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Me as a full-time working, student #QOTD #59

Every cloud has a silver lining 

English proverb 

How does one deal with being a full-time employee and a student?

Aaah, it’s not easy hey! We all have those moments where we just want to switch -off the alarm and roll over. 

Being a student on its own, is difficult; managing your time, figuring stuff out on your own (if you’re doing correspondence learning) and just being overwhelmed with the very many assignments you have to do. 

All of that, plus juggling a full time job, which comes with stresses of its own, throw in a family and yeah… it’s like being overwhelmed on steroids, like the walking dead personified.

How does one cope? How does one keep the momentum? 


I envision it, I picture it. Me, receiving that piece of paper called a degree. I envision the honour, gratitude and humility I am going to feel on my graduation day when I put that gown and that 👩‍🎓 hat on. The feeling I’m gonna get when my name gets called to the stage and the look I’m going to see on my parents face.
I envision THE picture! The one that somebody’s gonna snap as I throw my hat into the sky with that “I finally got this shit) smile on my face. 

Yes…. I envision it all.

I envision myself telling my success story when I’m in my dream position, speaking at a conference or road show, talking about how I started off as a call centre consultant and how hard work and determination, late nights and arguments with self , all lead up to me being a profound name in the communication world: print, broadcast and even digital.

I envision telling my success story of me building my brand, my blog and not to brag, oh no! But to inspire and hopefully give people hope to push themselves and their boundaries.

I have an amazing support structure, my God, my family and my few but true friends, always encouraging me to go for the moon. They literally pick my spirits up when its scraping the floor, they  speak words of positivity, love, light, power, encouragement and life into me. Fam, I don’t know what I did to deserve the amazing people in my life, but I’ll take it, take them and remain grateful for as long as I’m alive and kicking.

So you want to know how I do it? How I , even though it’s a struggle, get up to that alarm and even after a hectic day at work, personal problems and dealing with a break up, am able to sit and submit the 10 assignments per semester and still prepare to study? There you have it, by envision the end and having myself an amazing support structure 

That’s all I got. Nobody said it will be easy ya’ll. But nothing that’s ever easy is worth it right! 

Remember! Every cloud has a silver lining. Our turn is coming!

Love and light always 

From just an ordinary full-time employee/ student. 

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Daily affirmation challenge #6

The power is within me. I am courageous. 

Today, I affirm that I am a medium through which love and light flow…even in dark situations, situations of hurt and pain. 

I radiate peace, love and positive vibes. 

I can and I will. You can and you will too.

❤️and 🌈 from just an ordinary girl 

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The Issa birthliuoyday boyyyy: 21st edition 

My brother is living proof that unconditional love exists. He is the one person that I can hate, love, fight with and defend all at the same time. 🙄🙈he drives me batty!

But, today he celebrates his 21st birthday and I felt obliged to write a small tribute to him.

Issy, 21 years ago you came into this world…this absolutely adorable little boy, arriving home in his lime coloureds clothes, white as snow and black black hair if I remember correctly… but then? You turned into the thorn amongst the 🥀👿

Growing up with you was so much fun. You being the only boy in the house at the time, and being the baby…aaah pure bliss. 😈

I’ve watched you grow and do all the things boy’s do. And then, when you got older, I started worrying because school started being a struggle for you. 

Fast forward a few years later… and you stand as an extremely talented 👨‍🍳 chef! You will never know just how proud I am of you. It hardly shows at times because 5seconds after I commend you, you make me regret saying every nice thing I’ve ever said to you… what can I say, sigh sibling love. 😏

Whilst I feel you still have TONS of growing up to do ( I wouldn’t be deemed a true older sister if I didn’t through shade) know that I am extremely proud of all your achievements despite some of the battles you’ve faced.

And on this day, I wish you nothing more that all the success in the world. I make dua that you continue working hard and striving towards your dreams. I make dua that you never forget your creator, family and friends who have always been there for you. May Allah’s mercy, bountiful blessings and favour be upon you always. May Allah protect from the viciousness out there and may he calm your heart through every ordeal you may face, inshallah aaameen.

Happy 21st birthday boytjie. It’s time for you to grow up now and start making your bed hehehehehe (more shade) 

Love you tons smilo 

Love, light and some shade from just an ordinary big sis.

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Daily affirmation challenge #5

Today I am free. 

Courtesy of Pinterest

Free from the chains of negativity, from the fences of the slavery of my own mind. 

I am free from the burdens and stresses of life.

Today I am free from worry of the thoughts of others. 

I am free.

Happy Friday your’ll

Love and light from just an ordinary girl 

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Queen: I Salute U

Aaah I love my queens! 

