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#DFH #60

Dear future husband 

You need to be prepared to partake in random car pool karaoke sessions. Or “staged” concerts at our home, in our pjs and singing into a hair brush or broom or anything that resembles a mic. 

You need to be the lights, camera and action when we have our cleaning jam sessions. Yes, we will be that couple.

If you’re not gonna join, you must at the very least, be an involved audience. Clap, scream , cheer me on and act like my number 1 groupie. I need to feel the positive energy flowing into my bones.

If you can do this, we will be good to go.

Hands down I will be your number one cheerleader in whatever it is that you do. 


Your crazy future wife 

Girl power, Lifestyle, Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

How do you know if you winning? 

For me, it’s not based on the house you live in, the car you own or the balance of your bank account. 

For me? Winning is the piece of me that I consciously leave behind with every interaction and that piece actually being received. Winning for me is the opposite of perfection, it’s being strong enough to wear your flaws like a diamond necklace and still have people accept you as you are. 

Winning for me is theperception of me that lies with God, my family and friends. It’s my circle. 

This post was inspired by a challenge I accepted. It was a #complimentchallenge going around on FB where, your friends would leave their name and you would need to mention one thing you love about them. 

Ofcause I couldn’t just mention ONE thing, I mean what torture is that! 

I gravitated towards the challenge because celebrating the best in people is what I do and also because my connection with each person I encounter is personal. I latch on to the things in them that we share and that’s how our interactions are always valuable. The things we don’t share widens my perspective so it’s an all round blissful interaction.
It took a turn because whilst I was having fun having mention the thins I love and admire about my friends, their responses literally made my heart melt.


And this ❤️

For a second I thought I was on the wrong thread.🙈 so humbled you guys. 

I love each of you dearly and really appreciate the love and support and encouragement you guys have given me so far on this journey of self mastery I’ve embarked on. 

Whilst the haters will always hate, how can I not be winning with friends and family like these 🙌🏼

Check yourself. That’s how you know you’re winning (: it’s all about true connections.

❤️ and 🌈 always. From just an ordinary , appreciative girl 

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#DFH #59

Dear future husband 

I wanna be able to suggest things like:

“Let’s go outside and watch the stars” or “let’s go play in the rain”  or “let’s plant a garden” or even “let’s have a movie marathon”.

I wanna be able to suggest them confidently knowing that you wouldn’t automatically shut them down. I wanna know that you’d be down to do such things and that you’d only say no if you’re unwell or really have something important (life and death) to do.

I also want you to be comfy asking me to do random stuff, like teach me how to change a tyre or paint or even fix taps.

I’m praying for you and know that I’m praying to be the wife that you deserve. 

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#QOTD #62

Be who you were created to be, not who they think you should be.

~ TayBreezy 

I was reminded yesterday morning, just how short life is, how, in a blink of an eye, you can take your last breath. I was reminded that there are no guarantees in life and in that we should always remain true to God, ourselves and then everyone and everything else. 

This quote was inspired just by this:

It can become very easy to lose ourselves when fitting in is a thing we need to do or after a traumatic experience. We lose sight of who we really are because we allow the thoughts and feelings of others to consume us to a point where we become just like them.

Far too many times I see this and it always leaves an unsettling feeling within. I think I may have even fell victim to this at one point of my life; trying to fit in, please and gain likes.

I see people that would literally do anything, just to be validated and in many cases, by irrelevant people. Then, alas, they lose themselves to what people think they should be, act the way people say they should act and even think the way people programme them to think. 

And then I ask myself Why? ‘Coz You’re beautiful as you are. You’re worthy as you are! 

When you know something is wrong, you have an obligation to attempt to put it right.

If you see the world through your own eyes, you have nothing to be ashamed of. 

If you like blue and all girls supposed to like pink, heck, own the damn blue lol.

Standing out by being yourself may ruffle a few feathers, it may cause people to dislike you but hey, ever heard the saying “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”? … 

And I know It can be real hard sometimes, especially if you’re surrounded by the mediocre type who don’t know who they really are and resort to doing all sorts of things just to be validated. 

But I say, always remind yourself of your purpose and your obligation to God first and if it’s all good between you and him, then you know you’re good.

Let the life you live be an example for those who follow you. No leader in history made it to the history books by being people they’re not, liked by everybody or silenced just for peace sake.

