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Life lessons: Gran edition

Some of the lessons my Ma Una taught me it, both by advise and her actions, is what I live by today. 

These lessons have seen me through the darkest moments life had to offer me and has molded me into the being that I am today,

They are: 

• Walk with grace 

• People give you nothing, be real.

• Always have faith 

• Fake no lovers, buy no friends

• When anything goes wrong, turn to God or…food! 

• The less you speak, the more you actually say! 

• What the right hand does the left hand shouldn’t know about. 

• How much you is how much you don’t know.

•Don’t be a mime; always show people that you are one better.

• Don’t dwell in pain, let it become your teacher by letting go and letting God.

• Charity starts at home.

• And lastly, it costs you nothing to be nice.

Juma Mubarak Almal and happy Friday!!!

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The right people will come along

There comes a time when you just have to lay down what u want and cut all the BS in between out. Who ever has a problem with it…shouldn’t be in ur circle of awesomeness.

Life is way to short to be teaching people to love and appreciate you… the right ones will automatically be like magnets and connect with u. Flaws and all.

And if they wanna leave. You shouldn’t force em to stay. Bid farewell.  Wish em well…and continue on your journey …its the way of the world. No body said it would be easy or fair but that’s why he have God right? Right!

So. Anger. Revenge. Hate. Aren’t emotions we want to be festering.we want peace. Happiness. Love and it all starts with you and your thoughts. So start selecting them!

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Pain is inevitable and demands to be felt.


Pain is inevitable and demands to be felt.

It sometime gets so overwhelming because all you wanna do is just wallow in your sorrows n cry. All u wanna do is let the pieces fall. U wanna question and u wanna hurt those hurting u.

but what iv learnt is that even at this point…its important to keep it all together and seek comfort In knowing all happeneds for a reason. Take the lessons and good memories and allow it to help and aid your self growth …

my self – development goal is to be a better person than I was yesterday…be happier. Be more apreciative. Be honest. Be open to critics. Right my wrongs . To be more helpful and more considerate than I was yesterday…and u can’t grow without experience.

So whilst right now it may seem like “My world is ending” know that all happens for a reason.

Here’s to being better people than we were yesterday. Better friends. Better partners. Here’s to being a happier and righteous you and me. :)#GottaSmileThroughItAll#KeepYourHeadUp#WeArentPerfectAndThatsOkay#GrowingAlways

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Topic 27 : 30 Day blog challenge

If i could have lunch with one person in history who would it be and what would I eat?

Would definately be Mother Teresa. She’s not from my faith but boy did she portray everything my faith teaches me. I would choose her because she’s a woman and would be able to relate.

To be quite honest …I see us eating rice and dhall or something simple…specifically eating with our hands…lol can’t see us eating chicken arabiata or something fancy …I don’t think I would even be hungry I’d wanna feed off her aura and absorb as many lessons as I could.

Who would you have lunch with?

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Topic 26: 30 Day blog challenge.

What is the one thing people often misunderstand about you?

For me, it’s the ability to express myself,  whenever I go it, it always seems to them as if I’m fighting or just wanting my own way…

Which is not necessarily the case, I am domineering in character I won’t walk away from that. But I believe as adults you should be able to communicate even things that are volitile and should be able to do it in a dignified manner. 

I have no problem expressing myself. It often comes across as the above or that I think I know it all…for a long time i tried working on it Coz lots of people always got it wrong…but then I realised I am who I am. And the right people will accept me with my #NoFilter and will know ultimately it’s about resolution and not ego or anything else.

So yeah… this mouth of mine tends to get me misunderstoooddd quite alot

Happy Monday ya”ll

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