My powerful queens, my queens loyal to the queen code! My hard working queens, my queens holding their thrones down all on their own! 
I love my beautiful queens, my original queens , my queens that are okay with staying in their own lane.

I love my queens that are true to themselves, my God-fearing queens, my supportive and elevating queens. My chocolate-eating queens.
I love my one-man queens, my patient queens, my kind and persevering queens. My goal-oriented queens. My imperfect, flaw-filled queens.
I love my soulful queens, my studying queens, my queens who are in touch with their inner-child queens. My sneaker-wearing queens, my non-judgemental queens. My passive queens, my stretch-marked, plus size queens. My no-brushing hair queens. 

I love my talented, good food-loving queens. I love my written and spoken word queens. Oh I love my poetic queens, my corporate queens. My queens staying true to their faith queens. My extra and introvert queens.

I love my community- work doing queens. I mentor queens, my queens nursing and teaching. I love my entrepreneurial queens, my stay@home queens. My dancing, child-bearing queens. My skinny, small built queens!

I love my queens that stay true to their hustle queens. My hijab-wearing queens. My queens leading the nation. God! Thank you for this fine creation.

Queen, I salute you.  You possess power, you’re gem and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Share this with a queen That you love. 

Love and light from just an ordinary queen 👸 

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#QOTD 51

Amongst the chaos, a friend of mine and I were working on our Mandela bags for a community service initiative that we decided to be apart of. It’s a collaboration of organizations whereby we fill 2000 bags that will be handed out to disabled and disadvantaged kids on Mandela Day

The idea is to fill the bag with 8 or more non-perishable items. The bag itself, is white and we were encouraged to decorate it.

The front and back of our bags ♥️

Anyway, so I came across this quote that , together with the initiative, served as my life line for today! 

Nelson Mandela once said:

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

Pretty self explanatory and I’m sure you can understand why I considered it my life line!

Let this be YOUR sign that you should keep on pushing your passion. Even when things seem like they’re falling apart…let those dreams of success fuel you to push on and keep on going. 

We’re on this journey and winning is our set destination 🙂

♥️ and 🌈 from just an ordinary girl 

community work, Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

#QOTD #43

They say that the greatest emotional need of man kind is to feel appreciated. I came accross this quote and I can see why!  I believe in it’s truth! 

“Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly”

~ Tony Robbins 

How often do WE EXPECT people to do things for us before we feel obliged to say thank you, or to show appreciation? 

If their actions don’t meet our expectation, sorry. Tough! We disregard their attempts and in some instances throw a couple of insults their way. Totally disregarding their efforts. ( I’m guilty of this sometimes)

It becomes so easy to overlook their efforts because all we care about is “I” and “me”. Buggar them or what they feel right? 

We tend to show appreciation on condition. On condition of material gain and superficial standards. We often feel entitled like somebody always owes us something, it’s actually revolting when you think of it. 

I always say, that our generation doesn’t know about fixing things; we don’t know about peservering and going after the things that actually matter. Hear me out, the minute we feel something is “broken” we’re quick to toss it out ... because we don’t know how to appreciate. I see it everyday, failing relationships, ruthless behavior, vandalizing, kids absconding school… the list is endless.

These days we appreciate things and use people. For as long as we’re gaining, we all good. Right?

I often ask myself where we have gone wrong! Why must we wait to gain before we can express gratitude? Why cant we be fulfilled with the little things in life and the small kind gestures people do, whether it is for us or our communities at large? 

It’s so easy to rather find fault in each other, than identify and appreciate the good within us all. Then we die, and suddenly the flowers, well wishes, memories and gratitude start flooding in, too late if you ask me!

This is why I believe in today’s quote so much. Imagine a world where we appreciate people and use things instead? Saying please and thank you and sincerely meaning it? Letting our loved ones know how we appreciate the good things that they do, as opposed to constantly harping on the not so good and the things that irk us?

If we can get this sentiment right and raise our little humans in the same fashion, you won’t get as much failing relationships, vandalizing of community buildings or even kids absconding school.  They will learn to appreciate every opportunity awarded to them…. gaining knowledge and then power and since they are our future, imagine how our world can change? The possibilities are endless.

Like everything else, it starts with you and I. My person and I have an appreciation session once a week, where we tell each other the things we’re appreciated in that week and we say our thank you’s. I swear, that feeling of being appreciated and expressing appreciation is better than any high that any drug can give.

Wrapping this up, I would just like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for the constant support. I would not be motivated to continue striving each day if it weren’t for your kind words, time and daily support. I appreciate it and I appreciate you. 

Let’s be like pinky and the brain and start changing the world! Because remember, the world owes us sh%t!

L&L, from just an ordinary girl