

As a jobless , heart-broken and childless divorcee, I really was at the brink of hopelessness. Just lived through each day, allowed myself to go through the motions, stayed single and I kept praying. 

In January of 2014, I started at the company I’m currently at. I made a promise to myself that I would never allow myself to be at the point I was once at. That i would not take any opportunity for granted again. 

Still having to deal with the psychological ordeals of the passed two years, it was work in progress. Fast forward 3 years later and I stand having had 2 promotions, paying for my own car, paid off most of my debt, found myself and my faith, recently started dating again, allowing myself to love again and most recently, begining my studying journey.

I received confirmation on the 25th of July 2017 that I had been approved for a bursary that I had applied for through work. I was so ecstatic! Couldn’t believe that it’s finally happening you know? Then, Having received confirmation of my registration for a BA in Communication Science, it literally made me emotional, I cried. I literally felt so overwhelmed and all I did was thank God, tell my loved ones and cried. 

To many, being accepted in University is a norm, not a biggy, just  the way of life but Not to me it isn’t, this is a life line, an opportunity to grow and work towards my goals. This is my blessing and I’m sure as hell claiming it.

When you just one person trying to mend your life, things like this don’t just happen. Having to put the pieces of the puzzle of your life together again, previously alone and broke… not so glam hey! Especially when you so used to having one bad thing happen to you after another. 

But I got yet another chance to prove that I’m worth it. That I do have potential , that I have a story to tell and people to help, that I still need help because I am human. This is my reminder to remain humble and never to forget where I come from.

I only have God, my family and friends to thank, for the constant support and faith in me. Believe me when I say this: I wouldn’t have been here today if it wasn’t for you.

So look out for new blogs relating to studying and all it entails. I look forward to the “what the hell did I get myself into” nights, the “burning of the midnight oil” nights, the confusion, frustration and exhaustion. I can already invision my graduation day 👨‍🎓😍

Every cloud has a silver lining, I’m finally seeing mine. 

Dearest, valued human. Keep pushing; passed the hurt, anger,  and hopelessness. I promise you it will all be worth it. 

Mama! I think I’m making it 

Love and light from just an ordinary student 😊

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#QOTD #56

” Life is short, but there is always time for courtesy” 

~ Ralph Emerson

Common courtesy, most of us have it but choose not to practice it! 

Being in quite a trying time and just trying to keep my spirit and character goals afloat, I am truelly alarmed at the lack of regard and courtesy our world has.

I can’t understand why though, because It really is the little things that count. The “thank you’s”, the affectionate smiles, the appreciation and simple acknowledgements, the responding to text messages or returning of calls, the communication, the good mornings or have a good days. 

I always say that even if you may not prefer somethings that people do for you, if it’s done with a good heart, and pure intention… show appreciation; a little thank you and a warm smile is really all that’s needed. Being rude, arrogant and showing now regard for anybody’s efforts is childish and lacks character if you ask me.

The water is our courage 😊🌻🙌🏼

With a world that’s moving towards an “I don’t give an eff about you or anything” attitude, common courtesy is on the brink of extinction sigh. The thought of it hurts my heart really. 

Can we try to savour this please, by just making a conscious effort to show courtesy when it’s due and even when we don’t feel like it. It’s like a muscle that needs exercise. Please? 

A humble plea and I’m putting it out there that I am making a bigger effort to be courteous.

♥️|🌈 and all things 🍭 from just an ordinary concerned girl 

*picture courtesy of Google*