As our ever talented Kendrick would say: we got royalty, got loyalty inside our DNA! 

So Sprinkle that YOUnique dust and don’t let anybody, dull that sparkle. 

Love and light ya’ll

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#QOTD #61

“Fall 7 times, stand up 8”

~ Japanese proverb 

Such a short, yet profound quote. I had to remind you guys of this, coz it moved me this morning. 

I watched a video of Denzel Washington speaking to a group of graduates. He said something that made so much of sense and actually got me thinking. Then I remember this proverb and here we are.

He said that success is all hard work and determination and that there are no shortcuts to success. 

He encouraged this group of graduates to fail big. Because failing big means you have vision, it means that you know where you want to go and you will not stop at anything, to get there. 

He reminded them to make goals; Yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals; so that they’re consumed with their own hustle and struggle and character. Makes sense right? as it eliviates time spent focusing on others. 

What a beautiful speech and very appropriate for the group he was addressing. 

I was reminded of today’s quote. And it made me tell self: “Do not give up“. It reminded me that success comes from falling, dusting yourself off and continuing. Beautiful. 

So, kings and queens!  fall 7 times and be sure to stand up on 8! You got this!

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Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl 


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#QOTD #60

What a restful, beautiful long weekend I had. Slept more than I’ve done in ages, watched more movies in these three days than I have in the whole year and spent some much needed quality time with my mama and my pops.

I think this weekend was needed especially when we consider the saying:

Life doesn’t get easier, but you just get stronger.

– unknown 

How true is this? As we grow older, we face so many challenges, and they just keep on coming; work, personal, relationships, finance etc.

I truelly believe that these challenges are meant to make us stronger and wiser. These challenges prepare us for the next; to make us the people we were meant to be.

So get ready, shift in to gear and be mentally prepared for challenges to come, even if it means that you press the reset button from time to time and just chill, like what I did on this long weekend. 

You got this! 

Love and light always from:

Just an ordinary girl 

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Me as a full-time working, student #QOTD #59

Every cloud has a silver lining 

English proverb 

How does one deal with being a full-time employee and a student?

Aaah, it’s not easy hey! We all have those moments where we just want to switch -off the alarm and roll over. 

Being a student on its own, is difficult; managing your time, figuring stuff out on your own (if you’re doing correspondence learning) and just being overwhelmed with the very many assignments you have to do. 

All of that, plus juggling a full time job, which comes with stresses of its own, throw in a family and yeah… it’s like being overwhelmed on steroids, like the walking dead personified.

How does one cope? How does one keep the momentum? 


I envision it, I picture it. Me, receiving that piece of paper called a degree. I envision the honour, gratitude and humility I am going to feel on my graduation day when I put that gown and that 👩‍🎓 hat on. The feeling I’m gonna get when my name gets called to the stage and the look I’m going to see on my parents face.
I envision THE picture! The one that somebody’s gonna snap as I throw my hat into the sky with that “I finally got this shit) smile on my face. 

Yes…. I envision it all.

I envision myself telling my success story when I’m in my dream position, speaking at a conference or road show, talking about how I started off as a call centre consultant and how hard work and determination, late nights and arguments with self , all lead up to me being a profound name in the communication world: print, broadcast and even digital.

I envision telling my success story of me building my brand, my blog and not to brag, oh no! But to inspire and hopefully give people hope to push themselves and their boundaries.

I have an amazing support structure, my God, my family and my few but true friends, always encouraging me to go for the moon. They literally pick my spirits up when its scraping the floor, they  speak words of positivity, love, light, power, encouragement and life into me. Fam, I don’t know what I did to deserve the amazing people in my life, but I’ll take it, take them and remain grateful for as long as I’m alive and kicking.

So you want to know how I do it? How I , even though it’s a struggle, get up to that alarm and even after a hectic day at work, personal problems and dealing with a break up, am able to sit and submit the 10 assignments per semester and still prepare to study? There you have it, by envision the end and having myself an amazing support structure 

That’s all I got. Nobody said it will be easy ya’ll. But nothing that’s ever easy is worth it right! 

Remember! Every cloud has a silver lining. Our turn is coming!

Love and light always 

From just an ordinary full-time employee/ student.