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We Are One Festival: 4th edition loading…

Jacinta Media has done it again. The We Are One Festival is back for its 4th year.

The festival aims to unite people through sports, culture and entertainment and that objective has successfully been met over the past three years. This year’s festival promises to bring all that and more.

The festival is set to take place on the weekend of 15-16 June 2019 and is one you do not want to miss out on.

June 15th is the cultural walk, which starts at the Rydavale sports grounds in Phoenix and ends at the Princess Magogo stadium in Kwa Mashu. Be sure to register For FREE by clicking here

There after, you can cool off with some sport, music and entertainment! Check the line up below

June 16th, you can expect a blazing line-up of entertainment.

This year the festival is giving local and upcoming artists a chance to showcase their sauce. Together with sensations like Sjava, Holly Rey, Emtee, Sho Madjozi, Thee Legacy, DJ Happy Gal and many more local flames, this year’s festival will surely be one to go down in the books.

Get your tickets at CompuTicket now.

R100.00 gets you in and if you wanna be alil extra #wink. Upgrade and get your VIP ticket at just R250.00.

Check the line up below:

The June 16th We Are One Festival line up

Upcoming artists that will be performing

Last but certainly not the least and my favourite of them all, the Fun Fair #whoopwhoop.

Be sure to bring the kids or to bring out the kid you!

Add a pep in your step, get the wind blowing in your hair, Or, just get a real cute selfie with the carnival magic behind you 😁…

Entry to the funfair is again FREE. Just make sure the little ones are supervised.

With so much flavour and tons in store for you, me, dad and the kids. Let’s meet up and make it a youth / fathers day mash-up.

Visit the We Are One Festival Facebook page for more updates. Click here and be sure to show up so we can make it show down!

Love and carnival light always, from just an ordinary girl 💋

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Our coloured boy makes history 

A few weeks ago I posted up some of my feelings around being coloured and how we are so marginalized for everything in this country, you can click Here to read the post if you haven’t read it  as yet.

Wayde Van Niekerk, the 24 year old Coloured from Cape Town, broke the Olympic world record for the 2016 men’s 400m race, finishing off in a striking 43.03 seconds.

I don’t personally know Wayde but this achievement brought so much of joy to my heart, my family, my community and my entire race. I’ve witnessed coloureds all over the country update their profile pictures and status updates, singing praises and making memes. I have witnessed hope and positivity; things I haven’t seen in us for a very long time. 

Congratulations Wayde! You have evoked confidence and hope in your people. 

What was alarming though was that coloureds are being gunned down on social media with a whole lot of hate speech and with comments like “race done matter, he’s South African” or ” why are yourl so excited now that a coloured has won” and more.

Well this is what I have to say all of you people… 

You can’t tell us in a country where we have to constantly tick a race box whenever we apply for anything that race don’t matter! 

I, personally celebrate victory irrespective of race, I celebrated Luvo’s achievement but I will not lie and say that Waydes achievement didn’t feel like it was closer to home for me because it did feel closer to home.

To see a young coloured boy make it and not just make it but break world records brings hope to me. A coloured  role model for our kids who only see drugs, gangs and violence. 

It is inspirational for my people and every other race but so much more for my people because we are often handed a raw deal and even with that he has risen above it and has gone beyond… So I can’t understand what the problem is! 

When we voiced up against the minister of sport not giving Wayde an official welcome home after winning a gold medal in Beijing last year, don’t know what I’m talking about? Click Here to read more… There was no hype created, most people didn’t even know who he was or what he had just achieved but we as coloureds in other parts of the country were sharing  and making posts go viral… demanding answers and demanding that he gets the publicity he deserved. 

Where was the rest of the country? What happened to “he’s South African” then? Why weren’t the rest of the country interested in him then or the minister of Sports giving him his official welcome home? Why didn’t media houses think it was something huge to cover well I will leave that for you to ponder over.

So yes, we all would love to live in a country where race doesn’t matter but until processes and legislation changes…unfortunately race will always matter.

We are grateful that the nation is celebrating this victory because Wayde deserves that and so much more but please leave our people to enjoy this as much as we deserve too. 

It really isn’t a crime to show your love and support without insulting a Bushie you know! 

And well that’s all I have to say and once again , congratulations to Wayde and the South African Olympic Team. 

Posted by just an ordinary Coloured girl. 

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“Hello, Im Marcus”_Player profile


Well hello there Marcus, pleased to meet you!!!! 😈

It has been so long since I’ve watched and enjoyed a Man Untd game. Sunday, the 28 February 2016 changed that for me. I was jumping and screaming for joy.

Forget us winning, but our boys played with heart, set each other up for victory and played as a team…very similar to the old Unitd style of football.

Today however, im going to focus on the man of the match( or boy if you wish): Marcus Rashford.

Marcus in action

For those of you who dont know him, worry not, here’s a brief history.

This young soccer beaut was born in Wythenshawe Manchester on 31 October 1997.

He started playing the sport at the tender age of 5 and played for club: Fletcher Moss Rangers. He later joined Manchester United in 2005 at the age of 7!

Marcus Rashford made the U16 National team in 2012-2013 and later the U18 National team in 2014-2015…we should have known theres some potential there.

He made his first appearance on 25 February 2016 against Midtylland in the 2nd leg of round 32 of the UEFA European league. Scoring 2 of the 5 goals against Midtylland and assisting his team to victory, its a debut any aspiring young athlete dreams about!

PS: he was a late addition to the line up for this match due to Anthony Martial’s injury.

He then made his 2nd appearance on 28 February 2016 against Arsenal. He lead his team to Victory scoring 2 of the 3 goals and assisting with 1. What a way to start off your career!!! (Scoring against Aresenal at the age of) #JawDropper 18💃💃💃💃

Marcus Rashford and Juan Mata celebrating

With his performance he has earned himself the title as being Man United’s youngest scorer in a European competition as well as being the 3rd youngest scorer for Man Untited following Federica Macheda and Danny Welbeck.

It is no wonder he was crowned man of Sundays match against Arsenal and I anticipate watching his performance against Watford tonight!

So if you didnt know Marcus, now you do…lets see what else he has in store for us.

Let us know what you think of him or what your predictions for tonights game will be!

Show Marcus some support and add what are some of his favourable moments for you!

Ciao Bella’s, Ciao Romano’s


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I don’t need to be an expert…


It was a great weekend until now. Incase you didn’t know…I’m a red devil fan. . .and watching that game I’m like totes peed off! Swansea was Def deserving of that win and thats what’s cheesing me off.

We had some good chances. Ball possession and accurate passes. BUT Rooney,1stly…such a disappointment I mean he was even more nonchalant than a player playing a friendly. LVG. Louis Van Gaal….now I don’t need to be an expert to have picked up that Rooney and Memphis didn’t have good games and it showed very early….why the hell weren’t changes made sooner? When even I could predict the equaliser and even the winning goal. Like I cannot fathom! Really!

And then finally…the ref.1st half I sang praises of how fair he played….and it’s as though I spoke too soon…waaay waaaay too soon. I mean if this was the old man united …10 minutes would have been more than enough to equalise and even score a winning goal or 2!

Totes pissed. 

It was dads bday today and the day was overally good day. Watched movies. Chilled. Ate.

Getting ready for the week ahead. I hope it goes better than the game man untd had because really…we really don’t need to be experts to know when our game plan needs to change.

Wonderful week ahead folks.


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